The Harrisburg Auction, Part II - Day 2 - Oct 9

Auction in 65 East 93rd Street, New York New York, United States

7:00 AM Wednesday
October 09th, 2013

The Harrisburg Auction, Part II - Day 2 - Oct 9

Auction in 65 East 93rd Street, New York New York, United States

Wednesday at - 09th October, 2013



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Sale Bill

The Tombstone Epitaph (3)
Item number: 17639400 | January 27th, 1882; March 7th 1882 and April 13th, 1882. Deacidified by Jim Lyons - 1995. This folder is made of polyester for long term preservation. Call Gurnseys for a list of what is contained in these three papers.

The Tombstone Epitaph (3)
Item number: 17639401 | August 28, 1880; December 2nd, 1880 and July 10th, 1881. Deacidified by Jim Lyons - 1995. This folder is made of polyester for long term preservation. These issues contain information about Deupty Sheriff Earp, Morgan Earp, and Nellie Cashman. Call Gurnseys for a list of what is contained in these three papers.

The Tombstone Epitaph (3)
Item number: 17639402 | June 16th, 1881; June 19th, 1881 and June 21st, 1881. Deacidified by Jim Lyons - 1995. This folder is made of polyester for long term preservation. Call Gurnseys for a list of what is contained in these three papers.

The Tombstone Epitaph (3)
Item number: 17639403 | September 8, 1881; October 12, 1881 and December 6, 1881. Deacidified by Jim Lyons - 1995. This folder is made of polyester for long term preservation.

The Tombstone Epitaph (3)
Item number: 17639404 | December 9th, 1881; December 13th, 1881 and March 31st, 1882. Deacidified by Jim Lyons - 1995. This folder is made of polyester for long term preservation. Call Gurnseys for a list of what is contained in these three papers.

The Tombstone Epitaph (3)
Item number: 17639405 | July 24th, 1880; October 31st, 1880 and September 27th, 1880. Deacidified by Jim Lyons - 1995. This folder is made of polyester for long term preservation.

The Tombstone Epitaph (3)
Item number: 17639406 | September 27th, 1880; October 15th, 1880 and November 21st, 1880. Deacidified by Jim Lyons - 1995. This folder is made of polyester for long term preservation. Call Gurnseys for a list of what is contained in these three papers.

The Daily Tombstone
Item number: 17639407 | May 22nd, 1886. Evening Edition. The only issue for 1886. Deacidified by Jim Lyons - 1993. This folder is made of polyester for long term preservation. Call Gurnseys for a list of what is contained in these three papers.

The Tombstone Epitaph (3)
Item number: 17639408 | July 11th, 1882; July 1st, 1882, and September 2nd, 1880. Deacidified by Jim Lyons - 1992-1993. This folder is made of polyester for long term preservation.

The Tombstone Epitaph (2)
Item number: 17639409 | August 10th, 1881 and April 3rd, 1882. Deacidified by Jim Lyons - 1992-1993. This folder is made of polyester for long term preservation. Call Gurnseys for a list of what is contained in these three papers.

The Tombstone Epitaph (2)
Item number: 17639410 | March 11th 1881 and February 11th, 1882. Deacidified by Jim Lyons - 1992. This folder is made of polyester for long term preservation. Call Gurnseys for a list of what is contained in these three papers.

Sheriff's Sale Poster
Item number: 17639411 | "By virtue of a writ of Levari Facias issued out of the Court of Common Pleas of Erie County, and to me directed will be sold at the Court House in the City of Erie on Monday, may 25th, '68 at 10 o'clock A.M...." Erie, May 1868. A.F. Swan, Sheriff. Erie Gazette Print.

Sioux Missionary Newspaper - Ipai Oaye 1885
Item number: 17639412 | Iapi Oaye, Sioux Missionary newpspaer. 4pg folio, Greenwood, Dakota Territory, July 1885. Published for the Dakota Mission completely printed in the Sioux language with information on the Fort Yankton Agency, Fort Piere and Fort Sully including biblical verse on the last page published by missionary J.P. Williamson, a scarce missionary printing.

The New York Herald 1912
Item number: 17639413 | April 16th, 1912. "The Titanic Sinks with 1800 Persons on Board; Only 400 of her passengers saved."

Honolulu Star-Bulletin 1st Extra 1941
Item number: 17639414 | December 7th, 1941. "War! Oahu Bombed by Japanese Planes. San Francisco, Dec 7. - President Roosevelt announced this morning that Japanese Planes had attacked Manila and Pearl Harbor."

Harrisburg Telegraph 1945
Item number: 17639415 | April 12, 1945. "President Roosevelt Dies of Stroke at Summer Home" "Truman is Sworn in as President in Executive Office at White House"

JFK Assassination Newspapers 1963 (4)
Item number: 17639416 | The Dallas Times Herald, November 22nd, 1963: "President Dead"; The Dallas Morning News, November 23rd, 1963: "Kennedy Slain on Dallas Street. Johnson Becomes President"; The Dallas Morning News, November 25th, 1963: "Night Club Man Kills Oswald, John F. Kennedy's Body Borne to Capitol"; The Dallas Times Herald, November 25th, 1963: "Sad Nation Bids Kennedy Farewell. FBI Tipped Oswald Would Be Killed."

Envelope from the Concord Stage Co.
Item number: 17639417 | Original envelope from J.S. & B.A. Abbot Overland Stage. 3 cent 1851 imperforated tied Concord, N.H. Sent by the manufactures of The Famous Concord Stagecoach. Embossed shield of the stagecoach on backflap.

Reward Poster for Horse Stealing
Item number: 17639418 | $150 for horse stealing. C 1890s, Oregon Territory. 6x9"

Two Annual railroad Passes 1876 & 1878
Item number: 17639419 | Western Union. Sabula, Ackley and Dakota Railroad Pass - 1876 and Missouri River, Fort Scott and Gulf Railroad Pass - 1878.

Wells Fargo Money Envelope
Item number: 17639420 | From Mariposa, California to Miles City, MT. 1881.

Holladay Overland Mail Cheack 1860s
Item number: 17639421 | Holladay Overland Mail & Express Co. Check - 1860s

Stereoview Cards Inc Starved Rock (3)
Item number: 17639300 | Stereo of Starved Rock, site of Ottawa Massacre, view from summit with armed settler in foreground; Keystone view, terrace homes of Hopis in Arizona, and a stereoview of Sioux Chief Wa-Hoop-Ske.

Wells Fargo & Co - Express Envelope 1850s
Item number: 17639422 | Stanley Ashbrook says "Chips" was the nickname of a ships carpenter that turned stage driver in the 1850s. Real name was Hodgkins. Was also a messenger conveying gold under armed conditions. Connected with the stage companes over 30 years. Evidently a well known character.

Branding Cow Photographs (4)
Item number: 17639301 | 3.25x5.5" on a larger 5.5x8.5" cream colored mount.

Texas Land Grant 1845
Item number: 17639423 | 640 Acres in Travis County, Texas in 1845.

CDV Military Photos Inc E.E. Henry.
Item number: 17639302 | CDV photo of Private CO. E, 5th US Cavalry. Photo by D.D. Dare - Cheyenne Wyo. Circa 1870s. CDV photo of Capt. Geo. W. Graham - 10th US Cavalry. Rare photo by E.E. Henry - Leavenworth, Kansas circa 1868.

Report of Indian Schools 1890
Item number: 17639424 | Quarterly report of Indian schools, Rosebud, Dakota 1890.

Cabinet Card - Blind Indian
Item number: 17639303 | Rare image. blind Yakima, Washington Indian with his spouse. "Toby and Nancy "- identified in pencil at the back. By Pautzke, photographer, Ellensburg, Washington. 4.25x6.5"

Cabinet Photo Indian Family
Item number: 17639425 | Indian man and woman with a baby. Lower Brule C 1900. 4x6"

Photographs - Indian Children (5)
Item number: 17639304 | Oregon Indian children including one by Pickel, photographers, Athena Oregon. Varying sizes on cardboard mounts.

Military Cabinet Cards (10)
Item number: 17639305 | All by N.A. Voss, Hays City, Kansas. Three with upper corner clipped, probably for album insertion. All measure 4.5x6.5"

Union Pacific Life Insurance Policy
Item number: 17639427 | Passenger Conductors' Life Insurance Co. certificate, Union Pacific Railroad 1883. Graphics of a locamotive. 8x11"

Six Business Cards
Item number: 17639306 | Alfred Dixon, Michigan Bluff, Cal "Gold Dust Bought - Office W.F. & Co's Express; Jacob Tiedemann, Carriage Trimmer, Denver; T. Connell, Branding, Burlington, Indian Territory; Sullivan & Goss, Saddles, Deerlodge; Myer Bannerman Saddlery, St Louis and Alf Youas, Groceries, Green River, Wyoming Territory. Six in the lot.

Document Sgd King George II
Item number: 17639428 | Revolutionary War. A handwritten document signed by George II (George R) re: monies due William Baker, Christopher Kilby and Richard Baker for provisions to the forces in North America in 1759.

D.F. Barry Photographs (3)
Item number: 17639308 | All with backstamp for D.F. Barry. Conditions will be visible in photos. 4.5x6.5"

Indian Photographs (2)
Item number: 17639309 | Both measure 4x5.5" on larger 5.25x7.25" mounts.

Gilchriese Collection of Early Arizona (6)
Item number: 17639310 | 1879 Tucson check to E.B. Gaye; Fly gallery cabinet card of Dr Willis who lived on Fremont; Receipt of M.W. Kale signed by the wagon master, 1879 (Kale was a famous rancher); handwritten note to "My dear child"- 1881, content discussion of military events and Arizona military officers; hand written 1915 letter on Hotel Gadssen letterhead re: Kickapoo Indians who they tried to settle in Mexico. Signed by Frank A. Thackery, Indian Agent at Sacatou (interesting content); letterhead of US Marshal, Helena, M.T. - 1892 to Robert Paul , US Marshall in Tucson asking him to serve a subpoena on two Chinamen in Grant, Arizona. Six items in the lot.

Gilchriese Collection of Early Arizona (6)
Item number: 17639311 | 1892 Letter from Grant County, Silver City, N.M. on his letterhead to R.H. Paul re: someone who is signing their name as US Marshall; letter from a general merchandise dealer in Charelston, Arizona, 1880 to a Mr. Soloman re: WM. Ganshorn whose son wrote the book "I've Killed Men", both men knew the Earps well and were critical of them. Fred Austin who is mentioned in the letter was the post trader at Camp Huachuaca; two 1880 bank checks of Pima County Bank, one at Tuscon and one at Tombstone made out to N.L. Drew & Co and drew Station and Zeckendorf; a Pimp Bank letteread ALW and a Wells Fargo & Co receipt for Mr. J. Jacobs for an 1871 $500 package. Early Wells Fargo document as their office had just opened in San Diego. Six items in the lot.

War Department Receipt
Item number: 17639312 | Signal service receipt - 1877 - from L.M. Jacobs. Signed by Charles Shibell.

Signed John Clum Receipt
Item number: 17639313 | Registry Receipt 1880 for a registered letter of B.W. Smith. Signed by John Clum, post master.

Fly's Gallery Cabinet Card
Item number: 17639314 | Three Children marked Fly's Gallery, Tombstone, A.T. 4x6"

Western Union Telegraph
Item number: 17639315 | Received at Tombstone not from John Galey.

Letter Jacob Strahle & Co. Letterhead
Item number: 17639316 | Discussing the pool table and ivory ball that Mr. Kelly purchased, apparently through the Pima Co. Bank. Signed by J. Strahle. This table was put into Campbell & Hatches billiard saloon.

Mint Letter Re: Tombstone Silver
Item number: 17639317 | Receipt from the Mint at San Fransico to Pima Co. Bank in Tombstone, Arizona, regarding the $1000 in silver dollars sent via Wells Fargo.

Receipt from Pima County Bank
Item number: 17639318 | Dated December 9th, 1881 - credit items to Thos. Fitch and Stephen Marks (famous businessman in Tombstone).

Farmers & Merchants Bank Letter 1881
Item number: 17639319 | Letter to Pima Co Bank to collect funds from Montgomery of Benson, James Carr ( 1 of the 2 largest freighters in Tombstone, signed by I.W. Hellman who opened first bank in L.A. in 1871 and later became president of Wells Fargo & Co in San Francisco.

Type Foundry & Paper Letterhead
Item number: 17639320 | To P.W. Smith, regarding a draft on Clum & Reppy (who werent paying their bills to this San Francisco company on time) - 1881.†

Cesar Augustus Bronze Coin
Item number: 17639200 | Roman Empire C 27 B.C. - 14 A.D. Certificate of Authenticity from Alex G. Malloy South Salem, NY. 1"

Letterhead Chilkoot Pass Hotel - 1898
Item number: 17639321 | Letterhead that Wyatt Earp picked up while he was in Skaguay. He gave it to John Flood who in turn gave it to John Gilchrise. With a Gilchriese notarized letter of provenance.

"Widows Mites" Judaean 103-76 B.C.
Item number: 17639201 | Lepten, bronzes struck by Alexander Jannaeus, with fragmentary legends. Certificate of Authenticity from Alex G. Malloy South Salem, NY. Varying 1/16th" to 1/8th"

Photograph & ALS - Henry Clay Hooker
Item number: 17639322 | Henry Clay Hooker - the last photo taken of him. Included in the lot is a handwritten letter signed by H.C. Hooker, written from Camp Grant 1878 to L.M. Jacobs regarding a payment of a credit to the Santa Bonita Ranch.

Military Cabinet Cards (8)
Item number: 17639202 | Photographers: McKay, Omaha; Lyman & Wells, Columbus OH; Buttorff, York PA; All 4x6" and 5x7"

ALS Re: Cowboy Violence in Arizona 1879
Item number: 17639323 | Handwritten letter dated "Safford, March 10 1879 This letter reveals the depth of the cowboy violence in Arizona. The nephew owned the mercantile store in Safford and wrote to his uncle, Lional Jacobs, in Tucson. Lional Jacobs started the first bank in Tombstone.†

Indian Wars Band Photo C 1880
Item number: 17639203 | West Point Cadets - 1880 (marked in pencil at the back)

ALS Written to L. M. Jacobs, Tombstone
Item number: 17639324 | Handwritten note to Jacobs concerning banking needs from Thomas Jeffords and Moronay, Huahuca, A.T. Dec 15th, 1882. Jefford was the famous friend of Cochise who went to his camp many times to try and make peace with him.

Indian Wars Cartes De Viste and Two Others
Item number: 17639204 | By J.L. Skirvseth, Hillsboro, D.T. (Dakota Territory) with price advertisement at back. Cards per dozen $2.50; Cabinets per dozen, $5.00. Two others in the lot, one by Bradley and Rulofson, San Fransico.

Photograph - Frank H. Hereford
Item number: 17639325 | Frank was the son of Benjamin H. Hereford who was a famous attorney and authority on Mexican law and for whom the town of Hereford is named. Frank was a member of John Behan's posse that pursued the Earps to the Hooker ranch. He was later County Attorney for Pima Co. and knew Wyatt Earp well.

Butterfly Dance Photograph
Item number: 17639205 | By Harmon Percy Marble, most likely a Hopi dancer.

Tombstone Checks William Cooper (2)
Item number: 17639326 | Checks drawn on the Pima County Bank - 1881 - to Wm. Hooper & Co headquartered in San Francisco and Los Angeles and owners of saloons all over the Southwest - one being the Hafford Saloon at 4th and Allen from which place the Earps left to begin the street fight of October 25th, 1881.

Lawmen Documents (7)
Item number: 17639206 | Total of seven items from Idaho, Oklahoma (2), Texas (3) and South Carolina. Date from 1890s to 1909 - signed by Sheriffs, US Marshals, Justice of Peace, etc.

Dan O'Toole ALS 1882
Item number: 17639327 | Handwritten letter from Dan O'Toole dated from Bisbeen 1882 - Dan O'Toole was a well known mining person who lived in Bisbee, Tombstone and California. He also went with Nellie Cashman to Fairbanks.

Arizona Cowboy Photograph
Item number: 17639207 | Photo of mounted rider, wearing large western hat, posed in the desert, surrounded by huge Saguaro cacti.

Allen English Hand Written Receipt 1887
Item number: 17639328 | Handwritten receipt signed by Allen English, a famous attorney from Tombstone and one time district attorney, for JJ McClelland.

Sketch of Battle of Los Angeles
Item number: 17639208 | Upper California. Fought between the Americans and Mesicans, Jan 9th 1847. From a sketch by Memory. Engraved by A. Kollner. Page 517 from an unknown book.

Gilchriese Collection: Moson & Roberts Family Tombstone
Item number: 17639329 | Virginia Elizabeth Moson ( 1877-1963) was a pioneer resident of Arizona. The daughter of William and Ella Roberts, she came to Arizona in 1882. She was the niece of E.J. Roberts who would establish a cattle ranch on the San Pedro River which became Hereford. This blinder includes Camillies - Bisbee, Arizona, a Fly cabinet portrait of Virginia Moson; several E.J. Roberts receipts 1884-1893 inc. a $4032 tax payment on a $12,200 assessment for the San Pedro River Ranch; debit notices to same with Bank of Tombstone stamps 1880s; tax certificate of sale to E.J. Roberts "for taxes" additional properties in Chocise County; bank book of E.J. Roberts, Tombstone with handwritten entries; quit claim deeds; Spanish language receipts; handwritten ledger sheets; letter to W.C. Greene Esq from Geo. Woodward; 1890 E.J. Roberts deed for mines; dues receipts for Trestle Board Assoc. Tombston King Soloman Lodge; Los Pintos documents "Senor E.J. Roberts"; Administration de Rentas Del Distrito de Arize. documents; Los Nagale sites document, etc. An important collection of documents. About seventy items in the comprehensive lot including much of early Tombstone.

1837 Map of the Frontier Pansett- Abert
Item number: 17639209 | Printed in C 1860 American style paper

Two Salt Lake City, Utah Territory Stereoviews
Item number: 17639330 | One is by Jackson Bros. Omaha Nebraska, a birdseye view of the central portion of the city, east of Main St showing the residence of Brigham Young. Both are 3.5x7"

America Map Robert Morden 1704
Item number: 17639210 | This map appeared in a geography textbook published in 1704 - Geography Anatomized, written by Patrick Gordon. Featured is an insular California. In the first of the 17th Century. The notion that California was an island first appears and is perpetuated into the mid 1700s. An engraved copper plate method was used to produce this map and it is mounted in archival materials.

Two Cabinet Cards of Fort Wingate, New Mexico
Item number: 17639331 | 1893 - One by Luske and Fullmer and one by Brooks. Both military portraits.

Wanted for Murder Poster
Item number: 17639211 | Antone Reyes "A Mexican Peon; ... wore overalls and brogan shoes... we want him bad..." H. L. Borgwardt, Jr. Sheriffy. Dated Bakersfield, August 24th, 1900.

Stereoview, Sioux Indian at Carnival
Item number: 17639332 | Large format stereoview, Sioux Indian at St. Paul Carnival - 1886-1887. 4.25x7"

Wanted for Murder Notice
Item number: 17639212 | On Insley's Detective Agency letterhead, Los Angeles, dated November 19th 1895. "John Hawks... stands very erect and walks with his toes spread out... he is a good dancer and a great billiard and pool player... frequens saloons... will play faro, craps or poker.. will not be apt to engage in any hard work" Signed in ink by J.S. Oliver, secretary for agency.

19th C. Military Cabinet Cards (9)
Item number: 17639333 | Varying sizes

Warren Pa. 1887 Letter to Tombstone A.T.
Item number: 17639213 | Written April 17th 187 to E.S. Gage, Tombstone, Arizona Territory re: the consolidation of mining stock, with original envelope in which it was mailed. Signed A.J. Hagettine

E.C. Meacham Arms Co. Invoice
Item number: 17639334 | St. Louis, MO. 1882 8.5x9.5"

Official Guide to Cripple Creek District
Item number: 17639214 | By Cripple Creek Chamber of Commerice - August 1902 with the National Hotel of Cripple Creek on the cover, with ads and photographs. 16 pages plus soft covers. 5.5x8.75"

Three Fireman's Photographs C. 1890's-1900's
Item number: 17639335 | A cabinet card by Kronebesyer, Chester Pa; a hose company No 2 rig "Jack and Jill"; an imperial size photograph of nine fireman with their axes.

Colorado Official Info Booklet 1872 & 1891
Item number: 17639215 | Prepared and published by authority of the Territoral Board of Immigrations, Denver. 34 pages plus soft covers. The Colorado blue book for 1891. Published by Aurora of the Western World Purco with photos, scenes, dignitaries, sheriffs, etc. 159 pages plus soft covers. 6x9"

Photo Santa Fe From Old Fort marcy
Item number: 17639336 | Circa late 1870s to early 1880s. With historical information at the reverse. Penciled notation at back. 5x8"

Maps Including Mexican Boundary Survey & N.T.
Item number: 17639216 | Mexican boundary surveys - 7 maps - 1851 and map of public survey in Nevada Territory - Surveyor General - 1862 (8 maps in the lot of varying size)

Cheyenne Man on the Cloud Photograph
Item number: 17639337 | Ink identification at front. 5x8" on larger 8x9.75" mount.

Handbook of Colorado & Tourists Handbook
Item number: 17639217 | With maps and illustrations. Printed by Denver Tribune Association. Many ads. Tourist's Handbook of Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. Published by the Passenger Dept of the Denver and Rio Grande Railway, †1885. 4x6.5" and 4x6"

Sebastian Munster 1588 Map
Item number: 17639338 | From Cosmographia published by Sebastian Petri - The New World.

The Gold Fields of Colorado Book
Item number: 17639218 | A brief description of the various gold districts located on and contiguous to the line of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad C 1806. With numberous scenic photographs and pullout map of the railroad system. 78 pages with soft covers. 6x7.5"

Henry Chatelain 1719 Map
Item number: 17639339 | Carte Du mexique et Floride. Historically important map of North America. 18x21"

1886 Tombstone Land Sale Document
Item number: 17639219 | February 1886 A.J. Ritter signed document for Cochise County, Arizona territory landy sale "for taxes" 20 acres of Bronkow Mine. Amount: $4.80

1881 Crofutt's Grip Sack Guide of Colorado Map
Item number: 17639340 | Published by the Overland Publishing Company of Omaha, Nebraska, a comprehensive topographical and township map of Colorado prepared expressly for Crofutts Grup-Sack Guide of Colorado. 19.5x26.5"

Sioux Photograph by Marble
Item number: 17639220 | Young Sioux lady and baby photographed at Fort Thompson. Harmon Percy Marble.

Topographical Map: Road from Missouri to Oregon
Item number: 17639341 | Topograpical Map of the Road from Missouri to Oregon commencing at the mouth of the Kansas in the Missouri River and ending at the mouth †of the Wallah Wallah in the Columbia. From the field notes and journal of Capt. J.C. Fremont, marks Sioux and Pawnee Indian territories. 16x57"

North American Map
Item number: 17639342 | "A map of North American with the European settlements and whatever else is remarkable in West Indies from the latest and best observations." 14x17.5" matted.

1881 Silver Dollar Deputy Badge Pouch
Item number: 17639100 | 1881 Silver dollar on a tin Red Lake Min. Deputy badge. Blue and white seed beads surround a red velvet pouch. †5-1/4" high x 5" wide including looped bead fringes

1883 Poplar River M.T. Handwritten Letter
Item number: 17639221 | Describes camp life including duck hunting, other pasttimes, a 55 degree below zero winter; summer fleas and mosquitos, "5000 Indians", the quietness and the desire of some int he camp to farm. Excellent content. Addressed to my Dear General and signed Heistand, Lt. U.S.A.

Transcontinental Railways Map 1883
Item number: 17639343 | Map showing the routes of transcontinental railways as explored and as constructed. 1883. "red lines exhibit routes for a Pacific railroad, as shown by a map complied to accompany the report of the Hon. Jefferson Davis, Sec of War, in the office of the Pacific Railroad Surveys 1885" marked in red. 23.5x26.5"

Ceremonial Turtle Shield
Item number: 17639101 | Ceremonial turtle honoring shield. The turtle represents wisdom, protection, good health. †Made from snapper shell & skull, antler disc, deer skin, hand painted eagle feathers, pheasant feathers, hawk bells and beads. 14" high without feather decorations.

Three Photographs Adobe Dwellings
Item number: 17639222 | One identified as oldest house in the U.S., erected and occupied by the Indians antecedent to Spanish conquest and two others.

North and South America Map
Item number: 17639344 | "Noviffima et Accuratifima Totius Americae Descriptio per Jacobum Meursium"†Vingettes of mermaids and angels and possibly the god Neptune (upper) and workers (lower) as well as ships in the seas and animals in different locations of the countries.

Huron Medicine Dance Staff.
Item number: 17639102 | Horsehair decorations. 24"

Kansas Military Cabinet Cards (6)
Item number: 17639223 | By Kurtz, Manhattan. Two by York and Co, Junction City (border stain); By Harris Putney, Leavenworth; Vos, Hays City' Ellis and Wake Eneg (corners clipped which will be visible in photo. ) all 4x6"

The Pennsylvania Evening Post 1776
Item number: 17639345 | "Price Only two coppers" Published every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings." Tuesday July 23, 1776.

American Indian Stone Clubs.
Item number: 17639103 | Wrapped in hide. Horsehair decorations.17 1/4"L ; 19 1/2"L.

Prescott Arizona Miner
Item number: 17639224 | The first newspaper in No. Arizona, April 16 1884 issue. 8 pages of news of Arizona Territory, Indians, mines and mining ads. 1 cover corner cliped. Scarce early issue.

The Pennslyvania Gazette 1748
Item number: 17639346 | April 21, 1748 Numb 1010. Containing the freshes advices, foreign and domestick.

Two Navajo Cradle Boards
Item number: 17639104 | 35" and 31 1/2"L.

Cabinet Card - Ruben the Guide
Item number: 17639225 | African American guide in Tijuana, Mexico (identified in printed matieral at back)

The Massachusetts Sun 1784
Item number: 17639347 | Or Worcester Gazette. Thursday Februrary 1784. Vol. XIII, No. 668.

War Club with Spike
Item number: 17639105 | Carved wood. 18" long.

Map Santa Fe Crossing
Item number: 17639226 | From the Santa Fe Crossing to the Coo-Che-To-Pa Pass PRRS -1853.

The New York Mercury 1756
Item number: 17639348 | The New York Mercury "Containing the freshest advices, Foreign and Domestick." Monday April 26, 1756. Numb 194.

John Selman Signed Affidavit
Item number: 17639106 | John †Selman was the killer of John Wesley Hardin. †State of Texas Witnesses, Jan. 1894. Vigilante, Lawman, Ruster. †During the Lincoln County War, he was a member of the Seven Rivers Gang that burned George Coe's ranch. †He killed Bass Outlaw in Aug. 1985 and killed John Wesley Hardin in the Acme Saloon. †13 3/4" x 8 1/2"

C 1790 Land Indenture Sgd Robert Yates
Item number: 17639227 | Robert Yates was a member of the convention that framed the Constitution of the US, which he opposed. He was also a member of the NY State convention that adopted the US Constitution. He was a judge of the New York State Surpreme Court and died in 1901.

Speech Annexation of Texas 1842 & Others
Item number: 17639349 | Speech of Robert C. Winthrop of Mass on the annexation of Texas delivered to the House of Represenatives on Jan. 6th, 1842. Also in the lot is a speech of Mr. barnard of N.Y. on the same delivered Jan. 24th, 1845 and Mr. Webster's speech at Maisafield and his speech on the Oregon bill in 1848, the latter with staining and loose cover. Three booklets in the lot.

Two Pairs of Mounted Horns.
Item number: 17639107 | 22" and 11"W.

1787 Land Indentures Sgd Henry Otthout
Item number: 17639228 | Henry Otthout of Catskill was appointed commissioner for selling the confiscated estates of lyalists in Tryon County during the Revolutionary war. Henry Otthout was a solider in the Third Regiment of Albany County Militia. The document is also signed by Jacob Markell, who was a member of Congress for one term during Madison's administration and during the war of 1812.

Wells Fargo Bank Bag
Item number: 17639108 | Wells Fargo Bank Bag

Lynn News May 11 1849
Item number: 17639229 | "A family paper: devoted to politics, literature, science, art, temperance, agricultural, genergal inteligence. The May 11, 1849 edition.

Yankee Counter Mount Corkscrew
Item number: 17639109 | Antique Corkscrew/Bottle Opener. †Heavily embossed. †13" H (handle raised).

Imperial Size Group Photograph with Trophy
Item number: 17639350 | 8x10" on larger 11x13" mat

Three Albumen Photos: Sheephearder Cowboys
Item number: 17639351 | Group of three original large size cabinet albumen photos circa 1870s. Each depicts the life of sheephearders. One photo shows three distinct flocks of sheep. A second photo shows sheep in the background and cowboys and sheeherders in the foreground with their chuck wagon. A third shows a large group of men wearing western gear surrounding the sheep shearing activity before them. 6x8"

US Marshal Escape Notice
Item number: 17639230 | Handwritten. "...dressed in dark blue cotton Chinese suit, fur on collar... silk shoes... occupation shoemaker" remanded to China by order of US Court

Gold Miner's 1866 Letter
Item number: 17639352 | Content re: grizzly bear hunt; trip through Colorado Mountains. Written from Empire Colorado on Gold Ine Co. letterhead with envelope. 10 pages.

Cast Iron Jail House Keys
Item number: 17639110 | Three large keys on a ring

Wells Fargo Ephemera
Item number: 17639231 | Commision to be tended to by San Fransisco office - have gold dust worked at mint and returned proceeds in coin to the office, 1895; record of waybills from Red Oak office Oct 1894; exchange certificate, stamped 1863; and first day of issue Pony Express stamped cover (100th anniversery commerative 1860-1960) sent from Saint Joseph Mo to Wells Fargo on Church St in New York, July 19th 1960. 4 items in the lot.

Guthrie Oklahoma Photographs (4)
Item number: 17639353 | Oklahoma Ave, Guthrie; Oklahoma Academy; Commercial bank building and a canidate addressing the people on Capitol Hill, Guthrie (name not descernible). All C 1889 and all with backstamp of Watters, New York Photostudio, Oklahoma Ave, Gutherie, OK. 3x7"

Wells Fargo & Co. Baggage Cart Wheel
Item number: 17639111 | Retains green paint. †Marked W.F. & Co in the wooden rim.

Eleven Cabinet Cards
Item number: 17639232 | By Keller, Helena, Montana; Locke Peterson, Deadwood, S.D.; Howard, Eureka, Kans; Kirkland, Cheyenne Wyoming; Skelly, Silver City, N.M.; ball & Rindhal, Grafton, N. Dakota; Shreves, Ferrell, Texas; C.R. Savage, Salt Lake City; Keene, David City, Nebraska; Granson, Lexington, Oklahoma Territory and Irwin, Chickasha, Indian Territory. Some with Identifications written at the back.

Haynes Cabinet Card - 1st Sgt, 2nd Infantry
Item number: 17639354 | A 1st Sgt. of the 2nd US Infantry taken by famous Western photographer. F.J. Haynes - Fargo, Dakota Territory. Circa 1880s. 3x5"

Trilobite Fossil
Item number: 17639112 | 15 1/4"L x 12 1/2"W.

Five Cancelled Checks Inc Tombstone
Item number: 17639233 | 1882 Pima County bank, tombstone; 1883 Sacramento County; 1873 Virginia & Truckee Railroad Co Board for W.R. Chamberlain - together with an 1875 Depot Hotel ticket for board showing Chamberlain as the proprietor; 1864 Assistant Treasury of the US check sgnd by John S. Fillmore, Paymaster, USA and Arizona Co-operative Mercantile Institution check, 1908 with Navajo depiction.

Military Kirkland Cabinet Card (4)
Item number: 17639355 | All by C.D. Kirkland, Cheyenne, Wyo. with backstamp advertisements and front identification. 3x5"

Henry Brown's Cased Marlin Model 1878
Item number: 17639113 | No. 32 Standard. †Given to Henry Brown as a gift from A. McSween (Presentation plaque at top). McSween and John Tunstall were involved in the Lincoln County Wards and were friends of Billy the Kid. †The lot is accompanied by a letter of history and provenance from Russ Wheeler at The Lincoln County Research Department of History and Records at Fort Sumner, New Mexico. †9"x 6" x 2".

Kit Carson Photograph
Item number: 17639234 | Identified at the back. 4x5"

Item number: 17639356 | Rifles crossed at center of the group photo. 8x10" on a larger 11x13" mat

Columbia Gramophone
Item number: 17639114 | Oak Cased. With original label and horn which may or may not be part of the original gramophone. † 15 1/2" square x 11 1/4"H.

1844 Senate Report Re: Texas
Item number: 17639235 | 28th Congress. 1st Session proceedings of the Senate and documents relative to Texas from which the injuction of secrecy has been removed. May 16th, 1844.

Indian Wars Military Photograph
Item number: 17639357 | C 1880s. Margin staining, does not affect the image. 10x12" overall

1861 House of Reps Report Re: Westward Routes
Item number: 17639236 | 36th Congress. 2nd Session Maps and reports of the Fort Kearney, South Pass and Honey Lake Wagon Road.†

Territory of Colorado Mining Claim
Item number: 17639358 | Handwritten, "by right of discovery" mining claim in the Colorado Territory for Haynes Lode Vein signed by 14 prospectors on Nov. 29th, 1871 with stamps.

1836 Senate Document Re: Texas
Item number: 17639237 | 24th Congress. 1st Session. In the Senate of the United States, June 18th 1836. Recomending the recognition of the indendence of Texas.

Indian Photograph - Iron Maiden
Item number: 17639359 | From F.S. Balster, Durango, Colorado (Rocky Mountains Views Series). Backstamp and identification at front. 4x6"

Dragoon Coper Mining Booklet
Item number: 17639238 | Tombstone, Arizona. With map of Black Diamond Property. 10 pages with soft covers.

Daphne Cobb Indian Photograph
Item number: 17639118 | Daphne Cobb 1898-1928. †Taken in †1920. †Gallery double matted and framed. 14"H. x 10"W.

Tombstone Grand Ball Invitation
Item number: 17639239 | Invitation to attent the Second Grand ball of the Tombstone Turn Verein. Admission - $2.00

Orders Signed by Lt. Chas. B. Gatewood
Item number: 17639119 | Lt. Gatewood, US Cavalry befriended and brought the Apache Chief in. March 1889 HQ Dept. of California in San Francisco, orders to pay the troops dated March 19th, 1889 "By command of General Miles: C.B. Gatewood, First Lieut. 6th Cavalry Aide-de-Camp" Mi

Letter, N.T. Re: Encounter with Indians
Item number: 17639360 | Written from Gilman Station, N.T. on May 15, 1865 to Captain, "In compliance with your request, I have the honor to state I was one of the party that left Gilman Station N.T. on the morning of 12th of May 1865 to go to Smith's Station..." Excellent detailed content re: who was in the team, an encounter with Indians, the results, the bravery of one Sergant., etc. Signed Robert B. Cone.

Sac & Fox Indian Treaty
Item number: 17639361 | Expense voucher issued by Indian Agent John Beach, Sac & Fox Agency (Iowa Territory), October 1842. Names money due to Agent Beach for Council House repair, also noted half-breed Antoine LeClaire paid as interpretor. 8x11" ink, 3 pages, signed by Beach.

Arizona Photographs (2)
Item number: 17639240 | Arizona settlers: 8x10" albumen photo of two settlers, wives with wagon, tents and new log home circa 1890s. A second 8x10 albumen photo of settler posed with his two mule plow team in midst of what looks like a vineyard. C 1890s. Included in the lot is a Hartwell, Phoenix cabinet card photograph from Views of Salt River Valley and Arizona series identified as Walker home on N. 2nd.

Winnebago Indian Treaty
Item number: 17639362 | Invoice for money speant removing tribe. Iowa Territory 1844.

Document Estate of J. H. Tunstall
Item number: 17639120 | March 1881. Signed by administrator Jose Anallo and Ben Ellis, Clerk of Probate Court, Mar. 1881

Tintype - African American Tap Dancer
Item number: 17639241 | C 1860s-1870s, slightly hand tinted with pink and gold. A rare image because of the dancing shoes. Gallery matted and framed.

Indian Affairs Voucher
Item number: 17639363 | For messengar Jacob Phisler (Sac & Fox agent). Iowa Territory 1844

Mrs. Pawnee Bill's Traveling Set
Item number: 17639121 | A beautiful leather cased traveling set with outside engraved plaque for May Lillie. The set includes a mirror, shoe lacer, curling iron, comb, shoe horn, three brushes a five bottle dresser set with embossed sterling silver tops, a pair of leather fringed gloves, a blank paged leather notebook, a sewing kit, a cigarette case, a red leather pill box, a leather cased matchstick lighter, and a Smith & Wesson revolver. The lot also includes a print of May Lillie and information regarding the Pawnee Bill Frontier Exhibition in July 1888. Case measures 12" x 14" x 7-1/2" high

J.S. & M Peckham Trade Card
Item number: 17639000 | Good mining graphics "Mica for stoves, electrical purposes and other uses" Price list for products at back. Has crease which may be visible in photo. 5.5x8.75"

Tintype - African American Man
Item number: 17639242 | Stated in photo album from which it was taken, "Anonymous (American 19th c. ) Young African American man having his studio portrait taken to send to relatives." c 1870s-1880s. Gallery matted and framed.

Pay for Messenger
Item number: 17639364 | Indian Treaties (Sac & Fox), Iowa Territory. Signed by Indian Supt. John Chambers.

Buffalo Bill's Gillette Razor
Item number: 17639122 | King Gillette Pocket Edition Safety Razor in a traveling case or ornate repoussed silver plate. †Marked at the top in fancy script. W. F. Cody 4"L. 2"W

Wells Fargo & Co. Express Book C 1911
Item number: 17639001 | From August 1, 1911 to (date not filled in) Tracers for Short Goods. Agent at St. Paul on W.B. No 181.

Indian Photos and Keystone View Cards (16)
Item number: 17639243 | Two photos, one written in ink at front Drake Studio, Ponca City, Okla; two smaller photos and twelve unusual Keystone Co. small size viewcards of various tribes - chiefs and daily life. 16 items in the lot.

Military Letter C 1886
Item number: 17639365 | One page letter dated 1866 from "Fort Morgan, C.T." on Assistant Quartermaster's Office letterhead. The letter is to Capt. Neill at nearby Fort Sedgewick and states that receipts for corn are enclosed for his inspection. Is signed by Lt. Oliver Liddell, 18th Infantry.

Supplement to Bigelow's Overruled Cases
Item number: 17639002 | 1873-1887. Index of the Cases overruled, reversed, denied, doubted, modified, limited, explained and distinguised by the courts of America, England and Ireland from 1873 to 1887; Being a supplement to Bigelow's Overruled Cases with an appendix of cases from the earliest period to 1873.

Tombstone Arizona 1882 Receipt Book
Item number: 17639244 | More than 60 handwritten receipts in a receipt book, many made out to J.J. McClelland. 50 are marked Tombstone, A.T. and dated from the early 1880s to the turn of the century. A recorder's fee book, a record of all money paid to the County Recorder in Pima. Almost every name is an early participant in Tombstone 's development and history. Six are written in Walagua and six in Watervale. Covers to book as is. Approximately 60 receipts in the lot.

Photo Indian Students & Teachers
Item number: 17639366 | Albumen photo of Indian students seated on stairway of Army barracks with their teachers.

Specifications for City Hall of Tombstone
Item number: 17639124 | December 1881. Specifications for City Hall and offices at Tombstone, Arizona with stamp of H.G. Howe, US Dept Surveyor Tombstone, A.T. Very specific detailed handwritten 9 pages with cover and backsheet, legal size sheets. From the Gilchriese Collection of documents.

California Reports Vol 49 and 54 (2)
Item number: 17639003 | Report of Cases determined in The Supreme Court of the State of California at the October 1874, January 1875 and April 1875 terms. Volume 49. Charles A Tuttle, reporter; Report of Cases determined in The Supreme Court of the State of California at the November 1879, January 1880 and April 1880 terms. Volume 54. George H Smith, reporter. Two books in the lot.

Period Photos of Gov's Palace - Santa Fe (2)
Item number: 17639245 | Two period photographs of Governor's Palace in Santa Fe, New Mexico. One has an identification label - View of reception room when occuped by Governor L.B. Prince. Also included in the lot is a sheet of stamps "1 1/4¢ Palace of the Governors. Liberty Series. Issue Date: June 17, 1960. City: Santa Fe, NM. Printed by: Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Printing Method: Rotary Press. Perforations: 10_ †x 11. Color: Turquoise"

Deming Land & Water Co Bond
Item number: 17639367 | New Mexico Territory - 1892 - An $100 gold bond with bold title and vignette of a growing community with a river and island in the middle. Has butterscotch color printing, a couple of tiny holes in the embossed seal, very slight staining.

Indian Photographs (13)
Item number: 17639125 | From original negatives on thin photographic paper. 4x5"

California Commerce Collection
Item number: 17639004 | A collection of 14 California grant deeds, mortgages, quit claim deeds, Superior Court documents and declarations of homestead from various years. Included in the lot is a collection of seven 19th century checks, from New York, Pennsylvania, New Orleans and Newport. The lot is a total of 21 items.

Twelve Stereoview Cards
Item number: 17639246 | Included in the lot are Underwood and Underwood "Round-ups" Sierra Bonita Ranch (3), With Jackson, the oldest hosue in Santa Fe (1); Pagosa Hot Springs, Colo (1); Georgetown from Leavenworth (1); Steamboat Cabin St Louis (1); Kearney Band posed on Main St (1). Officers Quarters, Camp Verde (1) and others.

The Gentleman's Magazine 1775
Item number: 17639368 | By Sylvanus Urban. London. Printed for D. Henry at St John's Gate with references to Lexington and Concord. In archival folder.

Cabinet Card - Red Cloud in War Bonnet
Item number: 17639126 | Decorative backstamp for the photographer at the reverse. "Heyn Artistic Photographer, 313, 315 & 317 South 15th St, Granite Block, Omaha, Neb." C 1880s

Indian Wars Document
Item number: 17639005 | A document of Captain Kinzie Bates written by him at Standing Rock, Dakota Territory on Oct 1 1876, requesting supplies for Co. K of the 1st Infantry during their fight against the Indians. Standing rock was the upper limit of the Sioux Territory. A fine document regarding Indians signed by Bates just 3 months after Custer's Last Stand.

Report - St Louis to Big Bend - Red River
Item number: 17639247 | 32 Congress. 1st Session. Executive document No 49. Letter from the Secretary of War. march 16th, 1852. In compliance with a resolution of the senate, a reprint of the survey, estimates, etc, of a route from St Louis to the Big Bend of the Red River. 5x7"

1803 Speeches Re: Navigation of Mississippi
Item number: 17639369 | The Speeches of Mr. Rose and Mr. Morris, delivered in the Senate of the United States. Thursday the 24th of February 1903 in support of Mr. Ross' resolutions relative to the free navigation of the river Mississippi and our right of deposit within the Spanish Territory. New Haven: printed and published for J. Walter 1803. Rough edges which will be visible in photo.

Photograph Elderly Indian Warrior
Item number: 17639127 | Full profile, holding a tomahawk. Otter skin and feather hair ornaments. Collection photograph on slightly larger mount. Possibly photographed by Heyn. C 1898. 11x14"

Ponca City O.T. Photos by Drake
Item number: 17639006 | Two photographs of Ponca City, Oklahoma Territory by Drake photographers C 1880. Photographs mattered on larger cardboard stock. Information about Ponca City included in the lot.

Fremont - Map of Oregon & California
Item number: 17639248 | Geographical memoir upon upper California in ullustraion of his map of Oregon and California by John Charles Freont. Washington: Tippin & Streeper, 1849. 5x7"

Cavalry Group Photo
Item number: 17639128 | 7.5x9.5" on a larger 8x12.5" cardboard mount

Wittick Photo- Colorado River C 1880s
Item number: 17639007 | Boatmen on the Colorado River - Grand Canyon, Arizona by G. Ben Wittick, Albuqurque photographer with a backstamp.

Wilkes Nat'l R.R. Atlantic to Pacific 1845
Item number: 17639249 | Project of a National Railroad from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean for the purpose of obtaining a short route to Oregon and the Indies by Goerge Wilkes. This was the first proposal for a transcontinental railroad. 23 pages. 5x7"

B Rinehart Mine Claims Tombstone
Item number: 17639129 | With stamp of the Recorder's office, Tombstone, Cochise Co, A.T. (Arizona Territory). Dated Dec 6, 1883, the oversized mine claims are for the Independence Lode 590 to 597 inclusive and incliding maps of the same.

Cabinet Card - Kansas Policeman C 1890s
Item number: 17639008 | Topeka, Kansas policeman C 1880s by H.T. Martin, Topeka.

Stereoview Card - Miner Using a Rocker
Item number: 17639009 | Rare image. Placer mining. Miner using a rocker. Photo by Thomas Houseworth - San Francisco, California. Circa 1860s.

Miles City Saddlery Catalogue
Item number: 17639370 | Product catalogue for this Miles City, Montana Company, the makers of original coggshall saddles with price list. Catalogue No. 10. Rough for the first 8 pages but the original catalogue would be excellent for reprint. Turn of the century.

San Francisco Letter Re: Land Dealings 1856
Item number: 17639371 | 1856 San Francisco, California letter concerning Surveyor and land dealings, his problems and situation.

New Indian Territory Senate Arguments
Item number: 17639250 | Organization of a new Indian Territory, east of the Missouri River. Arguments and reasons submitted to the Senate and House of Represenatives of the 31st Congress by the Indian chief Kah-Ge-Ga-Gah-Bouh or Geo. Copway, New York; S.W. Benedict 1850. 5x7"

Indian Photographs (6)
Item number: 17639372 | Group of six photographs taken from the pages of a photographers album from the Underwood Stereoview Co. These are albumen proofs, several of which have 8x10 mats. Scenes include Moki Indian village of plateau, A morning promenade at the Moki Reservation in Arizona, the Metropolis of the Hopis, Chuck Wagon dinner in Arizona and others. Circa 1900-1905.

Colonial C. 1790 Certificates
Item number: 17639130 | Dated Feb 5, 1790, May 21, 1790 and Dec 1, 1790. The certicates are for the payment of "lawful money, out of day funds appropriated for the payment and interests on the debt of the state of Connecticut" Printed by Hudson and Goodwin, Hartford. Roughly 3.5x7" each

State of Wyoming Constitution 1889
Item number: 17639251 | Adopted in convention at Cheyenne, Wyoming. September 30th, 1889. 60 pages. 5x7"

Kansas Document Lot C 1880s (50)
Item number: 17639373 | 50+ items inc. letterheads, billheads, invoices, receipts, covers, handbills, invitations, etc. All vintage 1880s. Towns named include Mound Valley, Elk City, Longton, West Cherry Township, Elgin, etc. Mostly business related, some sheriff and liquor docs included. Varying sizes.

Cripple Creek and Leadville Documents
Item number: 17639131 | Charles Dutt Coal, Wood, Hay & Grain letterhead (receipt for hay for city of Cripple Creek); two city warrants (Cripple Creek, 1896 and 1897); city of Cripple 1907 permissions from the city clerk for release of goods and okay to charge the city; two Leadville, Colo. 1891 and 1899 Tomkins Hardware Co checks drawn on the Carbonate National Bank and an advertisement for various business, advertisement seems to be clipped.

Stereoview Card - New Mexico Prospectors C 1870s
Item number: 17639010 | Prospectors in New Mexico strike it rich. Photographed and published in Santa Fe, New Mexico by Henry Brown. Back of the card has an extensive printed narrative.

Yellow Gold of Cripple Creek & a Second
Item number: 17639252 | Yellow Gold of Cripple Creek, Anecdotes and Romances of the Mines, Mining Men and Mining Fortunes by Harry J. Newton, second edition with photos, illustrations, etc. 128 pages with soft covers. The Mines of New Mexico: Gold and Silver - Copper, Lead, Iron and Coal, 1896. 80 pages, with soft covers.

Tombstone Arizona Checks (20)
Item number: 17639374 | All drawn on Cochise County Bank, Tombstone A.T. in 1884. Different payees. Endorsed.

Cabinet Card - Unusual Portrait
Item number: 17639132 | Full length portrait of a man in a fur coat by photographer Holcomb, Salina, Kas. 4x6"

Photograph - Group of Utah Cowboys
Item number: 17639011 | Circa 1890s

70 Years a Cowboy Book - Signed
Item number: 17639253 | A biogrpahy by T.B. Long, signed on Marc 8, 1960. "To my good friend, William B. Thorsen" Copyright blurred, probably 1959.†

Tombstone Arizona Checks (10)
Item number: 17639375 | All drawn on Cochise County Bank, Tombstone A.T. in 1885. Different payees. Endorsed. Included in the lot are three checks drawn on the Pima County Bank in 1880, two with Tombstone stamp and one with a Tucson A.T. check.†

Tintype - Man with Pistol
Item number: 17639133 | 2x3"

Cabinet Card - California Cowboy
Item number: 17639012 | Wearing a knife and gun. Photo by E.W. Fortune - Los Angeles, California. Circa 1880s.

Oklahoma, Indian Terr., Indian Res, N.M.T. Maps
Item number: 17639254 | Proposed state of Oklahoma. General Land Office map 1906; Progress of survey and subdivision, Idnian Territory 1896; map showing Indian Reservations within the limits of the US - 1889; and map of the Territory of New Mexic C 1895. All folded, very good to excellent condition. Four total in the lot.

Tombstone Arizona Checks (8)
Item number: 17639376 | Seven drawn on the Pima County bank in 1880 and 1881. one drawn on an early Pima County Bank. All endorsed with various payees. Two have Tucson A.T> replaced with stamp for Tombstone.

Billhead - "Benton Line" 1879
Item number: 17639134 | No 43 Benton Line (T.C. Power & Bro 83 Market St, Chicago) Via Northern Pacific Railroad and Bismark, D.T., to all points in Montana and Northwest Territory. Graphics depict steamship, "Bonded P Line" and trail. Contracting Offices in St Louis, N.Y, M.T., Iowa, St. Paul and Chicago are listed. Included in the lot is a waybill for the Benton and Billings Stage Company. 9x12" (billhead) and 8.5x11" (waybill)

Cabinet Card - Medicine Salesmen and Cures
Item number: 17639013 | Medicine salesman holding up their cures. Photo by Parker & Co. Kansas City, MO. Circa 1880s.

Messages of the President of the US
Item number: 17639255 | 30th Congress. 1st Session. Executive document No 69. To the House of Represenatives re: treaty with Mexico 1848. In English and Spanish by James K. Polk; and 30th Congress. Second session. Executive document No 5 re: treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1849 by James K. Polk. 74 pages and 82 pages. Minor foxing. 5.5x9"

Tombstone Arizona Checks (20)
Item number: 17639377 | All†drawn†on†Cochise†County†Bank,†Tombstone†A.T.†in†1880s.†Different†payees.†Endorsed. Included in the lot are ten Tombstone Safford, Hudson & Co bankers checks of the 1880s which are blank.†

1880 Cal Letter Re: Chain Gang Escapee
Item number: 17639135 | Handwritten from Woodland, Yalo C., Cal. March 2, 1880 to Officer Huthrow in San Francisco Re: George McDonald a chain-gang escapee. He is described in detail.†

Carte De Visite - Military School Student
Item number: 17639014 | Military School student - Dakota Territory - Circa 1870s. Photo by E.E. Gaylord - Brookings, Dakota.†

The Repot of the Gov of N.M. - 1900
Item number: 17639256 | 576 pages, nicely bound with gold lettering, with photographs.

Tombstone Unissued Stock Certificate 1881
Item number: 17639378 | For Tombstone Con'd Gold & Silver Mining Co, Cochise County, A.T.

Territory of New Mexico Subpoena C 1874
Item number: 17639136 | Issued to George Cook, trumpeteer B. Co, Fort Union and Charlie Jones, B. Co to appear in Socorro County to testify in a matter between the territory of New Mexico and John Anderson.

Photograph - Hospital Corpmen at Fort Gibson
Item number: 17639015 | Rare photo of hospital corpsmen at Fort Gibson, Indian Territory. 1888. Small hole in margin, left and right, which will be visible in the photo.

Disturnell's Treaty Map of the West 1847
Item number: 17639257 | The map that was part of the Guadalupe Hildago Treaty in Southwestern boundaries. Stagecoach Press, Santa Fe (1965) (reprint with pullout map)

1925 Photo Young Sharp Shooter
Item number: 17639379 | Wearing a holster for a left handed gunman. Hat has letters, Dallas visible. Upper right corner crease.

Indian Territory Alderman Declaration
Item number: 17639137 | Certificate of election held in the city of Chickasha, Southern District, April 1 1902 declaring Mr. W.H. Bright as winner of the election for Alderman having received the highest number of votes. Signed by Clerk, US Court, Southern District, Indian Territory with a seal of Court/Indian Territory. 8.75x11.5"

Cabinet Card - US Cavalryman C 1890s
Item number: 17639016 | U.S. Cavalryman at Fort Meade, South Dakota. Photo by Wimberly, circa 1890s.

Northwest Boundary of Texas 1902
Item number: 17639258 | By Marcus Baker; Dept of the Interiopr Bulletin of the US, geological survey No 194 with a map in the sleve inside back cover. 50 pages, nicely bound with gold lettering.

Laws Relating to Osage Tribe
Item number: 17639138 | Rare book, Laws Relating to the Osage Tribe of Indians, from May 18, 1824 to March 2, 1929 by Barney, Ralph A. The Osage Printy, Publishers, Davenport and Gilmore,. Pawhuska, Oklahoma, Copyright 1929. 112 pages.

Photographs - Army Mule and Wagons (2)
Item number: 17639017 | C 1890s. Quartermaster mules and wagons and carts of the US Army.

Northwest Coast of a N.A. Memoir
Item number: 17639259 | Historical and political memoir on the Northwest coast of North America and the adjacent territories; illustrations of a map and a geographical view of those countries. By Robert Greenhow, Feb 10 1840. Presented to 26th Congress, 1st Session, teh Senate. 174 pages. Foxing, some roughage to page edges, no cover.

Narratives of Indian Captivity
Item number: 17639139 | A bibliography of Indian captivities, a publication of the Newsberry Library. Narratives of captivity among the Indians of North America. A list of books and manuscripts on the subject in the Edward E. Ayer collection of the library. Included in the lot is seven and nine years among the Camanches and Apaches, an autobiography, published by Clark Johnson, M.D., 1873. Binding is rough.

Berg Photo Camp Scene C 1880s
Item number: 17639018 | Camp sceen with troop in formation. Photograph by J Berg, Grand Forks, Dakota with backstamp. C 1880s

Photo -1000 Mile Tree & Excursion Party
Item number: 17639019 | Union Pacific Railroad west from Omaha, Nebraska. Circa 1870s.

Eight Will Soule Indian Photographs
Item number: 17775400 | Will Soule C. 1869-1874. All eight in the lot are quality re-prints of original photos. All are titles and all are tribe attributed. Expensive double gallery mats and shrink wrapped. 6" x 8"

Seven Will Soule Indian Photographs
Item number: 17775401 | Will Soule C. 1869-1874. All seven in the lot are quality re-prints of original photos. All are titles and all are tribe attributed. Expensive double gallery mats and shrink wrapped. 6" x 8"

Two Tintypes. Black Men
Item number: 17775402 | A Ninth plate tintype of a middle aged black. This mid-chest tintype view of an 1860's African American male has some condition issues. Set in a brass mat. Included in the lot is a second sixth plate tintype of a black man

Statement of Expenses O.T.
Item number: 17775403 | Oklahoma Territory document signed by US Marshal Everett Nix. A preprinted one page 1894 document showing a charge of $116.00 to the US Marshal's office from the Daily Leader a newspaper in Guthrie. The document is signed at the bottom E.D. Nix as United States Marshal for the Territory of Oklahoma.

Neal Brown & Bill Dunn Document
Item number: 17775404 | Gunfighters Neal Brown and Bill Dunn together on the same document. Certification as a guard over Bill Dunn. A preprinted certification form dated February 25, 1895 from Pawnee, Oklahoma Territory. A printed title at the top is "United States Court in the Territory of Oklahoma" and states that "I have been employed and have acted two days as a guard over Bill Dunn, a US Prisoner in charge of Neal Brown, Deputy Marshal from Creek Nation to Pawnee, a distance of 75 miles and received $4.00 - my usual occupation is that of a farmer. Signed Chas. Marshal, Pawnee.

Western Scene after Bierstadt
Item number: 17775405 | "Sunset in the Yosemite Valley,1868" after a painting by Albert Bierstadt 1830-1902. On canvas. Giclee. Gallery framed.

Spanish Colonial Candlesticks(3)
Item number: 17775406 | Cast iron pricket type; 13in.-14in.

WWII Lot-General Lutes
Item number: 17775407 | From the estatate of LT. Gen. LeRoy Lutes. An army hat, trousers and a photograph. Gen. Lutes name embroidered in the trousers. 1937 West Point graduate

Primitive Bench
Item number: 17775408 | Cut out ends;

Railway Express Agency Sign
Item number: 17775409 | Heavy board; 14in. X 14in.

Wanted Poster Rube Jacobs C 1913
Item number: 17639380 | Wanted Poster for Rube Jacobs, conviced from Dallas County. Offense: Burglary. Escaped from Bassett-Blakely Farm, Fulshear, Texas. December 18th, 1913. Some typed print faint. 8x10"

Wells Fargo & Co. Receipts (5)
Item number: 17639381 | C 1910 cosignees receipts.

Constitution of the State of Texas
Item number: 17639260 | 29th Congress. 1st Session. Document No 16 to the House of Represenatives. message from the President of the US, a copy of the Constitution of the State of Texas. December 9, 1845 by James K. Polk. 28 pages.

Subpoena - Republic of Texas C 1845
Item number: 17639382 | Signed by McCullough. 1845

Dunn Massacres of the Mountains
Item number: 17639140 | A history of the Indian Wars of the Far West by J.P. Dunn, Illust. New York, Harper and Brothers, Franklin Square, 1886, First Edition. Pencil notation inside book, "Best single volume covering the subject" (Cornell Library label)

Message Re: Condition of Texas 1836
Item number: 17639261 | From the President of the US to the 24th Congress, 1st session, a message from Andrew Jackson, June 23rd 1836 regarding the condition of Texas. 23 pages.

Letter - Office of T. Goree 1883
Item number: 17639383 | Receipt for Prisoner, on the letterhead of the superindentent of state penitentiaries, Huntsville Texas. 1883.

Baylies, Francis - Northwest Coast of America
Item number: 17639141 | 19th Congress, 1st Session, House of Reps, Rep 123. Washington 1826. 22 pages.

Cabinet Card - Indian Pottery
Item number: 17639020 | Cabinet card of Indian potery from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the vicinity. Photo by G. Bennett circa 1870s.

Manitou Book by Denver & Rio Grand RR
Item number: 17639262 | With numerous photos and illustrations. 64 pages with soft covers. 6x8.25"

Fort Laramie, Wy. Military Paycheck
Item number: 17639384 | C. 1864

Baylies, Francis - Exploration of the Northwest Coast
Item number: 17639142 | 19th Congress, 1st Session, House of Reps, Rep 34. Washington 1826. 26 pages.

Photo - Navajo Damily at Fort Defiance, N.M
Item number: 17639021 | Photograph by T.H. O'Sullivan C 1870s. Entitled Expedition of 1878. Back stamp for War Department Corps of Engineers No 18... Fort Defiance, now unoccupied by Indians.

1858 Everett Lecture on America
Item number: 17639263 | The discover and colonization of America and immigration to the U.S., a lecture delivered by Edward Evertt in New York in June of 1853. Published in boston by Little, Brown & Co. 32 pages.

Liveriy Advertising Card
Item number: 17639385 | Virginia, Nevada. 1880s.

Memorial of the Chicksaws
Item number: 17639143 | Memorial of the Chicksaws relating to lands of the choctaw and Chickasaw Nations west of the ninety-eight meridian of west longitude. 51st Congress, 1st session, Senate Misc. Doc. No. 107. Washington, 1890, 26pages. 18 maps.

Stereoview Card - Howling Wolf C 1875
Item number: 17639022 | Warrior, artist, tribal leater, son of Minimic and famous ledger book artist. No. 11 card of Florida Views series.

Six Tombstone Wells Fargo Checks
Item number: 17639264 | All drawn on Pima County Bank, Tombstone Arizona in 1881 and payable to H.W. Titus (5) or Towle Bros (1) and endorsed at the back with stamp of Wells, Fargo & Co. Collection Dept. (six in the lot)

Wm.F. Bisbee Tombstone Check
Item number: 17639386 | Made out to Wm. F. Bisbee and endorsed, the namesake for Bisbee, Arizona C 1882. Drawn on the Cochise County Bank, Tombstone, Arizona.

Presidents Message Re: State Govt Cal. C. 1850
Item number: 17639144 | Resolution of the senate, calling for further information in relation to the formation of a state government in California; and also in relation to the condition of civil affairs in Oregon. Read May 22, 1850. Z. Taylor.

ALS Texas Ranger George Arrington
Item number: 17639023 | Signed letter from Texas Ranger Captain George W. Arrington, April 27th, 1882, responding to a letter from Col. A.C. Babcock about the lands he pruchased (lands were the beginning of the XIT Ranch). "Col A.C. Babcock, In reply to your question as to my knowledge of staked plains and the state capitol lands lately purchased by youl I will say that in my capacity as a Ranger, during the last three years, I have panned over your lands frequently and have always found sufficient water for all purposes and always found finest grass. I am fully satisfied that water can be got by digging at any point. The colony, in Lubbock, Co, have two good wells. The surface of the plains is not level as supposed by a great many, but rolling, with ridges and valleys; the asends being so gradula that is not noticed....." An extensive biographical re-print of Arrigton is included in the lot as is the history of the XIT Ranch presented from Texas Online.

Mining Rig Photograph
Item number: 17639265 | 4.5x6.5 on a larger 7x9" mount

L.G. Murphy& Co. Unused Check 1870s
Item number: 17639387 | Check of the famous faction of the Lincoln County War who were fought by Billy the Kid.

Message Re: Execution of Colonel Crabb
Item number: 17639145 | Washington, February 12, 1858. 84 pages. Henry Crabb and his associates conducted a filibustering expedition into Mexico in 1857, attempting to seize Sonora and Chihuahua. They were unsuccessful and executed by Mexican authorities. Many of the members of the Crabb party were prominent Western politicians. This report seeks to discern the particulars of their fate, and whether they were killed on American or Mexican soil.

Photograph - Street Scene in Bird City, Nebraska
Item number: 17639024 | Street City in Bird City, Nebraska c 1880s. The printing office and general store are scene along with townspeople.

1769 Philadelphia Pa Land Document
Item number: 17639266 | No 7522 thomas Gay application for 300 acres of land. April 1769. 4x8"

T. Connell Indian Trader Check
Item number: 17639388 | Made out to T. Connell - Indian Trader and Cattle Dealer. Darlington, I.T. 1872

Colorado Territory Document sgd by US Marshal (2)
Item number: 17639025 | Pre-printed 6x8" subpoena dated 1864 from Denver, Colorado Territory ordering a man to appear to court to testify in court case involving the US Government. Is signed on the verso by Bailey who served the subpoena. Is also signed on the front by US Commissioner James Hall. A US Commissioner was the highest law enforcement officers in a territory who worked directly for the government - the Marshals and other lawmen worked from the Commissioner. Comes with info on Bailey - warrants additional research on Hall. Also included in the lot is a preprinted 8x10" US Commissioners Complaint dated 1864 from Denver, Colorado Territory. The complaint is filed against a man who has a business but no business license. Is signed on the front by Bailey and US Commissioner James Hall.

Presidents Message: Treaty US and Mexico
Item number: 17639146 | Message from the President of the US, transmitting a copy of the treaty between the United States of America and the Republic of Mexico. June 21, 1884. Franklin Pierce.

Beyond the West Book C 1871
Item number: 17639267 | By George W. Pine, Herkimer, NY. With illustrations. 483 pages. An account of two years travel... on the plains, in the Orcky Mountains, and picturesque parks of Colorado, etc. Second edition. 1871 (cover as i)

Union Pacific Prospectus 1867
Item number: 17639389 | Prospectus booklet: The Union Pacific Railroad from Omaha, Nebraska across the continent making, with its connections, an unbroken line from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. 1867.

Sgd F. M. Canton Complaint
Item number: 17639026 | Territory of Wyoming criminal complaint. Vs. A.J. Rice filed by F.M. Canton for burglary and forcible entry. Entered in 1886 in the court of D.A. Savage. Signed F.M Canton and signed by D.A. Savage. A printed copy of "A Tale of Two Franks and a Pistol" by R. K. DeArment is included in the lot.

Black Hills Report - Secretary of the Interior C 1876
Item number: 17639147 | Letter from the Secretary of the Interior transmitting in answer to a Senate resolution of April 18, 1876, a copy of the report of Prof. Walter P. Jenney upon the agriculture, climate of resources of the Black Hills

The Report of the Govenor of Arizona C 1897
Item number: 17639268 | With photoraphs and pull-out maps. 360 pags. Nicely bound with gold lettering.

1818 Report of Daniel Boone's Death
Item number: 17639027 | As reported in the Niles' Weekly Register, Sept 18th 1818.

Photograph - Fraternal Group - Wyoming
Item number: 17639148 | Fraternal group, Cambria yoming. ALl identified on the back by name and rank, including former Mayors, Deadwood, Dakota. C. 1890s by Cambria phographer Geo R. Shane. The location of the photo is the fraternal hall. 8x10"

Annual Reports of the Territories C 1890
Item number: 17639269 | 268 pages. Includes Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming and a report of the Maritime Canal Co of Nicaragua.

Application for Revolutionary War Pension
Item number: 17639028 | Signed application for Revolutionary War Veteran's pension, St Clair's Regiment, Berks PA

Fort Benton M.T. 1878 Receipt
Item number: 17639149 | Received from T.C. Power and Bro. an order of tobacco at a contract rate. Graphics depict a train.

1821 Document Re: Washington's Bodyguard
Item number: 17639029 | Handwritten document ot New York Mayor's Court regarding the matter of the pension application for George Conselyea, a Revolutionary War soldier who was a lifeguard (bodyguard) to George Washington.

Sketch of Robert Clay Allison
Item number: 17775410 | Painted matte(stained). Victorian gilded fancy frame;

Mexican Embroidered Sombrero
Item number: 17775411 | Maker's emblem on the satin lining. Difficult to read

Cigar Humidor
Item number: 17775412 | Chrome bound milk glass cigar humidor 12"W. 15 3/4"D 12"H.

Indian Horn Rattle
Item number: 17775413 | Antler handle with braiding;

Wester Saddle ca. 1800
Item number: 17775414 | leather saddle

Spanish Colonial Pike
Item number: 17775415 | Wood handled. Iron mounted. Blade is 11 1/2"L. Overall Length 100"L

Fernando Salgado. Oil Painting. Indian
Item number: 17775416 | Oil on canvas, an Indian sgd. L.R. Fernando Salgado 37"H. x 24 1/2"W.

Wooden Boot Jack
Item number: 17775417 | 17"L

Wooden Cast Iron Mounted Apparatus
Item number: 17775418 | 39"L.

Three Victorian Oil Lanterns
Item number: 17775419 | Brass and Glass.

Merchant Business Cards 1860s
Item number: 17639390 | Selection of Old West business cards circa 1860s. Seven total in the lot.

Mining Merchant Scripts 1870s
Item number: 17639391 | $5, $10, and $20.

Emory's Notes of a Military Reconnoissance
Item number: 17639270 | From Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri to San Diego in California including parts of Akransas, Del Norte and Gila Rivers. By W.H. Emory. 1848. Presented to the 30th Congress, 1st session of the Senate. Executive document no. 7 with large folded map and illustrations.

US Postal Money Order
Item number: 17639392 | Second money order ever issued in Rapid City 1883. Leter says it was a gift in 1924 from a collecter.

Shipping receipt McEntire Co, Mo.
Item number: 17639150 | Shipping receipt from Joseph McEntire Forwarding and Commission Merchant (Agent for Missouri River Packets) for 80 barrels sent to Dakota City aboard the steamboat Mollie Dozier, Aug 10 1866 at a cost of $3.00 per barrel. Grpahic depicts the steamboat.

Speech on War Against Mexico 1846
Item number: 17639271 | Speech of Hon. L. Severance of Main on the war against Mexico. Bound in hard covers. Pages browned with light stain otherwise very good. Probably an off print for private distribution. Severance was a Whig Represenative. In this speech delivered on May 28, 1846 he argues that despite the benefits of a military academy, it tends to make the nation warlike. He favors a pending resolution of thanks to Gen. Taylor but condemns the war calling for immediate peace.

Immigrants' Guide to Kansas 1870s
Item number: 17639393 | An introduction to the fertile lands of Kansas for immigrants in the 1870s.

ALS Samuel Clarke Pomeroy (1816-1891)
Item number: 17639030 | Handwritten and signed by Pomeroy, the letter written from Washington, D.C. is in regard to a change in the Osage Agency Clarke was a Kansan fee - state advocate, US Senator and joined radicals in opposition to Lincoln. Biographical sketch included as is the original envelope in which the letter was sent.

Steamboat and Railroad Receipt for Whiskey
Item number: 17639151 | A receipt for whiskey sent via the steamboat War Eagle and then Northern Pacific Railroad August 9 1883. Graphic depicts steamboat. Some staining, margin deflect - will be visible int he photo.

Red Rock Mining & Milling Certificate
Item number: 17639272 | Shows Dayton Graham to be the owner of two shares of one hundred dollars in the company. Framed. 8x9"

Original Corset Box
Item number: 17639394 | From Crow Creek Montana Territory

Three Western Tintypes
Item number: 17639031 | Including one of a man with his gun and draped flags as part of the background and two others.

Fort Bridger Document C 1880
Item number: 17639152 | Handwritten from North Fork, Wyoming June 18 1880, "Dear Judge, I have just come in from the round up... I left Themon Beaver... I have found eight head of your cattle... Edmone found PIntoe between South _____ and Pacific Springs with two horses that we thought was stolen... I offered a reward of five dollars to anyone that would bring him in... Yours Best Jacob Price"

Photograph - "Poker Alice"
Item number: 17639273 | "Poker Alice" dealing Faroback at Bella Union Saloon (where Wild Bill was killed by Jack McCall) in Deadwood, Dakota. Recessed stamp for Peterson Studios, Lead, So. Dak. 8x10" on larger mount.

The Tombstone Epitaph (3)
Item number: 17639395 | June 17, 1881; May 28th 1881 and May 29th 1881. Deacidified by Jim Lyons - 1995. This folder is made of polyester for long term preservation. Call Gurnseys for a list of what is contained in these three papers.

Document Sgd by Isabella I Spain C 1499
Item number: 17639032 | Daughter of John II, King of Castile, her marriage to Ferdinand of Aragon united the crowns of Castile and Aragon and helped begin Spain's ascent to greatness. She was the patroness of Christopher Columbus, whose project had been neglected by the King.

Young Klondike Publications (3)
Item number: 17639153 | Young Klondike, Stories of a Gold Seeker. Three copies of this twice a month New York Frank Tousey Publication boasting handsomely colored covers. April 26, 1899; August 31 1898 and February 15 1899. 32 Page editions. Three in the lot.

Catching a Horse Thief CDV
Item number: 17639274 | Written in ink on the card "Hanging a horse thief, Denver" though scene in the albumen photo is several men on horsetrack with guns drawn on a man laying on the ground. (1870-1880s) 2.5x3.75"

Important Tombstone Epitaphs (3)
Item number: 17639396 | October 18, 1880; May 13th, 1882 and May 20th, 1882. Deacidified by Jim Lyons - 1995. This folder is made of polyester for long term preservation. May 13th 1882 issue contains a quantity of anti-cowboy news. Call Gurnseys for a list of what is contained in these three papers.

Letter Sgd by King Ferdinand V C 1476
Item number: 17639033 | Letter signed by King Ferdinand V of Spain in 1476. Ferdinand was the husband of Isabella, and together with her, the patron of Christopher Columbus.

Fort Wadsworth Dakota Expedition
Item number: 17639154 | Monthly return of Clothing Camp and Garrison Equipment issued June 1864, Ft Ridgely, Minnesota, 30th Wis Vol Inf "Forces enroute to Fort Wadsworth DT" 8pages printed ink 8x100, signed by major John Clowney.

Saloon License Boulder, M.T. 1881
Item number: 17639275 | Montana Territory license.

Important Tombstone Epitaphs (3)
Item number: 17639397 | September 4th, 1880; December 4th 1881 and December 2nd 1881. Deacidified by Jim Lyons - 1995. This folder is made of polyester for long term preservation. Information regarding Sheriff Earp, Lily Langtree, John Clum . Call Gurnseys for a list of what is contained in these three papers.

Nevada Autograph Adventurer Marshall Bond
Item number: 17639034 | A 3x8" check dated 1905 and issued by the St Ives Gold Mining & Miling Co in Goldfield, Nevada. Has black on white printing with the mining company name printed on the left boarder. Is signed at the bottom "Marshall Bond" and his brother "L.W. Bond." The check is attached to a larger issued and signed voucher that the check was written for. Both are in fine condition. The lot includes a biographical sketch of Bond.

Montana Cattle Brands Registration
Item number: 17639155 | April 30, 1902. Helena, Montana

Photograph Wild Bill Hickok
Item number: 17639276 | Dakota Studios, Deadwood stamp en verso. On a larger mount.

Important Tombstone Epitaphs (3)
Item number: 17639398 | November 17th, 1881; November 11th, 1881 and May 12, 1882. Deacidified by Jim Lyons - 1995. This folder is made of polyester for long term preservation. These issues include tesitmony of Ike Clanton, testimony of Wyatt Earp and John Behan information. One issue outlines the Epitaph's position in favor of the democratic party. Call Gurnseys for a list of what is contained in these three papers.

John C Fremont Signature C 1868
Item number: 17639035 | One thousand dollar bond certificate for Southern Trans-Continental Railroad, Texas Division from Jefferson to El Paso. 4th section of 20 miles No 34, the Memphis, El Paso and Pacific Railroad. Signed on the reverse.

XIT Ranch and Capt. John Hughes
Item number: 17639156 | Two pieces dated Nov 25, 1893, at El Paso, Texas. The first being a certificate of inspection of 6 horses, 5 branded with XIT on left hip and one with LX on left hip, sold by the Freehold Cattle Co. with a note that they will be drive to state rangers at (?) Texas. The other is a statement sent to Capt. Hughes that the horses have been inspected. Both pieces signed by Julian Alarcon and G.M. Gaither.

Town of Albuquerque Land Claim 1884
Item number: 17639277 | Executive Document No 56 to the Senate, 1st Session, January 15 1884. Report of the Surveyor General of New Mexico on the private land claim of the town of Albuquerque. 24 pages, folding map documents, the grant gives a good picture of the area just as the railroad arrived.

Important Tombstone Epitaphs (3)
Item number: 17639399 | September 20th, 1881; January 1st, 1882 and January 26th, 1882. Deacidified by Jim Lyons - 1995. This folder is made of polyester for long term preservation. "President Garfield is Dead" as well as infomation about Mayor John Clum and John Behan. Call Gurnseys for a list of what is contained in these three papers.

Spanish Surrender - Santiago Dispatch
Item number: 17639036 | July 16 1898. To Admiral Sampson from General Nelson A. Miles "There appears to be a little delay in the full surrender of the Santiago garrison, which I attribute more to the formalities than anything else...."

Stealing Horses Charge C 1890
Item number: 17639157 | Nov 19 1890, Oklahoma Territory. Pay for witnesses in the case of 5 men tried for stealing horses. Signed by N.P. Meadows, US COmmissioner, Territory of Oklahoma. H.L. and J.E. Leibrandt, the wtinesses and William Grimes, US Marshal.

Photograph US Cavalry Soldier
Item number: 17639278 | African American US Cavalry soldier identified at the back as Jerry (not discernible), Junction City, Kansas. On a larger mount.

Letter Re: Testimony Aaron Burr Case
Item number: 17639037 | Handwritten letter of cavalry hero, Jol J.B. Walbach dated August 1807 in which he stated, "I have last evening received a subpoena by order of the President of the US to attend at Richmond as am evidence for the US in the case of Aaron Burr." Walbach was aide de camp to Alexander Hamilton. A compy of Walbach biographical sketch is enclosed.

Assault with Intent to Kill Document
Item number: 17639158 | June 11, 1895, First Dist of Oklahoma Territory. Affidavit signed by John Huff, who says that WM Blackwell did.. "commit an assault with intent to kill William Smith with a revolver..." Also signed by J.G. Sanderson US Commissioner.

Photograph 1899 Havana Cuba & a Second
Item number: 17639279 | Photographed by Waterman of Chicago. The second photograph without markers.

African American Tintypes (4)
Item number: 17639038 | 1/6 plate tintype, seatled gentleman; 1/6 plate tintype woman with cross and cameo; 1/6 plate woman full length standing portrait in Sunday's best; 1/6 plate full length man's portrait. All are 1800s.

Larceny in Oklahoma Territory Document
Item number: 17639159 | Feb 5, 1897, Oklahoma Territory. Expense account for Heck Thomas (not signed) and two posse members, B. Mellon and George Davis, who have traveld 262 miles to apprehend Robert Boggs and Henry Clark who are charged with larceny.

Texas Promissory Note C 1878
Item number: 17639039 | Promissory note, Stephensville, Texas January 14th, 1878. W.F. Carpenter promises to pay Aaron H Bean $100 for 160 acres of land on 1/14/1879. Involves section of J.C. Corbin 640 acre survey (Texas Revolution Land Grant). Interest rate 10%. This was a period of rapid growth in Erath County, Texas, as the railroad came in 1879. 8 3/8x6 7/8"

Photograph: Riding School, Right Point!
Item number: 17775420 | Stain at top; 8in. X 10in.

Beaded Leather Cartridge Box
Item number: 17775421 | Bronze medallion with eagle. Beadwork trim; 4in. H. x 7in. L.

Apache Basket Jug with Overlay
Item number: 17775422 | Basketweave vessel with crystallizing overlay. 13 1/2"H.

Wyatt Earp Shirt Collar Box
Item number: 17775423 | Wyall Earp engraved silver plaque adorns the collar box. Black alligator skin textured box is in poor condition. No bottom(as is); 5.5in. H. x 7.5in. D.

Western Union Telegraph Kit (No pistol)
Item number: 17775424 | Wooden Western Union Telegraph Field Survey Drafting Kit with fitted interior. Kit contains: a Kueffel & Esser Co. NY sliding ruler in leather case; tape measure; wooden ruler; ink; weighted pendulum drop on string; screwdriver; a Huey & Philip drafting kit (as is condition) and a brass instrument by Bunnell & Co. NY. Exterior of box has brass sight instrument and compass. Brass Lock. Leather Strap. Please note: The pistol is not included in the lot. 16-3/4" x 8" x 6"

Spanish Colonial Panel
Item number: 17775425 | Elaborate carved wood,gilded and painted panel with a high relief Santos on a shelf. (some paint & wood loss. 80:H. x 23"W.

Leather Western Saddle
Item number: 17775426 | Embossed. No visible makers marks. One wooden stur-up has been reinforced with tin can pieces.

Two(2) Western Saddles
Item number: 17775427 | Embossed decorations

Western Saddle
Item number: 17775428 | mbossed leather saddle

Wooden and Cast Iron Washer
Item number: 17775429 | Marked Toy Columbia Washer. Has a Kendall County Fair ribbon from Boerne, Texas. 18 1/2" H.

General Crook Indian War Orders
Item number: 17639280 | Headquarters Department of the Platte Omaha, Nebraska. July 22, 1882, General Orders re: Changes in command, movement of troops during the Indian Wars by General Crook. Double matted and shrink wrapped.

Texas Navy Certificate C 1841
Item number: 17639160 | Issued by the city of Austin, Treasury Department April 23 1841. "The last Naval Appropriate being inadequate to satisfy the claims of the officers, sailors and Marines of the Texian Navy, the holder of this certificate, or his assignee, will be entitled to twenty five dollars upon its presentation at the Treasury, out of the first Appropriation made by Congrass to meet said claims." Signed in ink by the comptroller and the treasurer and endorsed at backside.

Cabinet Card Ben Holladay
Item number: 17639281 | Proprietor of Overland Stage Line. 4x7"

The Gentleman's Magazine Sept 1752
Item number: 17639040 | London September 1752. It is rare to find illustrations of American buildings in this famous British magazine, and certainly a very uncommon opportunity to find this issue with a full page plate of, "A view of the State House in Philadelphia" still bound into the September issue.

Large Format Photo "Iron Cloud"
Item number: 17639161 | 10x13" full view portrait of Iron Cloud striking a dignified pose with his arms crossed and his head turned to the side looking upward. He wears otter skin hair ornaments, a plaid shirt, bone tribal breast plate and a beaded wrap around blanket. Over imprint "Heyn the Photographer"

Tintype - Deputy Sheriff C.H. Farnsworth
Item number: 17639282 | The peacekeeper became, for a short term, an Arizona Ranger.

Land Agreement Railroad Co Nebraska
Item number: 17639041 | Preprinted land agreement between Nebraska Land Department of Burlington and Missouri River Railroad Co in Nebraska and Bowers Brothers to purchase 160 acres at $10 an acre over ten years in Lancaster Co. (Lincoln area). On the rever is shown how Bowers Bros made four payments but no more. Interesting piece involving railroad land sales. 16x10.5"

Four Western Tintypes
Item number: 17639162 | All are 2x3"

Public Hanging Notice
Item number: 17639283 | For train robber Thomas "Blackjack" Ketchum "..will be hanged by the neck until dead April 25th, 01 at jailyard gallows, Clayton, N.M.

Abstract of Title Oklahoma Territory
Item number: 17639042 | Lots 30, 31, 32 in Block 55, Lexington Chreland County. Territory of Oklahoma complied by E.J. Keller, Dec 1899. A handwritten history of keller is included. 8.5x27.5"

State of Texas Gambling Charge
Item number: 17639163 | State of Texas vs. Ab Phillips, October 20, 1886 gambling charge document filed by Jas. G. Storey, clerk, Hays County, State of Texas. Witnessed by Dave and John Fry and Judge Wm. Blackshear.

Telegram John McLoud Gutherie O.T. C 1890s
Item number: 17639043 | To R.E. Campbell Shawnee, O.T., McLoud talks about his cases at Guthrie (the Territorial Capital)and wants a report on twonsite matter. Mcloud who ran the legal department of the Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad was also in the real estate business. A town in the O.T. was named after him.

Burlington Kansas Bond
Item number: 17639164 | Bond of Burlington Township $500, County of Coffey, Kansas 1872. Endorsed by George F. Baker.

Rare Tintype - Cowgirl with Mirror
Item number: 17639285 | Unusual small tintype is a rear view of a cowgirl in a skirt and ten gallon hat looking into a mirror. Butterfield and Butterfield label.

1901 Letter De L Beman to J.A. Everest
Item number: 17639044 | Beeman was the editor of The McLoud Sunbeam, the local newspaper and this correspondence is on McLoud sunbeam stationary (2 colors). Part of the letter is in response to a request to publish a land proof. Beeman also talks business and politics. He is afraid Everest (a prominent lawyer in the O.T. ) is "working against him" on the publication business. Beeman wants to be on friendly terms and can throw a lot of work to Everest. Beeman is running a Republican paper in the very nest of Democracy and expects Republicans to help him.

John Clum Epilogue, Photo and Book
Item number: 17639165 | An epilogue to Apache Agent by Woodworth Clum signed "To John D. Gilchreise with all good wishes - from the granddaughter of John P. Clum, †Marjorie Clum Parker" "Years hurried by, John P. Clum, hale, hearty and happy, was approaching his eightieth birthday.... when some grey-haired compadre from the Indian country dropped in for refreshment and gossip..." A fascinating account of Clum's return to San Carlos and environs. Included in the lot is a photo of Clum and a book, Apache Agent, The Story of John Clum, also by Woodworth Clum and signed by the author, with illustrations. Boston. Houghton Mifflin & Co. The Riverside Press. Cambridge. 1936. 2.5x4.24" (photo) and 6x9" (epilogue)

Letter from Indian Agent to N.P. Railroad
Item number: 17639286 | On the letterhead of US Indian Agent for the Payallup, Nesqually and other Indian tribes. Content has to do with informing the railroad of a man selling railroad land fraudently to the Indians. Written from Olympia, W.T. 1878.†

Silver City Idaho Letter C 1892
Item number: 17639045 | Written by John Keegan to Geo. E. [Boos?] regarding subscriptions for a newspaper. "...cannot get to the mines because of snow. Miners cannot haul ore so mines are idle... Capt Plumber has gone to Helena and Keegan wants Plumber told that Keegan is going to put out a book on Idaho. Thinks Silver City will be a fine camp and Plumber should give $1000 for write-up" On stationary of the Idaho Hotel - greate letter from a remote mining area in Southwestern Idaho. Comes withan exterior and interior view of hote when letter was written. Man lsited as proprietor on stationary appears in the photographic copy.

Wated Notice San Mateo County C 1897
Item number: 17639166 | $250 reward for suspect James Willet in the murder of C.A. Andrews at Baden, Nov 17 1897. Willet was listed as being a Salvationist. Marked in pencil, "Captured". 5.25x8.5"

1878 Ticket to an Ohio Hanging
Item number: 17639287 | "Admit the bearer... execution of Edward Webb, May 31 1878. James Ritchie, sheriff Richland County, Ohio.."

Protest Speech Against Kansas Slavery
Item number: 17639046 | Speech of Hon. Charles Sumner on the Night of the Passage of the Kansas and Nebraska Bill. In Senate of the United States, May 25, 1854. Final protest, 8 pg printed booklet with soft covers.

Tombstone Arizona 1896 ALS Re: Elections
Item number: 17639167 | On Tombstone, Cochise Co, Arizona letterhead dated Sept, 28 1896. A handwritten letter, "I am about to annnounce myself a candidate to start in with the 'for Christ's sake" Remember me to the boys.. yours sincerly Allen English. Later, it states "Scott White says he desires, also your assistance" At back, a form better between the gentleman. Scott White became the Sheriff of Cochise County.

Photograph Montana Street Scene C 1880s
Item number: 17639047 | A Main St photograph depicting the bank and stores, dozens of people and more than thirty horse drawn carriages

Scott White ALS Tombstone 1893
Item number: 17639168 | On the letterhead of Scott White, Sheriff of Cochiese County dated at Tombstone, Arizona June 10, 1893 to Mr. Meade, "I returned from Yuma today... and found your letter containing appointment as Deputy US Marshall... Thank you for the confidence and trust.. I took the oath of office this evening... Very truly, Scott White"

Tombstone Arizona Checks (10)
Item number: 17639048 | All drawn on the Cochiese County Bank. All 1880s. All matted and shrink wrapped. Some with staining and wear which may be visible in the photos. Four with Wells Fargo backstamps. Ten total in the lot.

Hall of Cochise Lodge Checks - Tombstone (2)
Item number: 17639169 | Sept 7 and 14, 1886. Hall of Cochise Lodge, No. 5.I.O.O.F. check, one for supplies and one for sick benefits. Signed by two members, with seal of the lodge. Two in the lot. 3.5x7.25"

Tombstone Arizona Checks (9)
Item number: 17639049 | All drawn on the Cochiese County Bank. All 1880s. All matted and shrink wrapped. Some with staining and wear which may be visible in the photos. Signers identified at the back as to their role in Tombstone. Nine total in the lot.

Loop Seat Saddle, C. 1840's
Item number: 17775430 | California loop seat saddle, C. 1840's

Office of US Stage Co. ALS
Item number: 17639290 | With letterhead depicting the Stage Junction, 1881. re: drivers. Sgd H.A. Billings.

White River Colorado Orders 1881
Item number: 17639170 | Headquarters Camp on White River, Colorado - orders for officer of the day, US Cavalry 1881. Re: Thompson named was 6th Infantry signed Corps member; Captain Wm. Badger was a member of the 6th Infantry. Handwritten.

1888 Receipt with US Mail Stage
Item number: 17639291 | Receipt on letterhead of J&J Haycraft, livery and feed stables, decipting a US Mail Stagecoach.

Tombstone and Safford Checks (3)
Item number: 17639050 | 1882 Tombstone receipt, Charles Soloman with a backstamp for Cochise County Bank, Tombstone A.T. Sept 20, 1882. Included in the lot are two blank Tombstone checks of Safford, Hudson and Co Bankers (Friend of the Earps). Shrink wrapped, matted and framed.

Lincoln N.M. 1888 Letter
Item number: 17639171 | To Friend Cotrell re: delegates named to convention (named) "We have a little wrangle over resolution" "We succeeded in having the delegation vote for you..." "Would like you to meet us at Santa Fe" Signed George Curry. 2 pages. The lot includes an 1872, Colorado: A statement of Facts prepared and published by authority of the Territorial Board of Immigration.

Overland Mail ALS 1865
Item number: 17639292 | Re: telegraphic order to pay Wells Fargo " this order drawn for coins or greenbacks? ...In a word, give us some clue as to the nature of this transaction so I may act intelligently in the matter" Signed H.J. Rumfield, Agent

Handwritten Letter Army Doctor A.T.
Item number: 17639051 | Pennsylvania Army Doctor in Arizona Territory - letter written by Dr. Josephus Williams of Stroudsburg, Monroe County, PA at Camp Wallen, A.T. - Nov 1867 to a Mrs. John Kunkel - Harrisburg, PA. With Original envelope in which the letter was sent. A biographical sketch of Dr. Josephus Williams is included in the lot.†

Indian Agent and Marshal Photo - Indian Territory
Item number: 17639172 | A sage Indian Agent and Deputy Marshal in the Indian Territory. A scene with many people, horses and wagons.

American Express 1860s Stock Certificates
Item number: 17639293 | Two shares. Included in the lot is a second stock certificate, American Mercants Claim Express Company, seventy five shares, 1869.

Carte De Visite of Indian Brave
Item number: 17639052 | With head feathers and catlinite pipe. C 1860s.

Wyoming Territory 1888 Letter
Item number: 17639173 | "We have just passed Larimee... it seems to have broad streets and some churches.. we could hear the bells ringing.. the altitude is about 8000 feet... we are nearing Sherman. The highest point on the Rockies." US Letter sheet sent to San Jose. Handwritten.

Butterfield's Overland Despatch Document
Item number: 17639294 | 1865. Articles of agreement. Exhibit C re: the formation of Butterfield's Overland Despatch "by the founders marked in pen, "this is the paper, exhibit on document referenced to by William Martin in his examination as the paper marked exhibit C~. May 22, 1879 and signed by Nathaniel B Cook and Frances Lawton, court recorder.

Bedford County Land Speculation Deed
Item number: 17639053 | C 1794, an early land speculation deed from Bedford County in Pennsylvania. 400 acres for 5 shillings.

1859 Letter Re: Cattle Found
Item number: 17639174 | Writte from the Justice of the Peace office in Precinct No. 4, Grant Co. New Mexico on Jan 25, 1859 to J. K. Houston, Esquire, Probate Judge, Grant Co. The letter is in regard to found cattle adn the belief that there are not enough horses to bring them in. Asking for guidance. Excellent content.

Wells Fargo Letters Re: Lulu, prostitute
Item number: 17639295 | Missoula, Montana. June 17, 1911. Typed letter re: Lulu St Lewis.. "I am unable to locate the above party, also have gone over the police register as all are on that On Hand Book and nothing.." Pencil note: "You will find this party in the red light district"

Ohio Legal Document C 1810
Item number: 17639054 | Ohio (Warren County and Clinton County) document, indictment, etc in a rape case. Five documents total in the lot.

Belgian Guild Copy of Colt SAA
Item number: 17639175 | Copy of a Colt Single Action Army revolver

Heyn Photo - Ground Spider - Ogalla Sioux
Item number: 17639296 | Platinum print photo of Sioux warrior in large feathered headdress, bearskin mirroed cross-belt, red neckerchief beaded vest, wraparound blanket, dark shirt and wrist bangles. Knee-up seated view. 7x9"

Photographs - Indians (2)
Item number: 17639055 | One photograph is Indians on horseback in front of teepees and the other a caravan of Indians on horseback leaving a wedding ceremony.

Sharps & Hawkins Model 1861 Navy Rifle
Item number: 17639176 | Model 1861 Navy rifle

Tintype - Three Firemen
Item number: 17639297 | Sharp CDV size tintype photo of three firemen wearing what appears to be thick red flannel shirts with buttoned flap panel front.

Colt Revolver Pistol -Fitted Case
Item number: 17859397 | Colt 1849 pocket revolver. 4" barrel. All serial numbers matching. Presentation 31 calibre colt pistol in a fitted case presented to John B. Johns by the Zion College in Winnsboro, S. C. for his election. Words engraved in a map of Texas. Included is a gun powder flask and accessories including a tin with percussion caps. Also included is a Texas Rangers badge of John B. Johns. Checkered wooden grips, left panel has American eagle and shield carving. Right panel has S. C. state plaque. Strong case coloring on frame and loading lever. Excellent condition. Gun sold for $16,000 in the July auction and is being resold for account.

Photograph - Navajo Summer Hogan by Gilpin
Item number: 17639056 | "Navajo Summer Hogan" by Laura Gilpin. Meridian Gravure - 1930's postcard. Published by Gilpin Publishing Co. Colorado Springs.

Revolutionary War Officer's Pistol
Item number: 17639177 | Flintlock Pistol. Barrel has a long inscription at the breech and is marked "Chinelli" on the oval shaped lock. All mountings are of polished iron and in excellent condition. Very early style. C. 1760-1770 manufacture. A primary Revolutionary War example having a large buttcap and long side straps. Slightly flared barrel. The dark, hardwood stock is also in excellent condition with silver engraving. Mechanically good and complete with a possibly replaced wooden rammer.

Cowboy Photographic Postcards (16)
Item number: 17639298 | Studio poses, simulated bar fight, candid gambling on a back porch, the "Annie Oakley" type cowgirl. A great representation of the genre.

Photographs - Colorado C 1880 (2)
Item number: 17639057 | View of Leadville by Leadville Photographer, Brisbois, and Evergreen Lake, Colorado, also by Brisbois. The lot includes biographical information on Leadville and Evergreen. 6x10"

Remington "Smoot" 32 Calibre C. 1875
Item number: 17639178 | Of Cripple Creek Assay Office. Small note inside left grip: W. H. Abbott 2nd & Carr Cripple Creek. According to Cripple Creek Mining Museum, H. Abbott was the District Assayer in 1893-1894 . Probable reason for the pistols rough external finish may have been exposure to the various assay chemicals such as Mercury, Arsenic, Cyanide etc.

Sioux Chief Medicine Bear
Item number: 17639299 | Stereoview of Sioux Chief Medicine Bear seated with otter skin headdress and holding eagle wing. Spots on image. C 1860s.

1858 Remington Caplock Revolver
Item number: 17859399 | Perhaps a well made Italian copy

Photograph - Alvardo, Texas C 1870s
Item number: 17639058 | Freight wagons on the streets of Alvardo, Texas. A history of Alvardo is included in the lot. 8x10"

Stevens New Model Pocket Rifle
Item number: 17639179 | †Second Issue. 22 Calibre rim fire. Complete with detachable shoulder stock. C. 1910. Vernier site missing. Condition Very good to excellent

Texas Ranger A.Y. Old Letter - 1897
Item number: 17639059 | Handwritten letter signed A.Y. Old. State Ranger on letterhead of Co. E. State Rangers dated Oct 1st 1897. The letter is in regard to jury fees "If I am justly due this feel, I want it; otherwise I do not. A transcript of the whole letter is enclosed.

Sharps 4BBL 32 Rim Fire Pistol
Item number: 17639180 | Sinew sewn and beaded holster. Reportedly taken by Shefiff Chas. A. Shibell after a row on Sept. 12, 1879. Arizona Historical Society label in the display box.

Photograph - Stillwater Prison, Minnesota
Item number: 17639060 | Home of the James/Younger Gangs. Photograph of Stillwater Prison, a Minnesota State Prison, circa 1900. Biographical sketch included in the lot.

Springfield Model 1873 Trap Door
Item number: 17639181 | 45-70 calibre. U.S.S. on buttstock. Silver man on the moon inlay on both sides. Star with A. S. engraved on the wrist. Silver barrel band under forearm. †Gun of Al Sieber, Chief of Scouts, Apache Wars

Indian Letter 1867
Item number: 17639061 | Autographed letter sgd by H.P. Denver, 4 pages. June 28th, 1867, from Omaha Nebrask to former Union Brigadier General Thomas Ewing Jr. Nice content in regard to feeding the sioux.

Belgian Single Shot Trap door †Rifle
Item number: 17639182 | †32 calibre. Ivory inlay in stock says "Grandpa got this from Apache kid when he was in Arizona, 1880's" †carved outline of the sun with brass tack arrow decoration pointing towards it.

American Revolution Document C 1778
Item number: 17639062 | Partially printed document signed by Henry Sheffer, 24 mo, Lancaster County, Pa. May 29th, 1778.

Springfield 1873 Trap Door Saddle Ring Carbine
Item number: 17639183 | 45 Govt. calibre U. S. S. markings in brass tacks (Stock cracked, repaired with brass tacks and saddle cloth)

Revolutionary War Pension C 1776
Item number: 17639063 | Revolutionary War Pennsylvania Indian Expedition, pension for NYC veteran with detailed account of his service.

Percussion Rifle Hudson Bay Company
Item number: 17639184 | †Trade Rifle Hudson Bay Company Plaque on stock. † With gratitude, for Exploration and Enterprise, to Cree Chief Wunknahpah . 75 calibre Smoothbore . Swamped barrel. † Working condition

Photograph - Indian War Soldiers C 1880s
Item number: 17639064 | Group of Indian War period soldiers out west. No I.D. Circa 1880s.

Retiand & Co. Percussion Rifle
Item number: 17639185 | 54 Calibre †

1866 Ranching Letter
Item number: 17639065 | From Big Thompson Colorado., dated July 10th, 1866. Written by a lonely wife to her husband, she expresses anger and concern about why she hasn't heard from him. Lot includes the original envelope the letter was sent in. 6 pages

Merwyn & Hulbert Revolver
Item number: 17639186 | ††44 calibre W. C. F. † Serial Number 606737. †In a leather holster with bead tack decorations and an applied high relief brass eagle. †Bead work band. Brass plaque reading "U. S.Army Indian Scout Interpreter, Fort Lyon, Colorado

Tombstone & Patagonia Postal Cover
Item number: 17639066 | Tombstone and Patagonia Express 1884-85 postal cover. Sent to Miss Lulu Charm at The Bird Cage, Tombstone, Arizona Territory.

Manhattan Fire Arms Co. Pistol
Item number: 17639187 | Manhattan Fire Arms Co. Brooklyn, New York †Serial Number 21890 Tack decorated wooden grips (one grip with wood loss, will be visible in photo)

Binder of Texas Documents (55)
Item number: 17639067 | Includes American Livestock Insurance Co of Beaumont, Texas $900.00 livestock policy C 1907; Living Together in Adultery warrant C 1877; receipts for cattle 1878 and other goods receipts; branding receipt 1879 "fifteen dollars for one horse branded H on shoulder" and others. The album contains 55+ handwritten Texas documents, varying counties, all 19th century.

Smith and Wesson 1 1/2 †Revolver
Item number: 17639188 | †Smith and Wesson 1 1/2 revolver. †3 †1/2" barrel . Nickel plate. 32 rim fire long calibre. † grips. Marked W F & Co. 67151 on the barre.

Spanish Colonial Dagger in Sheath
Item number: 17639068 | Engraved silver, leather sheath holds knife with silverplated engraved handle and stopper. †13 1/4"L.

Merwyn & Hulbert Revolver
Item number: 17639189 | †Serial Number 6872. 7 1/2. Ivory grips. † †Included in the lot is an Apache †bead decorated holster and a cartridge belt.

Four Spanish Colonial Knives
Item number: 17639069 | 16 1/2"L to 11"L.

Percussion Rifle
Item number: 17639190 | †69 Calibre. Carbine. 23" barrel. †Percussion Smooth bore. Indian owned. Brass tack decoration patterns throughout stock. Three painted cross like decorations at the top. C. S. is carved in the off side of the buttstock. †Hand forged mounts.

Spanish Colonial Saddle
Item number: 17639070 | Silver and jewel decorated. 22" back to front

Percussion Rifle
Item number: 17639191 | 50 calibre. Octagonal barrel. Silver patch box. Brass tack surround. Gold fabric perhaps from epaulets decorate the stock. Iron fore end. No markings except E.REM. on side barrel flat

Officer's Spontoon 18th C. to 19th C.
Item number: 17639071 | Wooden Handle. †Reticulated shaped blade. †Iron mounts to the wooden handle for stability. †79"L

1873 Springfield Trap Door Rifle
Item number: 17639192 | Trap Door conversion. Indian owned. 50 calibre. Two band. Brass tacks throughout stock. Swivel missing. Cleaning rod/ramrod missing. †U. S. markings

Spanish Colonial Pike
Item number: 17639072 | Wood handled. Iron mounted. †Blade is 11 1/2"L. †Overall Length 100"L

1873 Springfield Trap Door Rifle
Item number: 17639193 | Trap Door Conversion Rifle. Two band. 50 Govt. calibre. Inspector's cartouche under receiver on stock. U.S. marking on buttplate. Brass tacks on buttstock. Indians "on the attack" †carved etchings on both sides. Fair condition

Three Antique Swords
Item number: 17639073 | One with a striated ivory handle; one with a hand forged handle and one with wire wrappings (loose and coming apart)

1862 Rifle
Item number: 17639194 | †50 Calibre. 26" Barrel. Percussion lock. Mounted with a tin and copper "powder horn" at the side reading "A present for Eric Sjorlin Northfield,1862". †Ramrod present. Wood shrinkage around lock. Cock as is. Pin missing from front of lock. Some pitting around breech near nipple otherwise fair condition.40 1/2" L.

Tintype of An Auction
Item number: 17639074 | 4"H. x 5 †1/2"W

New Mexico Cattle Sale C 1898 & Letterhead C 1900
Item number: 17639195 | Preprinted 8x14" document dated 1898 from Cimarron showing the sale of 529 cows and 30 bulls branded V4 and 4V on right shoulder and right neck or V on left hip. The herd was sold for over $12,000 - quite a large cattle transaction. Signed at the bottom with an "acknowledgement" attached. Also included in the lot is a handwritten Fred Burch letter dated 1903 from Clayton, N.M. to a Great Falls, Montana man about picking up Yearlings. Four items total in the lot.

McKinley & Hobart Campaign Badge
Item number: 17639075 | McKinley & Hobart 1896 'Protection, Reciprocity, Soun Money" with a photograph of Maj. Wm. McKinley at the center below crossed flags. Framed †8 1/2"H.

Sheriff's Bond 1886
Item number: 17639196 | Sheriffs Bond for Tascosa, Texas 1886

Tintype †Cavalry Soldier
Item number: 17639076 | 4" x 2 3/8"

Raw Furs Skins Letters & Price List
Item number: 17639197 | The 1886-87 price list for Wolf, Becker & Co, for prime well-handled skin includes thirty varities. The handwritten letters are from W.F. Sheard, Livingston, Montana. 1892. Three items in the lot.

7th Cavalry "Stencil" or Plate
Item number: 17639077 | Lead or iron numbers within a "wooden form" used to †possibly identify pistol crates or rifle boxes. Brass handle at the top . Plate above it reads in script "U.S. Army 7th Cavalry, Troop H. Ft. Abraham Lincoln , D. T. †18"L. x 10"W

Horace Greeley Photo, Signature & Book
Item number: 17639198 | The lot includes a photo of Greeley, a signature "Yours, Horace Greeley". Also included in the lot is a book: Horace Greeley decently Dissected, in a Letter on Horace Greeley addressed by A. Oakey Hall to Joseph Hoxie, Esq"

Fourteen Cartes de Visites inc. Military
Item number: 17639078 | Fourteen in the lot. †Many with identified photographers at the back. †Military examples with some men and some units identified. †6 1/" x 4 1/4"

Sumerian Bead Necklace C. 3000 - 2500 B.C.
Item number: 17639199 | Mesopotamia, Various black, white and gray terra cotta beads intermingled with shells on a strand of cotton threads. Certificate of Authenticity from Alex G. Malloy South Salem, NY. 21"

Map. North-West Coast
Item number: 17639079 | By J. Barbell, S. Brown, C. Bulfinch, J. Darby, C. Hatch, J. M. Pintard 1787 †Matted and shrink wrapped. 21 1/2"W. x 16 1/8"H.

Empire Stove Polish Packages (2)
Item number: 17775348 | With locomotive graphics. 2-1/2" long x 1-1/2" high x 1-1/2 deep.

Wooden Boot Jack
Item number: 17775349 | 17"L

Gen. U.S. Grant Banquet Menu 1880
Item number: 17639080 | On silk, the elaborate banquet menu for an event given by the citizens of Leadville, Colorado on July 24, 1880 to honor Grant. Gallery mounted and framed, the lift top cover illustrates copies of the dance program for the gala ball which was held on the same occasion. Gallery mounted and framed. †8 1/2"H. x 4 1/2"W.

Sailors Cased Pistol-Dagger Set
Item number: 17639081 | .70 Calibre rifled pistol. †Whale tooth dagger. †Fancy knotted powder horn. Top of lid reads: " I've run lee with the four winds, ridden the wake of Neptune, I've hunted the mighty Leviathon, delighted at the Casbah, the seven seas are my home". †Stonington, Conn $10 bill at the inside of the lid. 17 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 3".

Lt. Dentler's Officer's Cape
Item number: 17639082 | Navy wool with ornate black braiding.

Photograph Cheyenne Troop L
Item number: 17639085 |

Arickaree Indians Dakota Photo
Item number: 17639086 | Albumen photograph of Indian family in front of teepee. One man mounted on Indian †pony, another wears white man's clothes. Two squaws have papooses. Dog is in the photo. ID at back" Arickee(sic) Indians Fort Berthold ND Year 1890.

Sioux Dance Wand
Item number: 17639087 | Figural termination.

Indian Pot Kim Picken
Item number: 17639088 | Contemporary Indian pot in the manner of Maria Montez inlaid with turquoise. †Signed Kim Pickens †17"H. x 16" W

Anasazi Kinishba bowl c. 1300-1350 A.D.
Item number: 17639089 | Origin: Above the Mogollon Rim, Arizona. Cleaned, glued, small area of restoration, paint brightened Area of recovery: Navajo County, Arizona. With an attestation letter that it was legally obtained on private land signed by Forrest Wilkerson3:H. x 7"W.

Wooden Cast Iron Mounted Apparatus
Item number: 17775350 | 39"L.

The Daily Tombstone (3)
Item number: 17775351 | Tombstone, Arizona, Thursday Evening, January 26, '86; Tombstone, Arizona, Friday Evening, October 1, '86 reads "Subscribe to the Daily Tombstone, The Only Republican Paper in Cochise County. Subscription Rates; One YearÖ$10.00, Six MonthsÖ $6.00, Three Months...$3.00, Delivered by Carrier per week... .25 cents."; Tombstone, Arizona, Friday Evening, October 8, '86 reads same as previous edition. Folders deacidified by Jim Lyons. These folders are made of polyester for long term preservation.

Egyptian Soapstone Scarab
Item number: 17775352 | With hieroglyphics. 663-304 B. C. Late Kingdom

Greek Pottery Bowl
Item number: 17775353 | Double Handled.

Primitive Tortilla Press and a Wooden Pail
Item number: 17775354 | Press, 7" D. Pail 10 1/2" H.

Spanish Colonial Retablo
Item number: 17775355 | Tin framed. 14"H. x 10"W

Spanish Proclamation of Drunkedness
Item number: 17775356 | Don Felix Berenguer de Marquina signed proclamation of drunkedness. 17"H. x 13"W.

Limited Edition Oil
Item number: 17775357 | Brushstroke oil on canvas paint technique, "Washington Crossing the Delaware". After Emanuel Leutz. Gilt frame. 16 1/2"H. X 30"W.

1768 Sermon Cornith New Hampshire
Item number: 17775358 | Preached at the installment of Rev. Mr. James Wellman by Ebenezer Morse, Pastor of the Second Church of Shrewsbury Printed Boston 1769 (Stained)

Indian Wars McKever Cartridge Box C. 1874
Item number: 17775359 | 6 1/2" W.

Anasazi/Tusayan Bowl C. 1090 -1300 A.D.
Item number: 17639090 | Black on red. Origin: Northern Arizona. †Area of recovery: Navajo County, Arizona. Small missing pieces restored. Accompanied by an attestation †letter from Forrest Wilkerson that it was obtained legally on private land. 2 1/2" x 6 1/2"

Beaded Indian Shirt
Item number: 17639091 | Elaborate beadwork

Mexican Indian Wooden and Rawhide Saddles (3)
Item number: 17639092 | Smaller variety. 18" L.

Atlatl Thrower and Point
Item number: 17639093 | Bone or antler. †A third item of bone or antler is included in the lot. †5 1/2" L.

Open Face Pocket Watch in a Beaded Case
Item number: 17639094 | Elgin open face pocket watch in a beaded "101" hide case.

French & Indian Wars Gorget
Item number: 17639095 | With Hudson Bay trade beads. †Central copper hand forged pendant (oxidized). †23 1/2".

John Richey Watercolor Signed
Item number: 17639096 | Adobe Dwelling †3 1/2"H. x 7 1/4"L

Lot of 29 Native American Stone Beads
Item number: 17639097 | Large stone carved beads some more decorated than others. Circa 800 A.D. Varying sizes 1/2" to 1-1/2" long

Nineteen Indian Photographs
Item number: 17639099 | Views of Mt. Vernon Barracks, Alabama; Chief Geronimo; an Indian school; Company I 12th Infantry Apache Indians; †Guard Mounting; Mt. Vernon Bare Ball Club; Lt. Rose's Quarters at Mt. Vernon and other officer quarters etc. †6 5/8" x 4 5/5" (photo) †Overall size is 10 1/4; x 8"

Hudson Bay Type Awl Little Big Horn
Item number: 17775360 | With a certificate of authenticity. From Custer's Last Stand. Found on the Reno Battlefield and Sitting Bulls Camp. Guaranteed to have been collected on the site of Major Marcus A. Reno's fight in the valley against the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians, June 25th, 1876 and signed by Jason Pitsch, President of the Reno Battlefield Museum.

Senate Reports V2 Pt2 1853-1854
Item number: 17775361 | 33RD Congress 1st Session Syracuse University Library label

Document Index
Item number: 17775362 | Index to the Executive Documents of The House of Representatives for the First Session of the 49th Congress, 1885-1886 Washington 1886 Vol 2

1908 Letter from State Revenue Agent
Item number: 17775363 | Typed letter signed sent to the tax collector in Stockton, Texas re: medicine shows traveling the country as well as circuses, acrobatic performers etc. and wages being paidÖÖ.also a reminder that every itineraate physician, surgeon, oculist Ö.are to pay an annual tax of $50...........

Fremont Rocky Mountain Expedition
Item number: 17775364 | Report of the Exploring Expedition of The Rocky Mountains in the year 1842 and to Oregon and North California in the years 1843-44. . By Brevet Captain J. C. Fremont Washington, Gales and Seaton, Printers 1845. In a protective box. Binding loose and needing rebinding.

Map Boundary United States and Mexico
Item number: 17775365 | Map of that portion of the Boundary between the United States and MexicoÖÖshowing also the Limits of the Territory acquired under the Treaty negotiated by the Hon. James Gadsden. A. B. Gray 1854 21" x 49"

The London Gazette Sept. 4-7 1682
Item number: 17775366 | Historic issue on the founding of Pennsylvania. This issue provides a contemporary report of William Penn sailing for America to settle his new colony. Untrimmed. Good condition

Discourse Delivered for New Meeting House
Item number: 17775367 | Delivered by Enos Hitchcock Published by Rice & Waldo 1795. Occasion the new meeting house in Providence and also, at the Westparish in Brookfield

Sitreaves Zuni-Colorado Rivers 1852
Item number: 17775368 | Reconnaisance of the Zuni, Little Colorado and Colorado Rivers.

Belgian Trade Stage Line Double Barrel Shot Gun
Item number: 17775369 | 12 Gauge. Marked Eclipse on both sides of the trigger mechanism. Impressed on the stock Denver Lincoln Stage Line #3 Overall: Good condition 37" L.

Fraternal Short Sword C. 1870-1890
Item number: 17775370 | 37"L

1858 Remington Revolver Beaded Holster
Item number: 17775371 | Beadwork applications to the holster and to the cartridge box which is included in the lot (cartridge box has moisture damage)

Relic Gun
Item number: 17775372 | Charred from fire

Cherokee Nation of Indians Maps
Item number: 17775373 | Maps showing the Territory Originally Assigned to the Cherokee "Nation of" Indians West of the Mississippi,Also the boundaries of the Territory Now Occupied or Owned by Them. C. C. Royce 1884. The second id Map of the Former Territorial Limits of the Same exhibiting the boundaries of the varioius Cessions of Land Made by the to the Colonies and to The United States, also by C. C. Royce, 1884. 30"H. x 33"L

Pipe Tomahawk
Item number: 17775374 | With engravings."Rope twisted" wooden handle. Tack decoratoins. 22"L

Photograph Cheyenne Troop L
Item number: 17775375 | Needs Additional Description

Colt Single Action Army Revolver
Item number: 17775376 | Calibre 44 WCF. Nickel plated. Refinished. Barrel cut to 3 1/2" 1 pc. walnut grips covered in red dyed rawhide. Poor condition. With rawhide holster rig with companion Arkansas toothpick type knife.

Wabash & Illinois Tribes Transcript
Item number: 17775377 | C. 1792. Testimony to the 2nd Congress. Pg. 320-324; 171 to 202. Bound with linen at edge to hold together.

Hand Woven Rug
Item number: 17775378 | Stripes of earth tones. 31" W x 60" L.

Comanche Knife with Sheath
Item number: 17775379 | 13 1/2" L.

Unusual Early Signed Trade Beads
Item number: 17775380 | Rare brass beads with English makers marks and also Hudson Bay mark. Also old copper beaver pendant with a touchmark, possibly 18th C. 38" H.

Grand Army of the Republic Ribbon
Item number: 17775382 | Grand Army of the Republic pin and ribbon for Post 351 Steelton, Pa. Included in the lot are several Indian beaded pouches (5). In a display case. Ribbon is 8 1/4" H.

Fernando Salgado. Oil Painting. Indian
Item number: 17775383 | Oil on canvas, an Indian sgd. L.R. Fernando Salgado 37"H. x 24 1/2"W.

Pueblo Shell Bamolier
Item number: 17775384 | 42"L.

Hide Creek Police Coat and Badge
Item number: 17775385 | With ornate beadwork. Creek Police Badge 37 attached. Some staining and some tears

Northern Plains Tacked Powder Horn
Item number: 17775386 | The style is typical of the Northern Plains tribes of the 1850's-1860's. 9" long

Apache Tomahawk
Item number: 17775387 | Original green paint, brass tacks. Brass cross on one side of handle. Letters HHH engraved on one side of the blade. Appears to also be a pipe tomahawk. 18-3/4" long

Tombstone Tin Prospector's Lamp & 2 others.
Item number: 17775389 | With handle. 8" D. I ncluded in the lot are two 1890's oil lanterns. Three items in the lot.

1850's .58 Calibre Percussion Pistol
Item number: 17775390 | Cased with a patch knife, powder flask, caps, balls etc. 13 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 1 1/2".

Elizabeth B. Custer Letter ALS
Item number: 17775391 | Elizabeth's Custer's hand written letter regarding the statue of General Custer in Montana. Letter refers to a Miles City Star article sent to her by D. F. Barry, photographer re: a statue of the general in Monroe. "Ögave his life for that part of the country (Montana & North Dakota). Signed Very truly yours Elizabeth B. Custer. (Written from 71 Park Ave. NYC on Jan 2, 1930.) Original envelope addressed to Joseph D. Scanlon Esqu. Miles City Daily Star Montana is included in the lot.

State of Texas Bond Oct. 1885
Item number: 17775392 | Signed by Sheriff Geo. Scarborough who killed John Selman. He was U. S. Marshal of El Paso and also a range detective in New Mexico. He captured stagecoach bandit Peral Hart and Arizona train robber Brocho Bill Walters. Hew as later shot and killed by Arizona cattle rustlers in 1900. Biographical sketch of Scarborough at the back. 14" x 8 1/2"

City of Tombstone Arizona Territory Bond
Item number: 17775393 | Framed. 1888 $10,000 Bond Document 16 1/2"H. x 13 1/2"W

Early Mountain Man Style Knife
Item number: 17775394 | Knife blade rusted. No sheath; 16"L

Indian Display Case
Item number: 17775395 | Contains painted leather "dolls" with feather decorations; whistle; pouch with beadwork; leather bag with hide fasteners and feather decorations. Could have been implements used by the medicine man 30"H x 23"W

Texas Rangers Sign
Item number: 17775396 | Large sign with raised red painted wood letters, Texas Rangers. Raised State of Texas emblem at the left. 56-1/2" long x 19-1/2" high

Woven Leather Cartridge Belt
Item number: 17775397 | good condition

Eight Will Soule Indian Photographs
Item number: 17775398 | Will Soule C. 1869-1874. All eight in the lot are quality re-prints of original photos. All are titles and all are tribe attributed. Expensive double gallery mats and shrink wrapped. 6" x 8"

Eight Will Soule Indian Photographs
Item number: 17775399 | Will Soule C. 1869-1874. All eight in the lot are quality re-prints of original photos. All are titles and all are tribe attributed. Expensive double gallery mats and shrink wrapped. 6" x 8"

Document Signed Ephraim Douglass
Item number: 17638946 | Revolutionary War soldier and secret agent to Indians. Handwritten and signed document by Ephraim Douglass, Fayette County, PA. March 29th, 1800. Order to select jury, with side notation of list of 32 prospective jurors. Indian trader, Quartermaster of 8th Regt. Penn. Line, taken prisoner at Bond Brook, NY and exchanged in 1780. Sent on a special secret mission by the Gov. among the northwest Indian tribes in 1782.†

Revolutionary War Conn. Line Notes (2)
Item number: 17638947 | Pay documents #10820 and #5996. Dated June 1, 1782. Printed orm filled in with ink, "The State of Connecticut doth owe unto Capt. Silas Benton who hath fervered in the Connecticut Line of the Continental Army the sum of sixty pounds twelve shillings. Signed by J Lawrence, Treasurer. Hole cancellation shows note was cashed.; Printed form filled in in ink, "The state of Connecticut doth owe unto David Hall who hath fervered in the Connecticut Line of the Continental Army the sum of twelve pounds eight shillings sixpence" Signed by J Lawrence, Treasurer. Hole cancellation shows note was cashed. There are two items in the lot.

James Abercromby Handwritten Land Grant
Item number: 17638948 | 1pg large folio manuscript land grant with lengthy endorsement by him on reverse as His Majesty's Justice of the Peace, Charleston, South Carolina, July 24, 1740. For a plantation of 500 acres of land in Collston County. He was Attorney General in Province of South Carolina but being unpopular returned to England in 1744 after he had accumulated large land holdings in the Pee Dee and Waccamaw River area. The lot is accompanied by a biographical sketch of Abercromby.

1775 Act signed by John Penn Governor
Item number: 17638949 | 41 page handwritten act for the support of the government for payment of public debt. Carried to and signed by Governor John Penn, PA. and John Morton, Speaker of the House.

Leadsville Colorado Miners 1895 Ribbon
Item number: 17638950 | Cloud City Miners Union No33, Leadville Colorado Org. May 9th 1895. Pinback, imprinted on the back with same imformation. Included in the lot is a 20 star "stars and stripes" cloth boutonierre pin.†

Rico Cornet Band Ribbon
Item number: 17638951 | Cornet Band. Rico, Colorado. A "gold" cornet depicted on the tassel, decorated overlap at top.

Knights of Pythia Delegate Ribbon
Item number: 17638952 | Clear Creek Lodge No. 9 Knights of Pythia Silver Plume, Colo with pinback. Reverse side imprinted, silver on blue "In Memoriam F.C.B., K.P. Clear Creek Lodge No 9, K. of P. Silver Plume, Colo. Excellent condition.

Lake City Colorado Ephemera Lot
Item number: 17638953 | Stereoview card, Lake City Colorado by Thos E Barnhouse and Co with ink ID at the back Stateon No. n taken from Lake City; a stereoview card, also Lake City by Barnhouse; a Lake House 1880 meal ticket for Mr Jackson; included in the lot is a Colorado _ Southern Railway first class passage ticket to Silver Plume.

Photograph. Victims Primeco Mine Disaster
Item number: 17638954 | Bodies of Slovanian victims of the Primeco Mine district on drapped transfer wagons before being taken to the cemetary for burial. 5x6.75"

Badge and RIbbon Arapahoe Lodge
Item number: 17638955 | Arapahoe Lodge No 540 B. of L. F+E. Denver, Colorado. Badge depicts locomotive. In memoriam is printed on reverse. Included in the lot is the original Demoulin Bros and Co envelope with advertisement for its line of badges and fraternal orders that are their clinets on the back.

Brooklyn Athletic Club No. 1 Ribbon
Item number: 17638956 | Ribbon and badge. Brooklyn Athletic Club No. 1. Silver Plume, Colorado. On original card and in original Whitehead and Hoag Co envelope with advertising.

Leadsville Colorado Check and Envelopes
Item number: 17638957 | 1889 check of H.R. Tomkins and Co. Hardwear and Mine Supplies, Leadville Aspen Silver Cliff drawn on Tremble and Hunter, Bankers. Included in the lot is a Leadville envelope of Bi-Metallic Smelting Co and Abbott, Woodward and Abbott Civil and Mining Engineers, Chemists - Lake City

1897 Foresters of America Program
Item number: 17638958 | Official souvenier program of the Supreme Convention Foresters of America. Denver, Colorado 1897. With ads, portraits of principals and full page St James Hotel advertisement on the back cover. 20 pages with covers.

1888 Tombstone Arizona Check
Item number: 17638959 | Drawn on Cochise County Bank for $4.40 to Mr. WF Bradley, nedorsed. brandly was a Tombstone Stage Agent.

A Perfect Diurnall London 1694
Item number: 17638960 | Preserved under a transparent archival overlay. Excellent multi-page condition.

Rare Photograph Hydraulic Mining
Item number: 17638961 | At Brownsville, Butto county, California. This photo is shown in Wagner's "Gold Mining of California", page 31. The photo was also on display at Wells Fargo Bank History Room.

Ben Holladay Handwritten Letter
Item number: 17638962 | On his letterhead, No. 88 Wall Street NY. Dated Nov. 26th, 1862 to Mr Nat Stern. "...I enclose your pass from Denver.. and Return" Signed "Yours Truly, Ben Halladay"

Funeral Fees for Texas Prostitue C 1888
Item number: 17638963 | On the letterhead of J.B. Kattenhoff, Funeral Director, Undertaker and Embalmer. El Paso, Texas. C. 1888. A bill for perservation of body ($100); casket ($75); digging grave ($7); hairdresser ($5) and burial lot ($8).

Colorado Mining Letter and Mine Deed (2)
Item number: 17638964 | 1881 letter from mine owwner, Alpine Colorado, re: mine shaft work. 8x5" with "Chalk Chreek Mines" printed logo; 1881 mine deed for Chaffee Co, Colorado mine with description of claim. 12x16" printed in ink. There are two items in the lot.

The London Gazette C 1696, 1697 & 1743
Item number: 17638965 | From Monday January 11 to Thursday January 14, 1696 ( 2 pages, printed by Edw, Jones in the Savoy); From Thursday February 3 to Monday February 7, 1697 (2 pages); From Saturday March 3 to Tuesday March 6, 1743 (4 pages) . Three Gazettes in the lot.

Wheelers Arizona Expedition
Item number: 17638966 | Pacific HQ order, March 29th 1871, naming items for the 3rd Cavalry escort for the Arizona Exploration expedition. 8x10"

Texas Murder Indictment 1873
Item number: 17638967 | Murder indictment, issued in Hays County, Texas in 1873

White River Massacre 1878
Item number: 17638968 | An 1878 letter from General WM Whipple notifying For Fred Steele, Wyoming commander HG Thomas that his trade with Major Thornberg has been ok'd. The latter became Ft. Steele post commander and the massacre resulted. 2 pages in ink.

Texas History Journal C 1907
Item number: 17638969 | The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association. Volume X, January 1907, Number 3.

Revelutionary War Pay Document 1781
Item number: 17638970 | Revolutionary War Pay Document for Col. Elija Mygatt, 1781. 2 sided, handwritten.

Messages and Documents 1867-68
Item number: 17638971 | 40th Congress, 2nd Session. House of Representatives. Ex. Doc. No.1

Memoir of a Tour to Northern Mexico
Item number: 17638972 | 30th Congress 1st Session. Senate. Miscellaneous. No 26. Memoir of a tour to Northern Mexico, connected with Col. Doniphan's expedition in 1846 and 1847 by A. Wisleizenus, M.D. With scientific appendix and three maps.

US Bureau of Ethnology Report
Item number: 17638973 | 14th annual report of the US Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution 1892-93 by J.W. Powell, Director. In two parts: The Coronado Expedition 1540-1542 and Winship

Colorado Volunteers in the Civil War
Item number: 17638974 | The New Mexico Campaign in 1862 by William Clarke Whitford, D.D. president of Milton College. Illustrated.

Map of Operations Against Chiricahua Indians
Item number: 17638975 | Map of field opernations against hostile Chiricahua Indians, showing operations of April 12, 886 to the date of surrender Sept 4th 1886 by directions of the Brig-Gen, Nelson A. Miles. Map showing part Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico. 24x30"

Geronimo and Crook Letter SGD A.E. Wood
Item number: 17638976 | Bisbee, A.T. letter written by Capt. A E Wood, 4th Cavalry 1885. "Albee, I have been on leave of absence - reutrned to camp the 23rd Prox. There is a party of Indians north of us and as soon as I learn where they are, I will start out. We will probably have to stay in the camp all winter - I am fixing for it at any rate. Lawton is in the post and happy nor am I discontented here. I see by the papers that you are frozen up in Wisconsin - a queer country for a christian to live in from choice. dorst goes into Old Mexico with Wirt Davis - They expect to be gone all winter. Yours Truly, A E Wood" Dated December 1st 1885

Geronimo & Crook Letter 1886 SGD A E Wood
Item number: 17638977 | Bisbee, A.T. Letter written by Capt A.E. Wood, 4th Cavalry. 1886. "Albee, OK, we are still here enjoying a kind of truce since Crawford's death. Geronimo and Gen. Crook will probably have a talk about the full moon of this month. Many think that the hostiles will surrender at that time, but it is a matter of doubt. The past week has been very blustery, in fact I suppose March is about the same the world over. Have you not heard from Lawton for some time. Did they chase you out of Baraboo after the photograph expose? what is the feeling in civilization over the death of Crawford? or have they any feeling upon the subject? Yours truly A E Wood" Dated March 4th 1886.

ALS by H.J. McGrath, 4th Cavalry
Item number: 17638978 | Handwritten letter describes life at Fort Bowie in 1885. "My Dear Albee: You will perhaps be surprised to receive a letter from me, but "accidents will happen in the best 8" I write on a matter of business, but shall first have a word to say about mutual friends. You have undoubtedly seen an account of Hurricans' wedding which occured at Presidio on the 27th ultimy to Miss Minnie Moore, whom you perhaps remember as her father was stationed at San Anton, while you were in Texas. It is said that T. was baptized in the Catholic Church - went to confession and rec'd communion before the marraige ceremony, but as he has not yet returned we do not know the truth of the matter. Don't believe the story about the confession because he was in San Fran only a couple of weeks before the wedding, and it would take at least a couple of mos. to confess what I know of his misdoings during hte past few years. Delang of the 9th Hoof arrived here a few days ago from Huachucca, and reports that they have been "investigating" Wood down there. Wood has been in com'd of H. for some months and some 'nice young men' interested in the good of service has kept a black book on him. the Nice young man made a report to Dept Hdg. lately, and Major Carlton wassent down to investigate. Guess nothing will come of it hope not anyhow. I am crying for files but dont want any on Wood. He is too devilish good a fellow. This is a hell of a post. beaumont is in com'd which relieves it a good deal, but a desert island in the Pacific is in a whirl of excitement compared with Bowie. There are only three †cos. in the garrison with no hunt, no fish. Now about business; it is this Hunter 3rd Cav and I own a ranch about eight miles from here with grass and water for 10,000 head of cattle. We want to sell. Our lowest price is $4800. We will give you 10% on that amount for making the sale for us, and will also give you all you can get out of it over 48. I will tell you honestly that 48 is dirt cheap for the property, and no one could have it for double that amount if we could afford to stock it ourselves. We have water which flows the entire year, and not another drop of living water nearer the post, where of course no cattle can be held. No man can put a head of cattle within a doz mi of our water, and the grass is all white and black gramma. It is unnecessary for me to say anything to you about Ariz. as a cattle country you know as well as I do that there is no better in the world. We have spent $600 in the construction of a dam to furnish reservoir, and, in case we can not see within two or three months will spend $1000 more in piping the water to where it can be utilized. The latter expenditure is necessary before the water is avilable for cattle purposes. Knowing that you knowest about the country a good deal and have a long acquantance with business men. I write you the above, hoping you will find it convenient to take hold of the matter. Yours truly, H.J. McGrath." Included in the lot is a biographical sketch of McGrath.

Scarce Geronimo Campaign Item
Item number: 17638979 | HQ Dept of Arizona, Whipple Barracks, Prescott, August 1884. An order for troops at San Carlos Agency, Camp on Ash Creek, and Forts Apache, etc, paid, by command of General Crook. Ink signed by his assistant adj. general. Printed with ink. 8x11"

Fort Apache A.T. Orders
Item number: 17638980 | HQ Dept of Arizona, Whipple Barracks, Prescott, Dec 1884. General Crook orders troops pay issue at Forts Bowie, Apache, Mojave, Verde, Huachucha. Printed with ink, signed by his assitant adj. general. Rare Prescott item. 8x11"

Document Relating to C.B. Gatewood
Item number: 17638981 | Lt. Gatewood, US Cavalry befriended and brought the Apache Chief in. March 1889 HQ Dept. of California in San Francisco, orders to pay the troops dated March 19th, 1889 "By command of General Miles: C.B. Gatewood, First Lieut. 6th Cavalry Aide-de-Camp" Miles, jealous of Gatewood;s deed, had the order signed by his replacement, a second Lt. in the 23rd infantry. 8x11" printed in ink.

The Royal American Magazine, 1774
Item number: 17638982 | April 1774. Boston. Printed by and for I thomas, near the market.

Gentleman's Magazine, London 1755
Item number: 17638983 | The Gentleman's Magazine for July 1755. St John's Gate. London. Printed by D. Henry and R. Cave. Setts in 24 Volumes, beginning with 1731. Map (folded) inside of the British and French settlements in North America.†

Mass Magazine for May 1789
Item number: 17638984 | The Massachusetts Magazine or Month Museum of Knowledge and Rational Entertainment May 1789. Printed at Boston by Isaiah, Thomas and Co. 45 Newbury Street.

Pennsylvania Evening Post C 1777
Item number: 17638985 | Edition of Thursday, February 20, 1777 Num 317 Vol. III. Published every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening. Printed by B. Towne.

Scribner's Monthly April 1877
Item number: 17638986 | Vol XIII No 6 with Chincoteague, The Island of Ponies; The hills of Linganore and an extensive Trip to the Black Hills featured in addition to other things.†

The London Gazette C 1670
Item number: 17638987 | Monday January 30 to Thursday February 2nd, 1670. printed by Tho. Newcomb in the Savoy, 1670.

Post Route Map Idaho, Montana & Wyoming
Item number: 17638988 | Marked in ink, Inspector's Office on the label, reading "Post Route Map of the Territory of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Linen backed, 19th Century Map of these early territories. 31x42"

Railroad Photographs (5)
Item number: 17638989 | Group photo of workers with two of their children in their "Sunday best" in front of locomotive; group of workers withe the same children; inside of a train station - the ticket booth; passengers "on the platform" at the station and a mailroom. 3 are 7x9" overall with a larger cardboard mat and two are 8x10" overall on a larger cardboard mat.

Arizona Saloon & Trading Post Tokens
Item number: 17638990 | Arizona saloon, trading post and mercantile trade tokens. Approximately 90 are in the lot, including from Bisbee; Bylas; Buckeye; Chloride; Globe; Kingman; Clifton; Douglas; Lowell; Jerome; Prescott; Tees-To; Pearce; Wickenburg; Mayer; Miami; Tucson and Yuma. Also included in the lot are two Arizona Territory checks dated July 2nd 1895 and July 18th 1895

Photoalbum - New Mexico and California
Item number: 17638991 | An album of approximately 81 early photographs of New Mexico and California including Albuquerque street scenes, train platforms, horse drawn wagons, folks strolling, boarding wagons, the European Hotel, scenes of the Mojave Desert, Indians, Capital Building at Sacramento, San Francisco Bay, Salt Lake City, Ogden, railroads, cargo, etc. 2.25x3" mounted in the album. †

Employment Permit
Item number: 17638992 | Formal Choctaw Indian Nation permit. Dated 1891. Has a bold title at the top, "Skullyville County - Choctaw Nation" with a nice vignette of a farmer and blacksmith. Has an uncommon, yet pretty boarder around the document which grants the permit to a man whose occupation as "farmer" is listed. 10x16"†

Nebaska Cow Town Letter C 1885
Item number: 17638993 | One page 8x10" letter dated 1885 on the leaterhead of "Blakesley House" in the cow town of Ogalalla, Nebraska. Letter reads in full "Dear Sir, yours of 12th is at hand. Will say that the four of us has taken tiber claims sinc(e) i wrote to you. They are 30 miles south of (?) Junction, splendid land and thar is more out thar now if you want and homestead plenty - as to work, I dont know what you could do. you mite get in a sloe here - we have all places filed at pressant and you mite go in to some thing for yor self perhaps. it is lively heer at pressant - we are building ad(di)tion to the hotel, every thing crouded every kknight. cattle has been coming in here by the thousand. Yours, AM Blakesley" Ogalalla was an important cattle trail town along the "Western Trail" - the Union Pacific Railroad ran through the town so it served as a shipping point.†

Attempted Murder Deposition C 1857
Item number: 17638994 | Attempted murder in early California. One page 8x10" handwritten deposition dated 1857 from Placer County. Is signed by Philip Forsyth, also E.J. Schellhouse, Justice of the Peace. On the verso, the accused party is to be found and held with his bail set at $500 to answer the charges.

Enamel Sign
Item number: 17638995 | "Protected by the William J. Burns International Detective Agency Inc. Offices in principle cities of the world, a liberal reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of perpetrators of any burglaries or larcenies against this concern or these premises."

California Mid-Winter Fair 1894
Item number: 17638996 | An illustrated booklet of the Midwinter International Exposition at San Francisco, California.

Colorado Springs Region Health Resort
Item number: 17638997 | The Colorado Springs Region as a Health Resort. High Altitude for Invalids. A report complied by Charles Fox Gardiner, M.D. and Gilbert McGlurg, Secretary of the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce. 1898

Military Account C 1842
Item number: 17638998 | One page, preprinted 10x15" account form dated 1842 being a quarterly account form for Lt. John Gunnison. The document lists sundries and payroll. Is completely filled out in Gunnison's handand is signed at the bottom "J.W. Gunnison, Lieut. Topl. Engrs." The document has several light dampstains on it. The lot includes biographical sketch on Gunnison, including death.

Early Idaho Letter
Item number: 17638999 | Two page handwritten letter dated 1868 from Boise City in Idaho Territory on the letterhead of the Surveyor General's Office. Written to a party in Oregon re: a lawsuit - judge has ruled out depositions - another judge was removed from the case by Senator Corbett, more legal/finacial content, signed.