Antiques, Collectibles, Households, and More

>Antique Consignment in 1000 Rock Ledge Lane, Neenah United States

15 Monday
July 15th, 2019 6:00 PM
Hansen Auction Group
Phone: 715-265-4656

Antiques, Collectibles, Households, and More

>Antique Consignment in 1000 Rock Ledge Lane, Neenah United States

Monday at - 15th July , 2019



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Auction Items For Sale

Open House:

Thursday, July 11th (9:00-4:00)

1000 Rock Ledge Lane

Neenah, WI



Red Comet Glass Fire Extinguisher (FR)

Vintage Lucite Triple Ball Clear Women's Clutch (FR)

Citgo Peddle Car (T6)

Antique Dresser with Mirror Frame (T15)

Amana Window Air Conditioner (CW)

Misc. Jewelry (FR)

Canning Jar of Buttons (FR)

EAPG Green Stain Bullseye and Daisy Water Pitcher (FR)

Vintage Red Wing Candle Holders (T6)

Lot of Horse Ames (T6)

Lot of Horse Ames (T6)

Glass Container of Button (FR)

Vintage Lot (T6)

Vintage Lot (T6)

(6) WM Rogers Spoons (FR)

Vintage Chocolate Pot (FR)

(1) Set of Vintage Sugar and Creamer (FR)

(1) Set of Vintage Sugar and Creamer (FR)

(2) Vintage Cow Cream Pitchers (FR)

Vintage Armour Lard Tin (T6)

Vintage Tool Box/Caddy (T6)

(2) Blue Water Carbides (T6)

(2) Metal Decorative Items (T6)

Vintage Winston Tin Sign (A)

25 Speed Limit Sign (A)

Milk Can (T6)

Schaeffer Special Lubricant Can (T6)

(1) Case of Padded Cases (T6)

Vintage Oil Can (T6)

Vintage Can/Barrel Cart (T6)

Pinnacle Lawn Chair (T6)

(1) Life Size Dale Earnhardt Plastic Cut Out and (1) GM Goodwrench Metal Sign (A)

Plastic GM Goodwrench Dale Earnhardt Wall Hanging (A)

Sports Image 1993 Chevrolet Lumina Diecast Metal Limited Edition (T7)

Sports Image Chevrolet Lumina Limited Edition (T7)

Sports Image Chevrolet Lumina Limited Edition (T7)

Action Platinum Series Racing Collectible Dale Earnhardt 50th Anniversary 1975 Dodge Limited Edition (T7)

Revell Chevrolet Monte Carlo (T7)

Revell Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet Monte Carlo Limited Edition (T7)

Sports Image Chevrolet Lumina Limited Edition (T7)

Revell Chevrolet Monte Carlo (T7)

Sports Image Chevrolet Lumina Limited Edition (T7)

Sports Image Chevrolet Lumina Limited Edition (T7)

(2) Days of Thunder Hardees City Chevrolet Cole Trickle Transporters (T7)

Action Racing Platinum Racing 1989 Pontiac Dale Earnhardt Lowe's (T7)

Action Racing Collectible 1956 Ford Victoria Bank (T7)

Action Racing Collectible 1999 Monte Carlo (T7)

Action Racing Collectible Dale Earnhardt Goodwrench Service Plus 2000 Monte Carlo Limited Edition (T7)

Action Racing Collectible 1976 Chevy Malibu Dale Earnhardt Army (T7)

Action Racing Collectible Dale Earnhardt Hy-Gain Limited Edition 1976 Chevy Malibu (T7)

Revell-Monogram Chevy Lumina Dale Earnhardt GM Goodwrench (T7)

(6) Matchbox Days of Thunder Die Cast Metal Cars (T7)

Sports Image GM Goodwrench Dale Earnhardt (T7)

(4) Winners Circle Adult Collectible Gallery Series Framed Art and 1/64th Scale Matchbox Car (T7)

Kellogg's Cereal Boxes - Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes, Frosted Mini Wheats - New in Package (T7)

6-Pack of 8 oz. Coca Cola Bottles (T7)

6-Pack 12 oz. Sun Drop Dale Earnhardt Bottles (T7)

6-Pack 8 oz. Coca Cola Dale Earnhardt Bottles (T7)

Action Racing Platinum Series Limited Edition 1995 Chevy Lumina Bank (T7)

Action Racing Platinum Series Collectible Dale Earnhardt Bass Pro Shops Limited Edition (T7)

1953 Chevrolet Pickup with Knife (T7)

Action Platinum Series 1995 Chevy Lumina (T7)

Racing Collectible Club of America Dale Earnhardt 1995 Chevrolet (T7)

Racing Collectible Club of America Wrangler Chevrolet Bank (T7)

Sports Image Dale Earnhardt 1996 Chevrolet Atlanta (T7)

Action Platinum Series Limited Edition Bank (t7)

Action Platinum Series Limited Edition Bank (t7)

Action Racing Dale Earnhardt 1997 Monte Carlo Limited Edition (T7)

Racing Collectible Club of America 1995 Limited Edition Chevrolet Dually and Transporter Trailer (T7)

Danbury Mint Collectible Plate Cuddly Companion #D8486 (T7)

Danbury Mint Collectible Plate Mommy's Little Helpers #D8486 (T7)

Danbury Mint Collectible Plate Feeding Time #D8486 (T7)

Danbury Mint Collectible Plate Country Kisses #D8486 (T7)

Danbury Mint Collectible Plate Tender Loving Care #D8486 (T7)

Danbury Mint Collectible Plate Horsing Around #D8486 (T7)

Danbury Mint Collectible Plate A Special Bond #D8486 (T7)

Danbury Mint Collectible Plate Planting Daydreams #D8486 (T7)

(8) Danbury Mint Collectible Plates (T7)

Action Collectibles 2001 Corvette C5R Limited Edition (T7)

Lot of Dale Earnhardt Memorabilia (T7)

Trackside Collection Japanese Race Edition Dale Earnhardt AC Delco Limited Edition Monte Carlo Race Car (T7)

Brookfield Collectors Guild Dale Earnhardt GM Goodwrench Service Monte Carlo 3-Car Set (T7)

Brookfield Collectors Guild Dale Earnhardt GM Goodwrench Service Monte Carlo 3-Car Set (T7)

Brookfield Collectors Guild Wheaties Dale Earnhardt Monte Carlo Car, Chevy Dually Truck and Enclosed Show Car Trailer (T7)

Sports Image Dale Earnhardt Limited Edition Goodwrench Racing Team Chevrolet Lumina, Chevrolet Dually Truck and Enclosed Show Car Trailer (T7)

John Deere Motorsports Roush Racing 1998 1/8th Scale Stock Car Ford Taurus (T7)

Sports Image Limited Edition Semi Tractor and Trailer In Display Case (T7)

Semi Tractor and Trailer "The Winston" Dale Earnhardt in Display Case (T7)

Action Racing Dale Earnhardt Jr. Coca Cola Simpson 1/3 Scale Helmet (T7)

Action Racing Dale Earnhardt Coca Cola Simpson 1/3 Scale Helmet (T7)

Action Racing Collectible 2001 Chevrolet Corvette (T7)

Brookfield Collectors Guild Wheaties Chevrolet Monte Carlo Car, Chevrolet Suburban and Car Trailer (T7)

Lot of Dale Earnhardt Memorabilia (T7)

Winston Cup Collectible Desktop Pen Holder/Bank with Racecar (T7)

(8) Pieces of Ceramic Bird Figurines (T7)

Action Collectible 2003 1/24th Scale Color Chrome Stock Car Dale Earnhardt (T7)

Action Collectible Dale Earnhardt 1/24th Scale Monte Carlo (T7)

Action Collectible IROC 2001 Pontiac Firebird Limited Edition 1/24th Scale (T7)

Goodwrench Service Dealer Version Japanese Race Edition Monte Carlo Limited Edition (T7)

Revell Premium Edition Goodwrench Monte Carlo Atlanta 1996 Olympics (T7)

Revell Limited Edition 1/24th Scale Dale Earnhardt Snap On (T7)

Action Racing Collectible 1980 Pontiac Ventura Limited Edition (T7)

(6) Hardcover Books Dale Earnhardt/Nascar (T7)

(8) Hardcover Books Dale Earnhardt/Nascar (T7)

(9) Books Nascar/Dale Earnhardt (T7)

(13) Softcover Nascar/Dale Earnhardt Books (T7)

Revell Select Dale Earnhardt 1/24th Scale (T7)

Revell Select Limited Edition 1/24th Scale Oreo Car (T7)

(2) Matchbox Days of Thunder Team Transporters (T7)

(3) Matchbox Day of Thunder Team Transporter and Racecar Transporter (T7)

Ertl Kodak Film Racing Team Tractor/Trailer (T7

(2) Days of Thunder Race Car Transporters (T7)

(7) Ertl 1/64th Scale Die Cast Metal Race Cars (T7)

Ertl Citgo Tractor/Trailer Winston Cup Series (T7)

Ertl STP Tractor/Trailer Richard Petty (T7)

Ertl County Time Lemonade Racing Tractor/Trailer (T7)

(5) Nascar Dale Earnhardt Posters (T8)

(8) Sam Bass Limited Edition Signed and Number Print Collection (T8)

Official 20th Anniversary Winston Motorsports Commemorative Edition #2892 (T8)

(2) Denver Bronco Flags (T8)

Misc. Binders (T7)

Hummingbird and Flower Puzzle (T7)

Official 20th Anniversary Commemorative Edition Dale Earnhardt Posters (T7)

Lot of Dale Earnhardt Memorabilia (T7)

Tote Full of Nascar Collector Cards (T7)

Battery Operated Odyssey Set (T8)

Lot of Misc. Frames and More (T8)

Minnie Mouse Chair and Toddler Helmet (T8)

(2) Purses (T8)

Lot of Boxcar Children Books (T8)

(2) Trucks (T8)

Box of Children's Books (T8)

Table Top Table Hockey (T8)

(7) Kids Plates and (3) John Deere Cups (T8)

(4) Wooden Puzzles (T8)

Lot of Toys (T8)

Gatorade Approx. 3-Gallon Water Cooler (T8)

(3) Kids Lawn Chairs and Fold Up Chair (T8)

Little Tikes Grocery Cart (T8)

Pet Stairs (T8)

John Deere Heavy Duty 12" Bike (T11)

Mongoose Mutant 16" Orange Bike (T11)

Italian Leather Couch (C2)

Italian Leather Couch (C2)

Italian Leather Oversized Chair (C2)

Italian Leather Oversized Chair (C2)

Italian Leather Loveseat (C2)

Black River Trading Moose Horn Coffee Table (C2)

Black River Trading Moose Horn End Table (C2)

Black River Trading Elk Horn Coffee Table (C2)

Lot of Jewelry (FR)

Lot of Vintage Jewelry (FR)

Lot of Vintage Jewelry (FR)

Lot of Vintage Jewelry (FR)

Lot of Vintage Jewelry (FR)

Lot of Vintage Broaches (FR)

Lot of Vintage Jewelry (FR)

Lot of Misc. Jewelry (FR)

Fiesta Pitcher/Tumbler Set (FR)

Fiesta Egg Tray (FR)

Fiesta Flower Vase (FR)

Red Wing Sponge Bowl (FR)

Sponge Wear Casserole with Lid (FR)

Marcy Grip Adjustable Dumbbells (T12)

Coleman and Burner Stove (T12)

Wood Ammunition Box (T12)

(3) Vintage Throwing Horse Shoes (T12)

Cast Iron Grates (T12)

Cast Iron Grates (T12)

Cast Iron Arches (T12)

Antique Soap Holder (T12)

1972 Beam Kentucky Derby Whiskey (FR)

Picture Frames - Home Decorations (T10)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

Hot Wheels and More (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

Books From Around the World (T2)

Seat Cushions (T2)

Napkins (T2)

Office Supplies (T2)

New Candles and More (T2)

Pampered Chef Plates and More (T2)

Misc. Wood Items (T2)

Horse Head (T2)

(2) Lamps (T2)

Easter Decorations (T2)

Basket of Plates-Napkins-More (T2)

Milk Glass Items (T2)

Euro-Pro Toaster Oven (T2)

Misc. Items (T2)

Candles and Holders (T2)

Misc. Items (T2)

Hat Box and More (T2)

Tablecloths-Cloth Napkins-More (T2)

Misc. Kitchen Appliances (T2)

Outdoor Seasonal Flags (T2)

Misc. Wood Items (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

Misc. Kitchen Items (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's (T2)

New McDonald's Toy Story (T2)

Hot wheels and More (T2)

(2) Boxes of Handmade Quilts (T2)

(2) Typewriters (T2)

(2) Tables (T2)

Box Full of Photo Albums (T2)

Misc. Kitchen Items (T2)

Glass Light Covers (T2)

Tracks (T2)

Animals and Helmet (T2)

(2) Boxes of Books (T2)

(9) Janet Evanovich Books (T2)

Misc. Items (T2)

Misc. Items (T2)

Kids Outdoor Water Items (T2)

Picnic Table Cushions-More (T2)

Garbage Cans and Totes (T2)

Handmade Aprons (T2)

(6) Storage Boxes (T2)

Vintage Doll and Clothes (T2)

Misc. Items (T2)

Christian Items (T2)

Misc. Items (T2)

(2) Glass Bowls (T2)

Grinder-BBQ Tools and More (T2)

Misc. Kitchen Items (T2)

(7) Ball Blue Glass Jars (T2)

(6) Holiday Jar Candle Holders (T2)

Roasting Pan and More (T2)

Misc. Electrical and More (T2)

Wine Items and More (T2)

Glass Organizer and More (T2)

Nativity and More (T2)

Games-Puzzles-Books (T2)

Ribbon-Cards-More (T2)

Glassware (T2)

Glassware (T2)

Misc. Items (T2)

Kitchen Appliances (T2)

Basket and Dishes (T2)

Misc. Tins and Notecards (T2)

Misc. Bathroom and Vanity Items (T2)

Fall Decorations (T2)

Large Assortment of Craft Items (T2)

HP Deskjet Printer (T2)

(2) George Forman Grills (T2)

Oster Bread Machine (T2)

(20) Insulators (T2)

Pictures and Frames (T2)

Shelving-Paint Items-More (T2)

Christmas Decorations (T2)

Cookbooks-Shelf-More (T2)

Ab Sculptor (T2)

(2) Suitcases (T2)

Christmas Decorations (T2)

(3) Hampers and More (T2)

Gardening Items (T2)

Pots-Pans-More  (T2)

Glass Jars and Bottles (T2)

Kitchen Cookware (T2)

2 Drawer File Cabinet (T2)

Gerry High Chair (T2)

Handicap Accessories (D)

Lamps and Floor Cleaners (D)

Vintage Seed Planter (D)

Vintage Seed Planter (D)

Handicap Accessories (D)

Vintage Potato Planter (D)

Plant Stands-More (D)

(3) Wood Chairs (D)

Wood Vanity and Mirror (T16)

Hall Table and Basket (D)

Dresser and Quilt Rack (D)

(4) Stools and Coat Rack (D)

Vintage Doll House-Furniture-Books-More (A)

Wooden Trunk/Chest (A)

(2) Pictures (A)

Locking Gun Rack (A)

(8) Misc. Items (A)

Mirror and Frames (A)

Picture (A)

Picture (A)

Picture (A)

Picture (A)

Mirror and Pictures (A)

(2) Mirrors (A)

Two Man Saw (A)

Picture (A)

(9) Kitchen Table Items (A)

(3) Foreign Country Items (A)

Skis and Poles (D)

(2) Chairs and Table (D)

Wood Office Desk (D)

Wood Computer Cabinet (CE)

Table-Chairs-Leaves (CE)

Wicker Items (CE)

Health O Meter Scale (CE)

(2) Vintage Round Tables (CE)

(2) Boxes of Pink Dishes (T3)

Glasses (T3)

Misc. Items (T3)

Dishes (T3)

Coffee Mugs (T3)

Misc. Items (T3)

Misc. Items (T3)

Misc. Kitchen Items (T3)

Misc. Kitchen Items (T3)

Vintage Items and More (T3)

Vintage Iron-Seashells-Thermometers-More

Brass Items and Foreign Souvenirs (T3)

Ironing Items and Clothespins (T3)

Misc. Items (T3)

Laptop and Organizer Bags (T3)

Electronic Devices (T3)

Cameras-More (T3)

Misc. Car Items and More (T3)

Lot of Misc. Items (T3)

Box of Various Records (T3)

Wooden Box with Office Supplies, Garden Tools and More (T3)

Garden Tools and Garden Decor (T3)

Lot of Misc. Items (T3)

Power Cords and Power Strips (T3)

Lot of Misc. Items (T3)

Kitchen Items (T3)

Men's and Women's  Dress Items (T3)

Glasses (T3)

Misc. Items (T3)

Candles-Holders-More (T3)

Misc. Items (T3)

Misc. Items (T3)

Glassware (T3)

CD's-Cassettes-More (T3)

Tupperware-Dishes-More (T3)

Wicker Baskets (T3)

(20+) Packages of New Felt Cloth Pieces (T4)

Rusty Look Metal Cans with Lids (T4)

Vintage Maytag Gas Engine (T4)

Paint Rack and (100) Bottles of Paint (T4)

Box of Small Enamelware Trays (T4)

Stacking Book Case Sections (T4)

Old Farm Milk Can (T4)

Vintage Parking Meter (T4)

(4) Vintage Toy Trucks (T4)

Snoozer Pet Bed (T4)

Snoozer Pet Bed (T4)

Wooden Amish Buggy Wheel (T4)

Paper Barrel and Contents (T4)

Folk Art Wooden Airplane - Mailbox (T10)

Lobster Trap and (2) Markers (CE_

Vintage Wooden Office Chair (CE)

Walnut Table (CE)

Oak Shelf Unit With Glass Shelves (CE)

Antique Farm Scythe (CE)

Unused Pella Window Oak (E)

Electronics (T5)

Bucket Boss (T5)

Dome Light Lens and Bracket (FR)

Homemade Dice Game (FR)

(3) Harmonicas (FR)

Trumpet in Case (T5)

Tackle Box With Contents (T5)

Vintage Lot (T5)

Metal Telescoping Easel and Print (T5)

Lot of Vintage Books (T5)

(2) Vintage  Pictures (T5)

Wash Pitcher and Basin (T5)

Lot of Misc. (T5)

New Waders (T5)

(2) Bike Seats (T5)

Tree Seat (t5)

Tote of Carry On Bags (T5)

(2) Golf Caddis (T5)

(2) Soft Sided Suit Cases (T5)

(3) Stools (T5)

Standing Lamp (T5)

Misc. Items (T5)

Vintage Lead Anchor  (T5)

(2) Hand Saws (T5)

Duck Lot (T5)

(2) Metal Tool Boxes with Contents (T5)

Sunbeam Toaster Oven (T5)

Glassware Set (T5)

Lot of Spanish and More (T5)

Household Fix-It Lot (T5)

Candles (T5)

Reader Books (T5)

Disney Coloring (5)o

Sunblock (T5)

Paper Projects (T5)

Sunblock and Tooth Paste (T5)

Masking Box (T5)

Dart Board (T5)

Swimming Stuff (T5)

Small Kid Toys for Gift Bags (T5)

Virtual Head Set (T5)

LED Lights (T5)

Nascar Stuff (T5)

Shipping Tape (T5)

Knives  (T6)

Pistol Case (T6)

Battery Charger (T6)

Knife Set (T6)

Large Duffle Bags (T6)

Large Duffle Bags (T6)

New Leather Motorcycle Jackets (T6)

New Leather Motorcycle Jackets (T6)

Tank Bags (T6)

Set of (2) Soft Sided Suit Cases (T5)

Lot of Pots (T5)

Kwikset Entry Door Lever (T6)

Records (T4)

Records (T4)

(2) Boxes of Books (T4)

(2) Boxes of Books (T4)

(2) Boxes of Books (T4)

(2) Boxes of Books (T4)

Books (T4)

(2) Boxes of Encyclopedias (T4)

Books (T4)

Books (T4)

Books (T4)

(2) Boxes of Books (T4)

Suitcase (T4)

Candle Wax (T4)

Giant Clamp (T4)

Bamboo Shoe Rack (T4)

Craft Books (T4)

Wall Hanging (A)

Wall Hanging (A)

Wall Hanging (A)

(2) Flower Pictures (A)

(2) Porcelain Shades (T1)

(4) Metal Shades (T1)

Cast Iron Chair Base and Wilton Base (T1)

(3) Wall Mounted Lights (T1)

Milk Glass Lamp Shade (T1)

Vintage Metal Funnel (T1)

R & S Co NY No. 495 Junction Box and Telephone Pencil Sharpener (T1)

Worthington Discharge Gauge and Bracket (T1)

Crouse-Heine's Explosion Proof Light  and Westinghouse Spot Light (T1)

(2) Tape Rule (T1)

Gem Folding Miter Box and Tripoli Game Board (T1)

Vanguard 20-08-57 Camera Tripod (T1)

(3) Wooden Wall Hangings (T1)

Stonco Exit Light and Clip On Light (T1)

Vases (T5)

Christmas Lot (T5)

Cimline 14" Saw 65 HP WI  Engine (ON)

3" MQ Pump (ON)

3" MQ Pump (ON)

MBW Razor Back Screed (ON)

MBW Screed (ON)

WI 65 HP Air Cooled Engine (ON)

WI 65 HP Air Cooled Engine (ON)

Wi 65 HP Engine (ON)

Toaster (T14)

Keurig Coffee Maker (T14)

Appliance Cord  - Box and Motion Light (T14)

(25) Fluorescent Bulbs (T14)

Hoover Carpet Shampoo (T13)

Frigidaire Stove (D)

(2) Boxes of Misc. Jewelry (T4)

Pond Leaf Basket (T4)

TV Cabinet and Rehab Bike (CE)

Bench Brackets (T1)

(5) Boxes of Lighting Supplies (T1)

(4) Large Boxes of School Supplies (T1)

Large Box of Computer Items (T1)

(1) Box of Household Items (T1)

(4) 4- Light Bar (T5)

(6) Commercial Baking Sheets (T12)

Cooling Racks (T12)

(2) 32" TVs (T12)

(3) Dale Earnhardt Floor Mats/Wall Hangings (T12)

Action Collectables Dale Earnhardt Legendary Semi Tractor and Trailer (T12)

(3) Decorative Pillows (T12)

#9 Kasey Kahne #19 Nascar Lot (T12)

Harley Davidson Turn signal Lens Kit (T12)

Vintage Westing House Electric Fan (T12)

(2) Coleman Items (T12)

Misc. Lot (T12)

Large Terra Cotta Pots (T10)

Brinkmann Smoke N' Grill (T17)

(2) Boxes of Books (t1)

New in Box Toys (T10)

New in Box Toys (T10)

New in Box Toys (T10)

New in Box Toys (T10)

New in Box Toys (T10)

New in Box Toys (T10)

New in Box Toys (T10)

New in Box Toys (T10)

New in Box Toys (T10)

New in Box Toys (T10)

New in Box Toys (T10)

New in Box Toys (T10)

New in Box Toys (T10)

New in Box Toys (T10)

Lot of Misc. Toy Tractors (T10)

5 Light Floor Lamp (A)

Vintage Dungeon and Dragons (T5)

(2) Wooden Signs and a Gun Rack (T5)

Fiscus Tree (D)

Vintage Scythe (D)

Wood Furnishings (D)

(2) Flats of Glassware (T5)

Large Tub of VHS's (T5)

Vintage Magazines (T5)

(2) Wooden Planters/ Boxes (T5)

Haier Beverage Center - Mini Fridge (T13)

Off Shore Side Planer Boards (T13)

Wood Box - Antique Bread Box (T1)

Wash Tub - Wood Crate - Cast Iron Door Stop (T1)

Razor - Knives (T4)

Light Bulbs  (T4)

Packing Tape (T4)

Levels (T4)

Ladder  (T4)

Rubbermaid Cabinet  (T4)

Card Table  (A)

Batteries  (T4)

Metal Filing Cabinet  (T4)

Dale Earnhardt Cooler  (T4)

Gel Crayons (T4)

Men's Shoes  (T4)

Water  Bottles - Wash Clothes  (T4)

Tools  (T4)

Storage Tots  (T4)

Misc. Items  (T4)

Wood Boxes  (T4)

Humidifier (T4)

Batteries (T4)

Privacy Screen (A)

Plastic Shoe Boxes (T4)

Kitchen Stuff (T4)

Light Bulbs  (T4)

Screwdriver Sets  (T4)

6' Plastic Table  (T4)

Candle Holder  (T4)

Puck Lights - Lot of Odd Tool Items (T4)

Wall Outlet w/USB Ports  (T4)

Back Pack (T4)

Preen  (T4)

(7) books (t4)

Box of Antique Light Fixtures and Shades (t4)

Antique Oil Can (T4)

(4) Vintage Games (T4)

Harley Springs (T4)

Flat of Misc. Farm and Forge (T4)

Match Box Super Garage (T4)

(2) Hub Caps (T4)

Tank Tool Box (t4)

Box of Misc. Auto Parts (T4)

(2) Pair of Socket Sets (t4)

Antique Drawer of  Farm- Shop (T4)

Box of Vintage and Antique Tools (T4)

(2) Bows and Arrows (t4)

Box of Drafting Engineering Set (T4)

Box of Misc. (T4)

Antique Wood Drawer of Cabler Upholstery Tools (T4)

Flat of Sockets and Tools (T4)

Perfection Heater Base and Brass Burner (T4)

Ice Cream Maker (T4)

Antique Feed and Seeder (T4)

Vintage Bath Medicine Cabinet and Towel Shelf (T4)

Antique/Vintage Kennedy Machinist Chest (T4)

(4) Pyrex Crazy Daisy Nesting Mixing Bowls Spring Blossom (T1)

Bunn 8-Cup Coffee Maker (T1)

(12) Hand Crafted Wine Glasses (T1)

Holton Trumpet (T1)

Lot of Tupperware Items (T1)

Lot of Misc. Items (T1)

Lot of Misc. Items (T1)

Lot of Misc. Items (T1)

Red McDermott Lucky Pool Cue (T1)

Vintage Little Orphan Annie Pastry Set (T1)

(2) Boxes of New Cheesecloth Extra Fine from Sysco (T1)

Antique Wooden Rocker (T1)

Window Casing Trim - NEW  (E)

Base Board Trim - NEW (E)

Earthway Seeder (T13)

Knife Saloon (T13)

Grain Scale (T13)

Vintage Sled (F)

Volley Ball Net (F)

Chase Lounge Chair (T9)

Antique Wood Cooking Stove (B)

Twin Bed Head and Foot Board (B)

(2) Metal Shelves Table (B)

Medical Beds (B)

Vacuum and Ironing Board (T16)

Paint Scale and Air Hose (T16)

Kerosene Lamps  and Old Latches (T16)

Cast Iron Fry Pans

Milk Machine and Gun Sight Stand (T16)

Cast Iron Fry Pans and Kettle (T16)

Empty Beer Cases (T16)

Empty Beer Cases (T16)

Marx Pretty Maid Washer (T4)

(2) True Temper Rake  Shovel Holders

47 LBS Bucket of Lead Pieces (T8)

42.5 LBS Bucket of Lead Pieces (T8)

Antique Baby Scale (t8)

B&G Sprayer (T8)

Minnkota 30 LBS Thrmst Trolling Motor (t8)

Diamond Plate Rifle Case (t8)

(3) Boxes of Golf Clubs (B)

Double 25 Cent Candy Machines With Key (B)

Croquet Set (B)

Tar/Black Top Rake (B)

8' Cabela's Depth Master Fishing Rod (B)

Roll Top Desk With Keys (B)

Cat Tower (B)

Milk Container and Storage Closet (B)

(6) Plastic Deck Chairs (B)

Stainless Fish Cleaning Table (B)

Geese and Duck Decoys With Remote Included (T8)

(4) Tool Bins (T8)

White XMT Metal Detector (FR)

Enamel Pan and Enamel Cast Iron Pot (T13)

(2) Schlage Passage Door Lock Sets - Screws  (T13)

Cast Iron Window Weight (T13)

2- Line Desk Phone  (T13)

Pedestal Sink (T13)

Phonograph Record Cabinet (T11)

Spice Cabinet (T13)

Tackle Boxes and Misc. (T16)

Arrows - Helmet - and Gun Cases (T16)

Hot Dog Machine (T16)

Clothes and Waders (T16)

(2) Boxes of Misc. (T16)

(3) Furniture Pieces (CE)

(3) Furniture Pieces (CE)

Shelf (B)

Hunting Suit and Jacket (B)

Seth Thomas Grandfather Clock (A)

Hobart Tool Case With Tools (T4)

(2) Ihome IPhone Chargers / Clock Radio (T4)

Bar Stool and Chair (T4)

Blue Coin Books Empty (T4)

Snowman Coasters (T4)

Pulsar Slot Machine (T4)

New England Church Clock (T4)

Dad's Box and Books Tools Drill (T4)

Allied Grey Tool Box (T4)

Juke Box (B)

Mosquito Delito (D)

Canon Projector (T15)

Samsung Digital Presenter (T15)

(95) Vintage Beer Cans (T15)

(210) Vintage Beer Cans (T15)

(220) Vintage Beer Cans (T15)

Battery Cart (T10)

White Birch Slabs and Birch Wrapped Wine Bottles (T11)

70 QT Cooler (T11)

Vintage and Misc. Toys (t11)

Vintage Mop Wringer (T11)

Hunting Accessories (T11)

Weed Eater and Rototiller (T10)

Misc. Jars Mason and Ball (T11)

Vintage Blue Mason Ball Jars (T11)

Vintage MCM Vanity Sink (T11)

Misc. Household Items (T11)

Vintage Misc. Tools (T11)

Kwikset Entry Door Knob and Deadbolt Combo (T6)

Vintage Rocking Chair (B)

Golf Theme Items - Harley Davidson Items - Green Bay Packer Item (T10)

Household Items (T10)

Whiskey Jug Crock (T10)

Pack n Play (T1)

Elliptical (CE)

Roll Top Desk (B)

Gold Metal Heated Cabinet (CW0

(3) Coolers (CW)

Husqvarna Gas Back Pack Blower - Electric Hedge Trimmer (CW)

3/8 Drive Sockets (CW)

Body Hammers (CW)

Menu Boards & Letters (CW)

Pepsi Clock (CW)

Combination Window Repair Parts (CW)

Open Sign (CW)

Approx. (29) Vases (T3)

Christmas Decorations (T3)

3 Ring Binders (T3)

Fall Decorations (T3)

Kitchen Cookware (T3)

Kitchen Cookware (T3)

Pictures and Frames (T3)

Kitchen Cookware (T3)

(2) Boxes of Books (T3)

(2) Boxes of Books (T3)

Fishing Items (T3)

Misc. Items (T3)

Wood Rocking Horse (T3)

Hand Cart (T1)

Wood Folding Table (T2)

Christmas Village Items (T3)

Vise and Saw (T3)

Electric Tools and More (T3)

Bench Grinder (T3)

(2) Binders of Sports Cards (T3)

Jewelry and Keychains (T3)

Misc. Items (T3)

Vintage Medicine Cabinet (T3)

Horse shoes and Box (T3)

Lamp (T3)

E Track Ratchet Straps (T3)

E Track Ratchet Straps (T3)

Misc. Items (T3)

Pyrex and Carafes (T3)

Party Supplies (T3)

Misc. Kitchen Utensils and Appliances (T3)

New Christmas Kitchen (T3

Misc. Kitchen Utensils and Pitchers (T3)

Misc. Magazines (T3)

Misc. Kitchen Items (T3)

Green Bay Packers Items (T3)

Punch Bowl and Glasses (T3)

Battery Charger and Tools (T3)

Car Seat Cover (T3)

VHS's and DVD's (T3)

Misc. Items (T3)

Tools and More (T3)

Misc. Items (T3)

Dishes (T3)

Dishes (T3)

Electronics (T3)

(2) Circular Saws (T3)

Camping Items (T3)

Craft Items (T3)

Frames and Pictures (T4)

Jack Stands  (T4)

Shop Vac (T3)

Heat Box (T3)

Basket and Bags (T3)

Creeper and Tools (T3)

(2) Boxes of Books (T3)

Large Basket With Cover (T3)

(3) Boxes of Books (T3)

Kids Toys and Crafts (T3)

Christmas Items (T3)

Tupperware and More (T3)

Misc. Table Runners and More (T3)

Coolers and Drink Jugs (T3)

Singer Sewing Machine (T3)

Picture (A)

Wood Table (CE)

Desk and Floor Mat (CW)

Bakers Rack (CW)

Gas Can and Pail (CW)

Jack Stands (T4)

Stationary Exercise Bike Holder (T4)

Weed Eater and Leaf Blower (CW)

Leaf Blower (CW)

Solid Brass Stand (A)

Lights (T1)

(3) Miche Bag Covers (T1)

Knitting Items and More (T1)

Misc. Tools and Hardware (T1)

Golfing Items (T1)

Misc. Items (T1)

Pictures and Frames (T1)

Fall Decorations (T1)

Trunk/Chest  and Mirror (T1)

Wicker Baskets (T1)

Wood Holder (T1)

Hotpoint Electric Stove (D)

Door With Frame (F)

Box of 12volt Fluorescent Light Fixtures (CW)

Box of 6-Strut Channel Bases (CW)

Whelen Strobe Lights & Controller (CW)

(2) Boxes 120volt FL Light Fixtures (CW)

(3) Direct TV Remotes (CW)

Scale Metal Lock Box (T6)

Sunglass Display (T10)

Trade Show Case (T7)

Kids Power Wheels (T15)

Misc. Item (T4)

Glass Cups - Glass Toothpick Holders and More

Gerber VS (T1)

Smith & Wesson (T1)

Craig Radio (T1)

Emerson 32" (T1)

Elvis Presley (T1)

Coleman (T1)

Decoration (T1)

(2) Bushel Baskets (T1)

Metal First Aid Kit (T1)

Toshiba Flat Screen TV (CW)

New Anderson Window and New Sliding Screen Door (F)

Wheel Barrow Parts and Pots and Pans (T18)

Old Coca-Cola Pop Machine (D)

Old Pepsi-Cola Pop Machine (D)

Privacy Screen (T16)

Misc. Kitchen Dishes and Bakeware (T!5)

Glass Lot (T15)

Assorted Vases and Pitchers (T15)

Kitchenware (T15)

Kitchenware (T15)

Piano Bench Wood (T15)

Album Cabinet (T15)

Twin Bed Frame (T15)

Sewing Desk and Chair (T15)

Trundle Bed (T16)

PA Horns (T16)

Round PA Horn (T16)

Electro Voice PR Horn (T16)

Kitchen Utensil Box (T15)

Entertainment Center (B)

Washer and Dryer (CE)

5-Gallon Water Jugs (T6)

Milk Cases (T15)

Pipe Wrenches and Pail (T15)

Propane Tank (T15)

Old Anchors (T15)

(3) Vintage Anchors (T15)

(2) Vintage Anchors (T15)

Basket of Hinges Brackets (T15)

Do Not Enter Sign and Small Stop Sign (T15)

Vintage Wooden Sign PLEASE (T15)

Bunkie Board (C2)

Smoker (T12)

Weather Vane (T12)

Candy Machine (T12)

Lot of Fishing Items (T1)

Cords and Weed Wacker (T1)

Lot of Household Items (T1)

Lot of Christmas Items (T1)

Freezer (C1)

End Tables (C1)

Pie Cupboard (T1)

TV Stand (C1)

(2) Fire Extinguishers (T13)

Fenton Hob Nail Translucent Blue Fairy Light (FR)

Fenton Hob Nail Uranium Glass Fairy Light (FR)

8-Point Buck Mount (A)

Pok�mon Card Collection (T6)

Stamp Collection (T6)

Day of the Dead Picture and 1983 McCarthy Cane Framed Print (T6)

Wheel Chair Ramp (D)

Antique Hay Trolley (T11)

Fishing Lures - Hip Boots (T16)

Chop Saw (T16)

Tools (T16)

Coca Cola Collectables (T16)

Tiki Cover Tent (T16)

Miller Mirrors (CW)

Garden Tools (T16)

Jarts Dart Game (CW)

Chain Saw (CW)

Misc. Home Decor (CW)

Women's Wire Frame Bust (D)

Napa Battery Charger (D)

Antique Wood Cook Stove (CA)

True Commercial Refrigerator (CA)

Antique Buggy Wheels (D)

Pellet Stove Traditions (H)

New Bath Tub (T16)

80 Sq. Feet of Pre- Finished Oak Hardwood Flooring (E)

Hoover Wind Tunnel Vac (T1)

Pressure Washer (T1)

McDonald Toy Story Banner (T1)

Paper Towel Dispensers (T1)

Glassware (T6)

Captain Morgan Wall Mirror (AE)

(2) Wooden Crock Covers (T10)

Cast Iron Trivet (T10)

B&K Floral Stemming Machine (T10)

New Fiberglass Tapered Column With Caps (T12)

Harley Davidson Leather Vest (T1)

Vintage Horseman Ventriloquist (T1)

Herl and Roth Violin (T1)

Hitachi Impact Drill and Circular Saw (T1)

Harley Davidson Plaque and Iron Motor (T1)

Harley Davidson Men's Boots (T1)

Harley Davidson Women's Leather Jacket (T1)

Wisdom Carry on Suitcase with Wheels (T1)

(2) Vintage Torches (T1)

Vintage Machete with Case (T1)

Harley Davidson Belt (T1)

Harley Davidson Belt (t1)

Wicker Baskets (T10)

Mason Jars (t10)

Old Games (T4)

(5) Vintage Items and Games (T4)

(3) Games / Toys (t4)

(3) Vintage Toys (T4)

Vintage Crank Toy Organ (T4)

Vintage Telstar Video Game and Stuffed Animal Cat (T4)

Vintage McDonalds Play Set and More(T4)

(4) Toy Sets (T4)

(2) Newer Games (t4)

(2) Vintage Toys (t4)

(3) Hands on toys (t4)

(4) Vintage Plates (T4)

(4) Vintage Board Games (T4)

(5) Vintage Posters (t4)

(2) Vintage Mechanical Toys (t4)

(3) Vintage Toys (T4)

(3) Vintage Dolls (T4)

(2) Vintage Games (t4)

Magical Illusions Set (T4)

Shmo Dice Game (T4)

(2) Vintage Games (t4)

(3) Vintage Boxes (T4)

Arnold Palmers Indoor Golf Course (T4)

(2) Small Grills (t4)

Corelle Dishes - Water Bottles - Stoneware Dishes (D)

Modular Office Furniture (C2)

Printer With Scanner - Copier - Fax and (7) Computer Keyboard (D)

Lawn Statue (D)

Charger - Tire Chains and Other Misc. (CW)

Fishing Gear (CW)

(4) Safety Harness (CW)

Central Machinery Well Pump (CW)

65" Samsung Color TV (T6)

Coffee Table (CA)

Vintage Pressed Glass (T6)

Hill Power Adjustable Therapy Bed (T12)

Vintage Handmade Wooden Toy Cart Trailer (T13)

Vintage Wooden Sleigh (T13)

Electric Razor Scooter (D)

Aquarium Lot (D)

Vintage Camera Lot (D)

Vintage Toy Lot (D)

Trophy Toppers (D)

CD Cases (D)

Kitchen Items (D)

Microwave (D)

Panasonic LCD Monitor with DVD Player (D)

School Desk (D)

French Doors (D)

Kohler Kitchen Sing (PR17)

Rotary Tool (T6)

Air Nailer (T6)

Toolboxes (T6)

Rev-A-Shelf Trash (T6)

Jacuzzi Tub Pump (T6)

Tool/Parts Organizers (T6)

(2) Metal Jewelry Storage Boxes (T6)

Orbital Sanders (T6)

Thermostat and Tools (T6)

Ryobi Router (T6)

Track Lights (T6)

LED Downlights (T6)

Mailbox (T6)

Playground Kit (T6)

Patio Umbrella and Cushion (T6)

Craftsman Shop Vac (T6)

Milwaukee Chargers (T6)

LED Highbay (T6)

Dog Stuff (T6)

(2) Old Chatillon Scales  (T6)

(2) Old Road Flares (T6)

(4) Old Tonka Toys (T6)

Horse items  (T6)

Minnow Trap and More (T6)

(2) Exit Lights  (T6)

(2) Boxes of Napkins  (T6)

(2) Boxes of Napkins  (T6)

(2) Boxes of Napkins  (T6)

Road Sign (T6)