Auction in 21584 Hwy 92, Sigourney Iowa, United States

10:00 AM Saturday
January 11th, 2014


Auction in 21584 Hwy 92, Sigourney Iowa, United States

Saturday at - 11th January, 2014



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Sale Bill

Aladdin kerosene lamp, Model B Corinthian, with chimney
Item number: 18622600 | 15-1/4" T to top of burner, clear glass reservoir, black base, small rough spots in finish on base

Victrola model VV-XI 667233; in wooden cabinet; works
Item number: 18622601 | 43-1/4" T x 19-3/4" W x 22-1/4" D; cabinet has approx. 40 records included; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

Curved glass secretary with full length columns on corners
Item number: 18622602 | 66" T x 47-1/2" W x 16-1/4" D; slant front door/knob is not original; probably missing a top piece, scratches, finish shows other signs of wear; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

Burled walnut fancy head and footboard w/carvings
Item number: 18622603 | headboard is 86" T x 57-1/4" W; footboard is 35-1/4" T; siderails are 73" L; finish shows some use, fairly good condition; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

4 door kitchen cabinet with glass in top doors
Item number: 18622604 | 73" T x 38-1/2" W x 17-1/4" D; 2 drawer, may have been painted at one time, edges have scratches and gouges; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

2 piece kitchen cabinet, rolling door is broken, needs TLC
Item number: 18622605 | overall height: 71" T; base cabinet is 33-3/8" T x 41-1/4" W x 25" D; upper cabinet is 37-5/8" T x 40-1/8" W x 12-1/4" D; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

kitchen cabinet w/four doors and 2 drawers
Item number: 18622606 | 71-1/2" T x 40" W x 14-3/4" D; lower doors have punched tin inserts, top doors have glass and need to be attached, needs additional work; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

Whatnot shelf with 4 shelves, 2 drawers, with spindle sides
Item number: 18622607 | 47" T x 29" W x 15-3/4" D; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

Wooden trunk with leather handles
Item number: 18622608 | 21-1/2" T x 33-7/8" W x 18-3/4" D; interior lining is rough, exterior has been refinished; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

Hanson Nursery Scale w/wicker basket, original label
Item number: 18622609 | very good condition, 15-3/4" T x 23" W x 12-1/2" D

Santa doll with painted cloth face, 31-1/2" T
Item number: 18622617 | dirty, but otherwise in good condition, little fraying on costume fringe

Wooden 3 tine pitchfork, 57" L, tines are 10-3/4" side to side
Item number: 18622618 | Additional shipping charges may apply due to size.

Wooden wall telephone, still has "guts" in it
Item number: 18622619 | stamped "Swedish American Tel. Co. Chicago", 25-1/2" L x 8-1/2" W x 12" D; Additional shipping charges may apply due to size.

Wall mount wooden mirrored cabinet with towel bar
Item number: 18622620 | spoon carved, door is crooked on cabinet, splits on side panels, 27-1/2" T x 18-3/4" W x 5-3/4" D; Additional shipping charges may apply due to size.

Wooden 9 drawer wall mount whatnot cabinet
Item number: 18622621 | with white porcelain knobs; 17-1/2" T x 16-1/2" W x 5" D

1997 Budweiser Clydesdales Holiday Stein, 7" T, in box
Item number: 18622503 | "Home For the Holidays", with COA

Oak platform rocker chair with spindle sides and back
Item number: 18622625 | carved spindle top, 45" T; inside seat is 21-1/2" W; platform is 28-1/2" D; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

2001 Budweiser Clydesdales Holiday Stein, 7" T, in box
Item number: 18622506 | "Holiday at the Capital", with COA

Pine spindle back rocking chair, refinished
Item number: 18622628 | 37-1/2" T; inside seat is 17-3/4" W; rocker runner is 31" L; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

(2) Budweiser Steins, 7" T, no boxes
Item number: 18622514 | Clydesdales & Los Angeles 1984 Olympics

Wooden 9 drawer desk, finish is scratched
Item number: 18622636 | wear marks from chair, lots of scuff marks, 29-5/8" T x 52" W x 28-1/8" D; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

Schwinn "Breeze" ladies bicycle, 26" wheel
Item number: 18622639 | looks original, has scratches, original grips, red/white, couple small dents in fender; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

Al Buell pin-up print, redhead with roses, 1940's
Item number: 18622518 | in 15-1/2" T x 12-1/2" W frame; frame has a few scuffs

Popular vintage pin up print - 1940's, unknown artist
Item number: 18622519 | in 15-1/2" T x 12-1/2" W frame; frame has some indentations

2 glass canisters w/metal lids, 7-3/4" T, ridged design
Item number: 18622644 | labeled flour and coffee; coffee sticker is peeling, lids have dings

Cast iron GAR grave marker/flower holder, 30-1/4" T
Item number: 18622415 | stamped Gleason & Bailey Mfg Co., Seneca Falls, N; some rust, few weld spots

Spatterware crockery spittoon, 4-1/4" T x 9-3/4" D
Item number: 18622536 | dent under glaze, crack in glaze on top - unknown how deep, couple spots where glaze is rough

5 glass A&W mugs, approx. 5-3/4" T
Item number: 18622544 |

Toy wooden horse on wheels, 16" T x 16" W x 7" D
Item number: 18622666 | finish is worn, tail is gone, small chip on ear

Handcuffs marked H&R Arms, w/key, 9-1/2" L
Item number: 18622429 |

Wooden butter mold & paddle; sheaf of wheat design
Item number: 18622309 | mold is 5-1/2" T x 4-5/8" D; paddle is 8-3/4" L

Texaco Tanker Gas Truck, metal, 6-1/4" T x 6-3/4" W x23" L
Item number: 18622432 | made by Brown & Bigelow; shows some wear: windows are cracked, name on bottom, frame is a little bent, little finish missing

Santa on skies pulled by two reindeer, 4-1/4" T x 11" W
Item number: 18622675 | Santa/reindeer are plastic, skis are metal, base is fiberboard; Santa is not firmly attached, couple corners on base are bent

Handstitched quilt; pinwheel design, tied
Item number: 18622554 | 63" x 80"; embroidered binding added to top edge; some staining

Yellow/green crock with basket weave & flowers
Item number: 18622312 | 4-1/4" T x 6-3/8" D

Jointed wooden doll w/china head, teeth, 35" T
Item number: 18622558 | head is 8" T, no markings, eyebrows, eye mechanism is not working

Metal flask; Souvenir 26th Grand Annual Encampment
Item number: 18622316 | Washington DC; Sept 20-23, 1892; Reverse marked Pittsburgh 28th Nat'l Encampment 1894; cord is not original; 4-1/2" D

3 children's' books
Item number: 18622437 | Big Little Book: "Little Women", Louisa M. Alcott, 1934, featuring Katharine Hepburn in pictures, hardcover, 157 pages, 5-1/4" T x 4-3/4" W, inscription on front cover; "G Men Foil the Kidnappers", Cliff Junceau, 1936, softcover, 128 pages, 3-1/2" square; & "Dan Dunn's Mysterious Ruse", Norman Rush, 1934, softcover, 128 pages, 3-1/2" square; all published by Whitman Publishing Co., Racine, WI; show little wear

Adjustable hanging parlor lamp, electrified
Item number: 18622559 | flower decal on reservoir, shade is 8" T x 14" D; with dangles

Metal flask: GAR initials; back marked Aledig & Son, Phila. PA
Item number: 18622317 | 4-1/2" D; cord not original

2 books: school reader & college catalog
Item number: 18622438 | "McGuffy's New Fifth Eclectic Reader", Wm. H. McGuffy, Van Antwerp, Bragg & Co., 1857 & 1866, 338 pages, hardcover, inscription/doodles inside cover; & Iowa State College of Agriculture & Mechanic Arts Catalog, 1906-1907, Vol. III, Ames, IA, 340 pages, softcover, pencil on cover and in book; books approx. 7-1/2" T x 5-1/2" W; show some wear

GAR Ribbon: Delegate, 31st encampment, Dept of Iowa
Item number: 18622318 | Oskaloosa, IA, 4-5/8" L; fragile

2 advertising metal holders for matches and cigarettes
Item number: 18622439 | "Come Back to Firestone for your Refill", 3" T; & Mayer's wind shield match box holder, Iowa Mutual Liberty Ins. Co., Cedar Rapids, IA, 2-1/8" T, with original box; flaps missing, some stains on box

Crocker Iowa Brigade Ribbon; 14th Annual Biennial Reunion
Item number: 18622319 | 11th, 13th 15th & 16th Iowa Regiments, Oskaloosa, IA Sept 9-10, 1908; 9" T, fragile

Gray enamel coffeepot, w/wire bail and pouring handles
Item number: 18622680 | 12-1/2" T x 10-3/4" D; few enamel chips

13 Christmas items, various conditions
Item number: 18622681 | Relco blinking Christmas tree w/original box; takes two "C" batteries - unknown if works; plastic pieces: (7) reindeer, sleigh, Santa candy container, Santa boot on wheels; 2 Santas - one of cloth/ceramic and one of rubber

New Style White Cedar Cylinder Butter Churn No. 1
Item number: 18622560 | 3 Gallons, 15" T, Made in USA

8 Christmas ornaments, 7 are plastic
Item number: 18622682 | (4) Santas, snowman, fish, Santa by house, 2-1/2" - 3-1/2" T& Santa made of batting/ribbon/pipe cleaners with paper head, 8" T

Wooden doll cradle, 16-1/2" T x 18-3/4" L
Item number: 18622561 | rocker is 21" L, footboard is 11-1/4" T; piece on headboard has been replaced

Veeder Root Coin Sorter, w/3 coin tubes
Item number: 18622440 | Form M-126186, 9" T x 12-1/4" W x 12-3/4" D, metal, some paint flaking, rust, plastic on counter is cracked

Wooden shelf with (4) 3 prong hooks
Item number: 18667453 | 8-3/4" T x 31-1/2" W x 8" D; boards have several cracks, few chunks out

Oak veneer 4 drawer serpentine front dresser with mirror 66"T x 48" W x 21" D
Item number: 18699035 | Very good condition. Buyer must make make arrangements for pick up of item.

Royal Windsor smoking set, 3 ducks; 2-1/4" - 3-1/4" T
Item number: 18622684 |

Wooden cranberry or grain scoop with metal teeth
Item number: 18622563 | stamped CR King Carlisle, KY, 19-1/4" T x 10-1/2" W; teeth are 10-5/8" L

GAR Ribbon: Delegate, 45th Annual Encampment, Iowa
Item number: 18622321 | Cedar Rapids, IA, June 3-4-5, 1919, 5-1/4" T; fragile

Aladdin kerosene lamp, Model B Cathedral, white moonstone
Item number: 18622200 | with chimney and white glass shade with applied floral design, 24" T overall, 12-1/2" to top of burner, couple hairline cracks on top of reservoir

43 Stereoptic cards, duck/hunting/fishing scenes
Item number: 18622442 | some marked copyright T.W. Ingersoll,1898-1905; one has rough edge

Cast iron fireplace tool stand and shovel, 18-3/8" T x 10" W, shovel is 14-3/8" L
Item number: 18622564 | stamped 8002, RE Co., pat August 82

Wooden rocking cradle, 18-3/4" T x 15-7/8" W x 35-3/4" L
Item number: 18667456 | wood has cracks, few chunks out

3 nesting spatterware bowls, 9-1/2", 8" & 6-3/4" D
Item number: 18622566 | yellow/brown/green, ridge design

Early typewriter, "MW" #14363, with metal cover, 4" T
Item number: 18622688 | wooden base is 9" x 10-1/4"; cover has some pencil drawings, small rust spots

Upholstered couch w/wheels and side chair
Item number: 18622567 | carved fruit design on both; couch is 37-1/2" T x 69-1/2" W x 24-1/2" D; chair is 36-1/4" T x 19" W; upholstery shows some wear; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

GAR Ribbon: General Sheridan, Post No. 452
Item number: 18622325 | Marshalltown, IA; In Memoriam ribbon on back; 9-1/4" T, fragile

Aladdin kerosene lamp, Model B Colonial, clear glass
Item number: 18622204 | with burgundy painted glass shade; 19-1/4" T overall, 12" to top of burner

Tone's Merry Toppins tin sign, 7-1/2" T x 23-7/8" W
Item number: 18622446 | light scratches on front; little rust - mostly on back

3 cardboard containers
Item number: 18622689 | Grinnell, Iowa, Creamery Butter & Land O'Lakes Sweet Cream Butter; 1 lb.; & Meadow Gold Ice Cream, 1 pint

Oak rocker with pressed back and spindles
Item number: 18622568 | tooled seat with bird design, 38" T x 25" W; rocker is 32-1/2" L

GAR Ribbon: Geo. Logan, Post No. 363, Brighton, Iowa
Item number: 18622326 | In Memoriam ribbon on back; ribbon is fragile and torn

6 items for kerosene lamps
Item number: 18622205 | 2 Aladdin burners, 1 B&P burner, 2 galleries, 1 tripod

Wooden stereoscope with 25 cards, cardboard case
Item number: 18622447 | viewer is 12" L; marked The "Perfecscope" Underwood & Underwood, NY, folding handle, cardholder may not be original; cards are various brands, conditions, some marked TW Ingersoll 1898; feature landmarks and children

Square top trunk, pull out drawer has been replaced
Item number: 18622569 | latches are loose, leather handles on each end, 19-3/4" T x 28-1/4" W x 17-1/4" D; has been repainted - some paint is flaked off; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

GAR Memoriam Ribbon: J.W. McKenzie, Post no. 81
Item number: 18622327 | Hampton, Iowa, 8-1/2" T, fragile

6 items for kerosene lamps
Item number: 18622206 | 3 burners: Aladdin, B&P, & unmarked; 1 gallery, 2 tripods

6 cardboard product containers; various conditions
Item number: 18622448 | Fairbank's Gold Dust Washing Powder, 8-3/4" T, Bon Ami powder & bar cleaner, H & H Cleaner, G.W.C. Brand Gloss Starch, & LaFrance Bluing

GAR Memoriam Ribbon: JNO. T. Drake, Post 321
Item number: 18622328 | Brooklyn, Iowa, 9-1/4" T; ribbon is fragile and frayed

Kerosene lamp, white milkglass base, clear reservoir
Item number: 18622207 | Tulip design on inside of glass reservoir, some staining from kerosene, with chimney, 20-1/4" T overall, 11-3/4" T to top of burner

Wall hang towel holder w/oval print & tin
Item number: 18622449 | towel holder is 6-1/2" T x 13-3/4" W, picture is a little off center, glass is dirty on underside, peg on right side has been repaired; Edgeworth Ready Rubbed Smoking Tobacco tin, Larus & Bro. Co., Richmond, VA; 6-3/4" T; hinged lid is bent, finish has some rust, little rough

Condiment set w/ 5 matching bottles, 16-1/2" T
Item number: 18622209 | stamped "Homan Silver Plate Co, Quadruple Plate"; both glass stoppers have chunks broken off

Painting of Indian Brave, signed Taylor
Item number: 18667460 | in 30" T x 26" W frame; frame has some scuffs

Jacob & Co's Cream Crackers tin, 1 lb. 4 oz size
Item number: 18622690 | 10" T, tin shows some wear

Wooden box with curved top hinged lid
Item number: 18622570 | 12-1/4" T x 14-1/2" W x 11-7/8" D; has some scratches, finish worn off in places - mostly lid

Garden wagon: wooden box, metal wheels, hard rubber tires
Item number: 18622571 | box is 37" L x 15-1/4" W x 3" D; overall 14-1/2" T; tongue with metal handle is 27-3/8" L; some paint is worn; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

2 crock items: blue bowl & Witch Hazel bottle
Item number: 18622450 | bowl is 3-5/8" T x 7-1/4" D; bottle is 3-1/4" T

Glass front cabinet with 4 shelves
Item number: 18622572 | painted green w/red trim and flower decals, 45" T x 25-1/8" W x 11-3/8" D; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

Spatterware pitcher, barrel design, 7-3/8" T
Item number: 18622577 | yellow/brown/green, tiny chips on bottom side rim

Ribbon & pin: Michigan Vol. Infantry
Item number: 18622335 | Pin: CO. K., 25, Michigan, Vol. Inf. 1861-5 War, 1"Brig. 2"Div; T.I. Wade, 3-1/2" T; & ribbon: 19th Annual Reunion of the 25th Mich. Vol. Infty. GAR Hall, 115 No. Park St., Kalamazoo, MI, October 5-6, 1910; 5-1/2" T, ribbon is fragile

Five legged oak table with (6) 8-1/4" leaves
Item number: 18622581 | 42" square, 30" T; finish shows wear; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

Landscape print with mountains, water, cattle
Item number: 18622460 | in 22-5/8" x 30-1/2" W painted wooden frame, water stain near top

Native American mother & child print signed Vel Miller
Item number: 18667473 | in 16-7/8" T x 12-7/8" W frame; print has small tear near bottom; frame shows wear

Spoon carved oak ice box, partially refinished
Item number: 18622582 | Gurney Refrigerator Co, Fond Du Lac, Wis., 44-1/2" T x 32" W x 21" D; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

Pharaoh's Horses print in round wooden frame, 15-3/4" D
Item number: 18622461 | frame has some chips, tear near top of print

Print of Indian Brave on horse in 17-1/4" T x 13-1/4" W frame
Item number: 18667474 | little wear on bottom edge of frame

Oak library table with book shelf on each end, 1 drawer
Item number: 18622583 | top shows a lot of use, 29" T x 36" W x 24" D; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

GAR Ribbon: Will Robinson, Post no. 274, Sterling, IL
Item number: 18622341 | In memoriam GAR, 8-1/2" T, fragile

Haarman's Pure Tomato Catsup crock jug with wire handle
Item number: 18622220 | Red Wing Union Stoneware Co., Haarman Bros., Omaha, NE; 10-1/4" T; chip on bottom rim

Tin tent sign: Stull's Hybrids Sold Here
Item number: 18622462 | Has been laid out flat, 57-1/2" T x 20" W; finish rough, back side has fair amount of rust

Spool leg oak parlor table, 28-1/2" T x 24" square
Item number: 18622584 | top needs to be refinished; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

Porcelain pitcher, clown with cork head, Japan, 9-3/4" T
Item number: 18622222 | crows foot on face/hat

Tin tent sign: McCurdy Brand Dealer, 26": T x 24" W
Item number: 18622464 | little bent on top, edges, some scratches

Painted wooden 7 drawer file cabinet
Item number: 18622586 | appears to be oak under paint, came from coal mine office in Centerville, IA; 52" T x 18" W x 20-1/2" D; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

Black Memorabilia: Uncle Mose & Aunt Jemima
Item number: 18622344 | cream & sugar with lids, approx. 2-1/4" T, plastic, Miss Martha Originals, Inc. Antique Repro

Black Memorabilia: Uncle Mose & Aunt Jemima
Item number: 18622223 | salt & pepper; syrup pitcher, approx. 5-1/4" T, plastic; F&F Mold & Die Works, Dayton, OH, some finish flaked off

Pair of Bluebill duck decoys, balsa wood
Item number: 18622465 | approx. 7" T x 14-1/4" L; little finish missing

William Hoffman textured print of paint horse by snowy stream
Item number: 18667478 | in 28-3/4" T x 40-3/4" W frame

Upholstered walnut fainting couch, carving on trim, wheels
Item number: 18622587 | upholstery is in rough condition, 32" T x 72" L x 25" D; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

Ribbon: Annual Re-Union 9th New York Heavy Artillery
Item number: 18622345 | Clyde, NY, Oct. 18, 1895; 1862-1895; 5-1/4" T, fragile

Coated wire egg basket with wire handle, 7-1/4" T x 14" D
Item number: 18622224 |

Wooden Stereoscope, 8-1/2" L, with folding handle
Item number: 18622467 | "The Stereo-Graphoscope"; patent dates in various countries range from 1889-1896

Oak slant front desk with pigeon holes & 3 drawers
Item number: 18622589 | 45-1/8" T x 31" W x 16" D; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

GAR Ribbon: Comrade, Dept of Iowa GAR, 40th Encampment
Item number: 18622347 | Burlington, June 16-18, 1914, 4-3/4" T, fragile

Cast iron pointer dog door stop, 8-1/2" T; 9 lbs.
Item number: 18622228 | little finish missing, rust

GAR Ribbon: 48th Encampment, Dept of Iowa 1922
Item number: 18622349 | 2-3/4" T, ribbon is fragile

Oval wooden bowl, 4" T x 14-3/4" W
Item number: 18622229 | has one crack; some staining

Freestanding oak pulpit with applied design & shelf
Item number: 18622590 | 35-1/2" T x 28-1/4" W; base is 13" D; Buyer must make arrangements for pick up of item.

GAR Ribbon: Bailey Post no. 67, North Troy, VT, 7-1/2" T
Item number: 18622359 | ribbon is fragile and fraying; top ribbon is detached

Cast iron kerosene double lamp bracket
Item number: 18622239 | lamp pedestals are 5" and 6" D; overall length is 17-1/4"; wall bracket has room for double brackets

Original oil painting signed R. Smith, Native American
Item number: 18667490 | Original oil painting signed R. Smith, Native American

GAR Ribbon: Veteran 1861-1866, 4-1/4" T
Item number: 18622360 |

Picture of Jesus with sheep carrying lamb
Item number: 18622481 | in 19-1/2" T x 15-5/8" W frame, frame has ding on top

9 ribbed glass canisters with tin lids
Item number: 18622240 | 6" T coffee, 4-1/2" Tea, 3-3/8" Salt (no lid & rough edge) & (6) 4-3/8" canisters

Armand Marselle Doll, stamped Germany A 4 M, 22" L
Item number: 18622253 | bisque, composite; with teeth, sleepy eyes, hinged arms; left leg is broken; cracking on hands, some finish missing

GAR Ladder Badge: 69th Nat'l Encampment, 1935
Item number: 18622374 | Grand Rapids, MI, Sept 8-12, 1935; "When can their glory fade", 5-3/4" T; ribbon is not original

1999 Budweiser Clydesdales Holiday Stein, 7" T, in box
Item number: 18622497 | "A Century of Tradition", 20th Anniversary, with COA

Wooden mallard decoy, glass eye, 5-1/4" T x 13-1/4" W
Item number: 18622256 |

Unmarked gallon canning jar filled with buttons
Item number: 18622377 | w/metal Atlas lid

Ribbon: The Boys of '61, 6-3/4" T; fragile
Item number: 18622383 |

3 pc copper and brass Middle East tent warmer
Item number: 18622263 | 21" T x 17-1/2" W x 17-1/2" D; cement lining has small chip out; some minor dents/tarnish; additional shipping charges may apply due to size/weight

Celluloid medallion: military scene w/American flag; acorn
Item number: 18622384 | 1-7/8" T

Red Wing 5 gallon crock jug, small wing
Item number: 18622264 | several glaze pops, 1 ding near top, small chip on bottom rim; Buyer must arrange pick up of this item.

Gray enamel jar with metal lid and wire bail, 7-1/4" T
Item number: 18622168 | few enamel chips

Black memorabilia: (2) chalkware ladies with potholder hooks
Item number: 18622169 | approx. 6" T, lady with red bow marked copyright CIG 10/39; some finish missing

Metal can w/lid: Johnathon Brand Table Syrup, 2 lb. size
Item number: 18622290 | John F. Kelly Co, Davenport, IA; small dent in side