Mohn's Bakery

Auction in 420 Minnesota Avenue, Breckenridge Minnesota, United States

October 14th, 2013

Mohn's Bakery

Auction in 420 Minnesota Avenue, Breckenridge Minnesota, United States

Monday at - 14th October , 2013


Complete payment day of sale: Cash or certified funds. Checks must be accompanied by a current bank letter of guarantee. No property removed until fully settled for. After the auctioneer has sold a piece of equipment, it becomes the sole responsibility of the purchaser. All equipment is sold as-is and where-is. Any announcements made day of sale take precedence over printed material. Onsite: 15% buyers premium/fee in effect (3% discount for cash/guaranteed funds). Online (payment by credit card only): 18% buyer's premium/fee.

The information contained in this listing is subject to inspection and verification by all parties relying on it. No liability for its accuracy, errors, or omissions is assumed by the seller, the representative of the seller, Grafe Auction Company or their agents. In rare situations, pursuant to federal UCC regulations, the seller may retain one or more items that have been advertised for sale. Every effort is made to provide notice of retention as soon as Grafe Auction Company becomes aware.

Minnesota Licensed Auctioneer: Judd T Grafe 2310013



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Auction Items For Sale

Note: Full scratch bakery offered on-line and live!! (4) Hobart Mixers, molders & sheeters, rounder divider & rotating gas oven, ice cream machine & display cases, much, much more.


  • Hobart V1401 140qt mixer
  • Hobart M802 80qt mixer
  • Hobart H600FS1 60qt mixer
  • Hobart A200 20qt mixer
  • 12, 20, 60, 80 and 140qt mixer bowls, hooks, paddles and whips
  • Despatch Baker Boy BB20-5-74 revolving 5-rack gas oven
  • Electro Freeze ice cream machine
  • Baxter stainless steel gas donut fryer with dropper
  • Donut droppers and plungers
  • Cookie King aluminum depositor
  • Acme bench dough roller
  • Erika dough divider rounder
  • Oliver bread slicer
  • Silver King sandwich prep table
  • Manitowoc 400 ice machine
  • 3-compartment stainless steel sink
  • Assortment of cutters, aluminum and stainless steel
  • Sheet pans, cooling racks, and bakery trays
  • Large amount of cake pans, cupcake pans, strap pans
  • Plus much more to numerous to highlight individually
Lot #QtyLot Title
11Wire pastry cutter (made in Sweden)
21Pan roller 5-blade cutter
31Quantity knives and grill scrappers
48Ice scoops
51Can opener with (3) timers
61Plastic dome sample plate
71Dough dropper
91Wearever 5264 aluminum pitcher
103Flour sifters
11110" cooling rack
121Quantity plastic bowls
131Cake decorating plate
141Stainless steel hand held pastry drizzler
1515-place rosette iron
16118" Moline stainless steel rolling pin
17115" wood rolling pin
181Hand held biscuit cutter
191Assorted dough aerator and cookie cutters
201Heat iron
2113Hand held cookie cutters
22116" stainless steel rolling pin donut cutter, 5-place
2316" stainless steel rolling pin long john cutter, 4-place
241Aluminum rolling pin donut cutter
251Aluminum rolling pin donut cutter
261Aluminum rolling pin éclair cutter
27111" stainless steel rolling pin biscuit cutter, 4-place
28115" aluminum flour sifter
291Osculating floor fan
301Penn balance scale
311Penn balance scale
3212Balance scale weights
331Chase-logeman 5-gallon jelly dispenser
341Bakery templates
351Bunn FL20 coffee brewer
361Bloomfield 8543 coffee brewer
371Bunn-O-Matic SHS warming plate
381Farmers Brothers beverage dispenser
391Label gun
401Assorted tools, heater, and screw bin
41122" x 36" bulletin board
426Faux hanging plants
432Paper dispensers (1) 21" and (1) 16"
441Scale printer
451Sharp cash register
46329" x 29" tables
481Manitowoc 400 ice machine
491Trash can
501Wire shelf
51127" x 48" laminated table with canopy
521Schmidt Co NH-448-WS lighted bakery case
531Wood corner stand
541Silver King SRSB-7F sandwich prep cooler
552Wire sheet pan racks on casters
563Wire sheet pan slant racks on casters
571Ceiling mount air filter
581Glass bakery display cases (mod. #18003)
591Glass bakery display cases (mod. #18003)
601Schmidt Co self-contained refrigerated glass bakery case
611Schmidt Co self-contained refrigerated glass bakery case
621Oliver 2095620-2147322 bread slicer with stand
631Roydon-Jet-Moulder dough roller
645417 1/2" x 25 1/2" sheet pans
654217 1/2" x 25 1/2" sheet pans
664517 1/2" x 25 1/2" sheet pans
6788 1/2" x 25 1/2" steel sheet pans
6868 1/2" x 25 1/2" aluminum sheet pans
69616 1/2" x 24 3/4" steel cooling racks
70248 1/2" x 25" fiberglass bakery trays
711117 1/2" x 25 1/2" steel perforated pans
722517 1/2" x 25 1/2" fiberglass bakery trays
734517 1/2" x 25 1/2" fiberglass bakery trays
745017 1/2" x 25 1/2" fiberglass bakery trays
751Countertop bun slicer
76135" x 96" table
7734-wheel dollies
781Stainless steel wall mount hand sink
791108" stainless steel 3-compartment sink with left & right drainboards and (2) faucets
80228" x 56" fatigue mats
813Mixing bowls (1) 21" and (2) 28"
821Hobart A200 (ser #674925) 20-quart mixer
83320-quart whip and (2) paddles
84312-quart hook, paddle and whip
85120-quart bowl extender
86120-quart stainless steel bowl extender
87112-quart stainless steel bowl
88112-quart bowl
89112-quart bowl
90120-quart stainless steel bowl
91120-quart bowl
92120-quart bowl
931Grinder attachment for mixer
94126" x 35" table
951Hobart M802 (ser #11-206-561) 80-quart mixer
961Hobart V1401 (ser #1314541) 140-quart mixer
971Hobart H600FS1 (ser #31-1117-851) 60-quart mixer with bowl guard
981140-quart bowl
99180-quart bowl
100160-quart bowl
101160-quart bowl
102160-quart bowl
1031140-quart hook
1041140-quart dough hook
105180-quart dough hook
106160-quart dough hook
107160-quart dough hook
108160-quart dough hook
109160-quart paddle
110160-quart whip
1111140-quart to 80-quart bowl reducer
112180-quart to 60-quart bowl reducer
1131Bowl dollie
1141Bowl dollie
115206" cake pans
116228" cake pans
117106"-14" round cake pans
1187Assorted square cake pans
1194Heart cake pans
1204Heart cake pans
1212large heart cake pans
122216" x 2" round cake pans
12366" steel bundt pans
12466" bundt pans
125128" bundt pans
1261210" bundt cake pans
12738" silicone bundt cake molds
1283412-count cupcake pans
129812-count cupcake pans
130248" x 2" loaf pans
1313Cinnamon roll pans
13273-count perforated strap pans
13344-count strap pans
13465-count strap pans
13563-count strap pans
1363Portable galvanized ingredient bins
1372Mixing bowl stands
138150" x 143" wooden bakery table
139166" x 69" x 24" cooling rack
140166" x 69" x 24" cooling rack
141244-count strap pans
142284-count strap pans
143304-count strap pans
144234-count strap pans
145234-count strap pans
146314-count strap pans
147168" x 30" x 71 1/2" Union Steele 2-door proof box
1481Despatch Baker Boy BB20-5-74 revolving 5-rack gas oven
149141" x 78" x 30" proof box
15062-passenger booths
15164-passenger booths
1521Dawn 2-well stainless steel icing warmer
1531Electro Freeze M30TN-CAB ice cream machine
154119" copper bowl
1551Gas candy stove
1561Baxter SP155G-M2424 stainless steel gas donut fryer with dropper 
157172" x 62" stainless steel hood with Ansul
1581Centry 5 lb. fire extinguisher
1591Assorted maintenance tools
1602923" x 23" wire cooling racks
1615Donut plungers
1622Aluminum donut droppers
1631Belshaw Bros hand donut dropper with arm
1641Stainless steel and wood drying rack
1651Cookie King aluminum depositor
1665Aluminum cookie cutters
16718' wood table
168114-wheel dollies
16910Plastic buckets
17011With trash cans
17127Plastic bread racks
1721Quantity cake decorating supplies
1731Kopy Kake projector with air brushes
174132" x 48" x 72" steel shelving unit
1751Sanyo stereo system with 2-way, (4) speakers, Hi out-put, and antenna
1761Acme MRS511 bench dough roller
1771Wood table
1781Erika dough divider rounder
17912-step ladder
1801Thesco 6-door porcelain refrigerator
1811Rhodes 2-door freezer
1821Hobart HF2, 2-door freezer