Estate of Dan Hiebert Auction Sale

Antique Auction in MacDowall Lions Hall, Macdowall Saskatchewan, Canada

9:00 AM Saturday
May 03rd, 2014

Estate of Dan Hiebert Auction Sale

Antique Auction in MacDowall Lions Hall, Macdowall Saskatchewan, Canada

Saturday at - 03rd May , 2014


All items listed as indicated by seller.  This is just a guideline and in no way a guarantee.



Location has been calculated by address and may not be 100% accurate.

Auction Items For Sale

Advertising Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Case Eagle Sign

J.I. Case Company 10 Year Plaque

J.I. Case Sales Award Plaque 1967

John Deere Battery Cables & Strap Sign

Hartford Fire Insurance Co. Sign

Packard Battery Cable Sign

Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Co. Sign

Empire Wall Board Sign

Genuine Ford Parts Sign (oval)

B-A 88 Gasoline Sign

Velvet 98 Sign

Esso Sign Rectangle (2)

Coca-Cola Items:

  • Round Sign
  • Rectangle Sign
  • Miniture Drink Machine
  • Tins
  • Truck
  • Cans
  • Bottles

Pepsi Items:

  • Pepsi Sign Retangle
  • Enjoy Pepsi Sign Rectangle
  • Pepsi Semi Truck
  • Pepsi Truck
  • Bottles
  • Box

Jacket B/A Emblem

John Deere Thermometer

John Deere Clock

John Deere Tractor General Purpose

Collector Edition 1915 Waterloo Boy

Everyready Battery Extra Long Life

John Deere Assorted Items

Lunch Boxes:

  • Jet Patrol US
  • Space Shuttle Orbiter Enterprise
  • The Astronauts
  • Jetsons w/ Thermos

Clocks, Glassware & Lamps Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Coal Oil Lamp

Motion Lamp

Electric Table Lamps

Fancy Lamp

Assortment of Lamps

Depression Glass

Occupied Japan Items




Wash Basin and Pitcher Set

Salt, Pepper & Pitcher Set

Candle Holders

Collector Plates:

  • Regina FID
  • Centennial Sheild Plate
  • Commemorate the Coronation


Mission Wall Clock

Crosby Mantle Clock

Gingerbread Clock

Tins Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Oil Tins:

  • Purity 99
  • Hi Tran Fluid
  • Royalite Motor Oil
  • Peerless B/A  Motor Oil
  • Hi Engine Oil
  • Imperial Marvelube
  • William Penn Motor Oil
  • Imperial Anti-Freeze
  • Co-op Motor Oil

McColl's Peanut Butter

York Peanut Butter

Purity Strawberry Jam

Checker Jam

Pure Canadian Honey

Alpha Honey

Crown Brand Corn Syrup

Rogers Golden Syrup

Domestic Shortening

Swifts' Silverleaf Brand

Planters Cocktail Peanuts

Nabob Coffee

Red Rose Coffee

MacClearn's Imperial Cheese

Empress Mint

Blue Ribbon Baking Powder

Magic Baking Powder

Royal Sheild All Spice

Empress Mace

Red & White ginger

Watkins Mustard

Watkins Cocoa


Gold Standard

Small Tin Boxes

Assorted Chocolate Tins

Fleischman's Yeast

SunGlo Baking Powder

Rawleighs Cocoa

Nabob Pepper

Droste's Cocoa

Wheat Coffee

Sir Walter Raleigh

Family Molasses

Fly Ded


Myrtle T&B

Simonie Kleaner


Black Hawk B&B Tonic

Packers Tar Soap

Gopher Cop

Gilletts Lye Bottle

Co-Re-Ga Bottle

Collections Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Large Collection of Old Toys (cars, truck, airplanes)

Padlock Collection

Pin Collection

Button Collection

Marble Collection

Star Trek Collection

Belt Buckle Collection

Camera Collection

Mickey Mouse Collection

Duck Decoy Collection

Cloth Emblem Collection

Watch Fob Collection

Ash Tray Collection

Avon Collection

Flag Collection

Paper Related Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Beatles Cards

Elvis Cards

Movie Posters

Advertising Posters


Mad Magazines

Eatons Catalogues

Sears Catalogues

The Country Guide

Popular Mechanics

War Movies Magazines

The Furrow Books

Model L & L22 Tractors

The Farm Idea Books


  • John Deere Tractor
  • John Deere Grain Binder
  • Model R Diesel
  • Ford Times Canadian Edition Set

Case Guide

Road Maps

Flash Gordon

Framed Prints

Eddies Matches

Assorted Advertising Match Books

Wolf Man Magazine

Saltbush Bill Book Series

Framed Latch Hook Art

Bowman Brothers Limited

Field & Farm Yard Books

Canadian Pacific Airpalne Print

Huge Variety of Books and Magazines

Toys Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Steam Engine

Cast Iron Toys (assorted)

Model T




Army Jeep

Indian Chief w/ Drum

Buzz Light Year

Barbie Dolls

Pull Toys

Toy Tops

Plastic Army Figurines

Plastic Farm Animals

Batman Lunch Kit

Bat Mobile

Bat Chopper

Childs Guitar

Harly Davidson Dana Glide

Harly Davidson Indian Chief

Space Shuttle

Fishing Boat w/ Motor

Space Craft


Thermos (assorted)

Fire Chief Car

Dukes of Hazard Car

John Deere Truck


Snow Mobile

Grey Hound Bus

Tonka Toys

Variety of Cars & Trucks

Variety of Farm Implements


Allis Chalmers D-21 Tractor

 Deutz-Allis 8030 w/ Cab

Case Agri King 1170

Collector Edition 1940 12A Combine

Case HI 7130 w/ Mechanical Front Drive

John Deere 1961 Diesel Tractor

Case HI STX 450 Tractor

New Holland Combine

Dart Board Game

Board Games

Baseball Gloves

Basket Ball

Building Bricks


Jack in the Box


Stuffed Rabbit


Assortment of McDonalds Toys

Furniture Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Oak Parlour Table( large glass claw feet)

Ethinic Cupboards

Child Cupboards

Oak Wash Stand

Beautitul Quarter Cut Oak Side Board

Oak Curves Glass China Cupboard

Fumed Oak Side by Side (Beautiful)

Fumed Oak Wardrobe

Oak Parlour Table

Oak Office Cjhair

Fumed Oak Dresser w/ Oval Bevelled Mirror

Old Trunks

Miscellaneous Place Bid Show Photo Gallery

Cylinder Records

Records LPs & 45s

License Plates

Wooden Coffee Grinder

Cast Iron Banks

Antique Tools

Wood Planes


Sales Man Sample Stove

Enamel Ware (blue)

Kitchen Wood Ware (spoons, butter press, etc.)

Park Emblems

Two Wheel Coffee Grinder

Siwash Sweater (Old)

Winnipeg Jets Sweater

Leather Jackets

Weather Vane

Fountain Pens

Advertising Pens

Old Shaving Items, Straps, Razors, etc.

Army Bayonet

12 Gauge Pump Shot Gun (winchester)

Single Shot Rabbit Gun 22cal.