Automotive Parts Store, Auto Equipment & More

Online Auction in Richfield Minnesota, United States

20 Wednesday
February 20th, 2019 6:00 PM
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Automotive Parts Store, Auto Equipment & More

Online Auction in Richfield Minnesota, United States

Wednesday at - 20th February , 2019


Automotive Store and Automotive Equipment: Rotary Lift, Jacks, Tire Machines, Air Compressors, Hydraulic Press, Ammco Lathes, Hand Tools, More.
Store Inventory and Auto Parts, Lozier Shelving, Parts Shelving, Auto Manuals, More.



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Auction Items For Sale

1.Rotary Auto Hoist, 10,000 Lb. Capacity, Model SP0A10N700, Serial CRZ08A0066, 208/230V, 1 PH

2.ATD 1000 Lb. Telescopic Transmission Jack

3.ATC 3 Ton Hydraulic Service Jack

4.Service Jack

5.2 Blackhawk Jack Stands, Model AX-5

6.Oil Drain on Pedestal

7.Performance Tool Auto Creeper

8.Assorted on Pegboard, Welding Mask, Tools, More

9.4 Assorted Tires, 2 - 4.80-12 Tires with Rims

10.Metal Office Stand on Wheels

11.Diablo Abrasive Blaster

12.Wood 10' Work Bench with Assorted

13.All Trade Bench Grinder, Model 1973-G-6, 1/2 HP

14.Metal Shop Rag Bin

15.Gates PC 707 Crimper with Two Wheeler

16.Porta Matic Air Lift, 5,000 Lb. Capacity

17.Gates Parts Cabinet 42"x12"x24" with Assorted Parts, Used with Crimper

18.Rhino Plastic Car Ramps

19.Poly Tank in Cage Pallet, 275 Gallon, 2 Assorted Barrels, Funnels, More

20.Shopping Cart, Assorted Lights, More

21.Kleer-Flo Parts Washer, Model RK60

22.Wood 6' Step Ladder, Aluminum 16' Extension Ladder, Assorted Brooms and Shovels, More

23.Fire Extinguisher

24.Gasoline Tank Caddy on 2 Wheels, 14"x16.5"x31" Tank

25.2 Assorted Auto Hoods, Possible Ford Fairlane and Chevy Camaro

26.2 Assorted LP Tanks, Scuba Tank

27.Metal Top Work Bench 120"x29.5", 6" Bench Vise, More

28.OTC 17.5 Ton Hydraulic Press with Assorted Plates

29.2 Assorted Metal Work Tables 36"x27.5" and 72"x29", Metal Cart 22"x36" with 3.5" Vise, Black & Decker 6" Bench Grinder, More

30.Assorted, Pneumatic Ram Frame, Ultrasonic Tank on Wheels 88", 2 Bar-Bee Swing Arms

31.Solar 165 Wire Feed Welder 230V, Century 295 Amp Arc Welder 220V, Engine Stand on Wheels

32.Metal 2 Door Cabinet, 36"x25.25"x78"

33.Metal Service Vehicle Bumper, 77"x10"x31"

34.Delta Milwaukee Drill Press, 120V

35.Metal 2 Tier Shelving with Wire Grid Decking 76"x24"x72" with Contents, Gas Cans, Tools, Parts, More

36.Ammco Brake Lathe, Model 4000, 120V with Assorted Tooling on Stand

37.Ammco Brake Drum Lathe, Model 3000, 120V with Stand

38.Hydraulic Transmission Jack on Wheels, Model ATD-7432

39.Assorted Gates Dies, More

40.2 Assorted Tanks, Tank Dolly

41.Champion Starter Tester Module, Model AT-5000, Gates Hose Chop Saw 120V

42.Metal Work Bench with Undershelf 120.5"x30.5", Assorted Hose

43.Kwik-Way Manufacturing Surface Grinder, Model FG-5000, 230V, 3 PH

44.Champion Air Compressor, Model TU57-80, Approx. 80 Gallon Tank, 230V

45.Emglo Air Compressor, Model W5B-80V, Approx. 80 Gallon Tank, 5 HP, 1730 RPM, 230V

46.Pow R Lite 3000W Gas Generator, 115/230V Output, Briggs & Stratton Engine

47.Cast Iron Sink, 22"x18"

48.Metal Work Bench, 70.5"x36.75"

49.Assorted Sand Bags, 2 Bags Vinyl Cement Patch

50.Mitsubishi ? V6 Gas Engine

51.Industrial Sander, Serial 290070396, 59", 230V with Foot Pedal, Hydraulic Motor and Ram 24"

52.FMC Pneumatic Tire Changer, Series 7600

53.Forward Lift Portable Auto Hydraulic Scissors Hoist with Global Hydraulics Power Unit on 2 Wheel Dolly, 1.7 HP, 1700 RPM, 115V

54.FMC Computer Wheel Balancer, Model 4100, Serial E4 1 HD 006, 115V

55.Assorted in Corner, Drums, Tires, Parts, Shovels, Absorbent, More

56.2 Assorted Electric Heaters, Fire Extinguisher

57.2 Assorted Cabinets, Metal Shelf, Chairs, Welded Rims

58.Charger Electro-Static Precipitator Filter, Model 2200 S, 1/2 HP, 110V, 48"x27.5"

59.Metal Rubber Melting Tank, 48.5"x24.5"x35"

61.Metal Cabinet (3 Drawer File/Storage), 9 Tier Organizer 37.5"x12.5"x36.5"

62.Dorman 10 Tier Parts Shelf 30"x10"x76" with Contents

63.Dorman 10 Tier Parts Shelf 30"x10"x76" with Contents

64.Assorted, Lighted Machine Shop Service Sign, Wire Shelves, Shovels, US Flags, Roofing Material, Bug Deflector, More

65.4 Metal Shelves, 48"x12"x87" Each

66.3 Assorted Fire Extinguishers

67.V8 Engine Block, 010 776 509 G36

68.Assorted, Pipe 10' - 21', Pegboard, Folding Chairs, Metal Shelves, More

69.Lasko 20" Fan

70.Red Devil Paint Shaker, 1/3 HP, 115V

71.Drill Bit Sharpener, Extension Cords/Wire, Vacuum Pump, More

72.Assorted, Grass Seed Bags, Paint Sticks, 2 Boxes Paper Funnels

73.FMC Visualizer Series Alignment System

74.Tennant Floor Buffer with Assorted Pads, 3/4 HP, 115V

75.5 Dorman Drawers, 14.5"x13"x3.5"

76.2 Metal Shelves 48"x12"x85" with Assorted Auto Manuals

77.8 Metal Shelves 48"x12"x87" with Contents, Grant ATV Helmet Size L, Auto Parts, Time Clocks, Regulators, Auto Fluids, More

78.2 Metal Shelves 48"x12"x87" with Contents, Regulators, Hand Saws, Jumper Cables, Drills, Barrel Pump, More

79.Metal 25 Compartment Shelf, 37.5"x12"x84"

80.3 Assorted Retail Racks

81.Metal Shelf 48"x24"x88" with Contents, Auto Manuals, MC Tank, Fuel Tank, More

82.Assorted, Pneumatic Tool, Jack, Painting Supplies, More

83.4 Assorted Metal Shelves, 2 - 48"x24"x88" and 2 - 36"x12"x85".
Please pick up after 3PM.

84.Office Table, 2 Drawer File, More

85.Assorted Auto Manuals, Mitchell, Chilton and More

86.16 Assorted Metal Shelves, 15 - 36"x12"x75" and 1 - 48"x12"x87"

87.15 Metal Shelves, 36"x12"x75"

88.2 Metal Shelves 48"x12"x87" with Contents, Pegboard Hooks, Blower with Motor, 2 File Cabinets, More

89.2 American Parts Co. Wall Cabinets, 30"x12.5"x27"

90.Salt/Sand Spreader

91.Chrome Bumper, Approx. 76"

92.Assorted Machine Tooling

201.2 Dorman 4 Drawer Parts Cabinets with Contents, 17"x13"x16" with 1 Base

202.2 Dorman 4 Drawer Parts Cabinets with Contents, 17"x13"x16" with 1 Base

203.2 Dorman 4 Drawer Parts Cabinets with Contents, 17"x13"x16" with 1 Base

204.2 Dorman 4 Drawer Parts Cabinets with Contents, 17"x13"x16" with 1 Base

205.2 Dorman 4 Drawer Parts Cabinets with Contents, 17"x13"x16" with 1 Base

206.2 Signs 16"x14" with Assorted Letters/Numbers

207.Assorted, Peak Antifreeze, Light Bulbs, Trailer Lights, More

208.Assorted Mirrors

209.Assorted Exhaust Clamps and Connector Pipes

210.Assorted, Hitch Balls, Trailer Wiring Adaptors, More

211.3 Tier Battery Rack

212.Approx. 21 Assorted Windshield Wipers

213.Approx. 34 Assorted Auto Manuals

214.Assorted, Sealant, Lubes, More

215.Outdoor ATV Hunting Strap Kit, 11 Pc.

216.Outdoor ATV Hunting Strap Kit, 11 Pc.

217.12' Booster Cables, 8 Ga.

218.Assorted, Gloves, Kids Tool Sets, More

219.Assorted, Lug Nuts, More

220.Assorted, Coupler Plugs, Fittings, More

221.3 Tier Rack

222.Assorted, Steering Wheel Covers, License Plate Frames, More

223.Assorted Battery Cables and Terminals

224.Seafoam Cardboard Display with Contents

225.Assorted, Oil Filter Wrenches, Funnels, Starting Fluids, More

226.2 Boxes Scott Shop Towels, 200 Per Box

227.2 Boxes Wypall Shop Towels, 80 Per Box

228.Assorted, Mini Grease Gun, Transmission Fluids, More

229.Assorted, Grease, Lube, Oil, More

230.5 Tier Rack with Contents, 2 Cycle Oil, SAE 30 Oil, More

231.Ironton 2 Step Stool

232.Ironton Pneumatic Shop Stools

233.Ironton Pneumatic Shop Stools

234.2 Bags Oil-Dri Absorbent, 40 Lbs. Per Bag

235.Assorted Oil, 5W-30, 10W-30, More

236.Assorted Oil, 5W-30, 10W-30, 5W-20, More

237.Assorted Oil, 0W-40, 5W-20, 10W-30, 5W-30, 15W-40, More

238.Assorted, Sta-bil, Diesel Supplement, More

239.Assorted, Car Fresheners, More

240.Assorted Fuses, More

241.Assorted Tools, File Set, Bits, Sockets, More

242.Assorted Body Hardware, More

243.Assorted Auto Electrical, Wire, Connectors, More

244.Assorted Tools, Screwdrivers and Pliers

245.Assorted Tools, Screwdrivers, Tie Rod Separator, More

246.Assorted Tools, Screwdrivers, Wrench, Pliers

247.4 Assorted Tools

248.4 Assorted Tools

249.5 Assorted Tools

250.Ironcast LED Work Light, 4" and 6" C-Clamps

251.Ironcast LED Work Light, 4.8V Cordless Screwdriver

252.Assorted Auto Hardware, More

253.Assorted, Tap & Die Tooling, Springs, More

254.Assorted Auto Hardware, More

255.Assorted, Ice Scrapers, Iso-Heet, More

256.Assorted Dorman Auto Parts, Brake Parts, More, Approx. 117 Pcs.

257.10 Assorted Disc Brake Pad Sets

258.Assorted Wrenches

259.Assorted Wrenches

260.Assorted Sockets

261.Assorted Sockets

262.Assorted Quick Steer Chassis Parts, Approx. 66 Pcs.

263.Assorted Belts and Hose Inventory, More

264.3 Assorted Belt Sizing Tools

272.Assorted, Sockets, Blades, More

273.Assorted Specialty and Large Sockets

274.18" Socket Wrench, Extenders, More

275.Star Products Three-Way Exhaust Bach Pressure Kit, #TU-24A-PB

276.Florida Pneumatic 3/8" Ratchet Wrench Kit, #FP-628K

277.GM ATC Tester, #AC 358-01

278.Central Tools Cylinder Bore Gage, Model 6467, Range 2-8", Grads 0.0001"

279.Bearing Race & Seal Drive Master Set, #12980

280.Sunpro Sensor tester Plus CP9080, Electric Drill

281.ATD Deluxe A/C Clutch Hub Puller/Installer Kit, #ATD-3630

282.Assorted, ATD-5633 Fuel Injection Pressure Tester, Tracerline Optimax Jr Leak Finder, More

283.Assorted, Harmonic Puller, Single-Spring Brake Tool for GM, More

284.2 Assorted Pneumatic Tools

285.Assorted, Micro-Tect, Rocker Arm Stud Remover/Installer, More

287.2 Assorted, Reamer Set, More

288.Assorted, Craftsman Flaring Tool Set, Pullers, More

289.13 Assorted Transmission Filter Kits

290.ATD-5730 Pneumatic Tool with Assorted Bits

291.Assorted, Marson Klik Plastic Rivet Setter, Dial Indicator, More

292.Halogen Rechargeable/Cordless Spot Light

293.Assorted, Auto Care Products, AC Related Tools and Supplies, More

294.Assorted, Auto Care Products, Brake Parts, Sensors, Hardware, More

295.Assorted Auto Abrasives, More

296.Assorted Auto Body Tools and Supplies

297.Assorted Cans Auto Paint and Primer

298.Parts Cabinet 44"x12"x30" with Assorted Edelmann Brass Parts

299.Parts Cabinet 44"x12"x30" with Assorted Edelmann Brass Parts

300.Assorted Auto Parts, Oil Seals, Universal Joints, Bearings, More

301.Assorted, Raybestos Brake Friction Assemblies, Pulleys, Piston Rings, More

302.2 Metal Shelves, 48"x12"x46".
Please pick up after 3PM.

303.Assorted, Oil Treatment, Cleaners, More

304.Assorted, Stop Leak, Flushes, More

305.Assorted, Power Steering Fluid, Injection Cleaner, Fix A Flat, More

306.Assorted, Brake Cleaner, Carb Cleaner, More

307.Assorted, Brake Fluid, Degreaser, Lubes, More

308.2 Metal Shelves 36"x12"x39" with Contents

309.Metal Shelf 48"x12"x40" with Contents, Assorted Auto Manuals

310.Assorted Auto Manuals and Catalogs

311.Metal Shelf 48"x12"x43" with Contents, Assorted Spark Plugs, Wheel Studs, More

312.Ideal Auto Hose Clamp Rack with Assorted Hose Clamps

313.Metal Shelf 48"x12"x43" with Contents, Assorted Spark Plugs, Ignition Wiring Sets, More

314.Metal Shelf 48"x12'x43" with Contents, Assorted Hose Clamps, Oil Filter Caps, Thermostats, More

315.Metal Shelf with Top 48"x24"x43" with Contents, Assorted Auto Manuals, More, Chilton and Others

316.Metal Rack 30"x4"x24" with Contents, Assorted Auto Hardware

317.2 Assorted Metal Shelves, 36"x24"x85" and 48"x12"x85"

318.Lozier Retail Shelving: 13 - 48" Two Sided Sections, 2 - 36" End Caps, 54" and 60" Tall, Assorted Shelving and Hooks Attached.
Please pick up after 3PM.

319.Lozier Retail Shelving: 10 - 48" Two Sided Sections, 2 - 36" End Caps, 54" and 60" Tall, 4 - 48" Single Sided (Wall) Sections with Lights, 84" Tall, Assorted Shelving and Hooks Attached.
Please pick up after 3PM.

320.Copier Stand on Wheels, 24"x22"x24"

321.Metal 2 Door Storage Cabinet, 30"x15"x66"

322.GE Refrigerator 34" Tall, Emerson Microwave

323.Wood Desk 60"x30" with Return 40"x20"

324.Wood Desk, 60"x30"

325.2 - 4 Drawer File Cabinets

326.3 - 3 Drawer File Cabinets

327.2 Wood Retail/Service/Checkout Counters.
Please pick up after 3PM.