Farm Auction in Portage La Prairie Manitoba, Canada

21 Saturday
April 21st, 2018
Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers
Phone: 1.778.331.5500


Farm Auction in Portage La Prairie Manitoba, Canada

Saturday at - 21st April , 2018



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Auction Items For Sale

Lot#: 10437707
1982 GMC T/A 1GDM7DIG2CV580662

Detroit, diesel, 205 hp, 5x2 manual, spring susp, 9000 lb frt, 18500 lb rears, 239 in. WB, PTO

Lot#: 10437708

V8, diesel, 225 hp, 13 spd manual, spring susp, 10860 lb frt, 34000 lb rears, PTO, 18 ft steel box, roll tarp, plumbed for pup

Lot#: 10437709
2012 JOHN DEERE S670 1H0S670SPC0747275

615P hdr, s/n 1H00615PLC0745396, reverser, VSR, auto HHC, rock trap, perforated auger, grain tank exts, chopper, Adv PowerCast Tailboard, GreenStar GS3 CommandCenter display, lateral tilt feeder house fdr house, 900/60R32 F, 600/65R28 R, 766 sep hrs showing

Lot#: 10437710
2014 VERSATILE 2375 335807

12 spd standard, Outback S3 display, Outback receiver, Outback eDrive TC autosteer, 4 hyd outlets, 1 aux hyd, rear weights, 650/65R42 duals

Lot#: 10437711
2009 JOHN DEERE 8245R RW8245R002000

IVT, diff lock, GreenStar GS3 CommandCenter display, Autotrac ready autosteer, 4 hyd outlets, 2 aux hyd, 540/1000 PTO, Q/C 3 pt hitch, frt weights, 480/70R34 F, 480/80R50 duals R

Lot#: 10437712
2012 KUBOTA M7040D 90727

62 hp, M26 ldr w/bkt, s/n UX7369581, Q/C pallet fork, 8 spd shuttle shift LH rev, diff lock, 1 hyd outlet, 540 PTO, Q/C 3 pt hitch, 9.5x24 F, 16.9x28 R

Lot#: 10437818
Not Available

Grain Cleaner, Disc markers, Sund Pick-up

Lot#: 10437823
2008 JOHN DEERE 630F 30 Ft Flex H00630F726532

to fit John Deere S Series Combine, P/U reel, hyd F&A, dividers

Lot#: 10437825
1990 VERSATILE 4022 22 Ft D461066

to fit 4750 Swather, P/U reel, F&A manual

Lot#: 10437826
2013 MASSEY FERGUSON WR9740 25 Ft AGCM97400DHS11340

5225 hdr, s/n AGCM52250DHDW1327, P/U reel, F&A, TopCon display, TopCon receiver, 480/85R F, 14Lx16.1SL R, 236 machine hrs showing, Floform 8 ft hyd swath roller

Lot#: 10437827
2008 MASSEY FERGUSON 9220 25 Ft HT08158

5200 hdr, s/n HS10210, P/U reel, F&A, 12.5Lx15SL F, 18.4R26 R, 8 ft poly tapered hyd rear mounted swath roller

Lot#: 10437828
1992 VERSATILE 4750 Not Available

Custombuilt Sund Bean pickup 19 ft hdr, 16.9x24 F, 9.5Lx14 R

Lot#: 10437834
2010 ELMERS MANUFACTURING RC20SS830 8 Row 102403

3 pt hitch, 30 in. spacing, sgl shank, guide wheels

Lot#: 10437838
2005 JOHN DEERE 1790 16/31 30/15 In. Row Crop A01790C710150

2 pt hitch, CCS, vacuum delivery, hyd var rate drive, disc markers, pneumatic down pressure, John Deere Seedstar monitor, liquid fert kit, 400 gal tank, 2 in. plumbing, rear fill

Lot#: 10437849
2010 SAKUNDIAK HD10-1400 10 In. x 46 Ft 69944

Briggs & Stratton 33 hp, elec start, elec clutch, mover, hyd winch

Lot#: 10437854
2013 CONVEY-ALL 410 +/- Bushel Seed Tender 134915

Honda GX160, elec start, 12 in. conv, roll tarp

Lot#: 10437858
2006 JOHN DEERE 7720 RW7720D048114

frt PTO, frt 3 pt hitch, frt aux hyd, IVT LH rev, diff lock, Autotrac ready autosteer, 4 hyd outlets, 540/1000 PTO, Q/C 3 pt hitch, 380/85R30 F, 14.9R46 duals R

Lot#: 10437860
2013 SPRA-COUPE 7660 90 Ft High Clearance AGCS7660TDN8P2065

Perkins, 600 gal poly tank, foam markers, 5 nozzle bodies, fence row nozzles, rinse tank, 6 sec ctrl, Raven SmarTrax autosteer, crop dividers, hyd axle adj, 320/85R38 F, 380/90R46 R

Lot#: 10454936
1997 DOEPKER Super B 2DEAGBA35V1010442

open ended, alum box, A/R susp, roll tarp *THIS LOT SOLD WITH: 1997 - DOEPKER SUPER B GRAIN TRAILER s/n: 2DEAGBZ22V1010443 c/w: open ended, alum box, A/R susp, roll tarp;