Amazing Items: An Abundance of Beautiful Dining Chairs & Stools, Tufted Velvet Ottoman Benches, Child Craft Glider Rocker & Ottoman, Upholstered Accent Chairs, Dinnerware, Christmas Trees, L

Auction in 1564 SW Market St., Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States

28 Sunday
28th November, 2021

Amazing Items: An Abundance of Beautiful Dining Chairs & Stools, Tufted Velvet Ottoman Benches, Child Craft Glider Rocker & Ottoman, Upholstered Accent Chairs, Dinnerware, Christmas Trees, L

Auction in 1564 SW Market St., Lee's Summit Missouri, United States

Sunday at - 28th November , 2021



Welcome to NWH Amazing Auctions in Lee's Summit! Amazing Deals Abound We hope you enjoy the auction and find your amazing deal! We strive to inspect and label each item as accurately as possible so you can bid and buy with confidence! If you have any questions about an item, feel free to call. We welcome and encourage you to preview items of interest by calling Blake (816) 878-9559 or Carolyn (816) 739-2575 If you are tax exempt, please call before bidding; we will need a copy of your Sales Tax Exemption Certificate. If you are unable to pick up your items on the auction's scheduled pick-up date, please call before you bid to see if we can make different arrangements. Winning Bidder's: Your credit card on file will be processed after the auctions close. You can pay for your items, view/print your invoice, and schedule the pick-up of your items from the Dashboard page. Please make sure you schedule your pick-up time; you will not be able to pick-up your items without a scheduled time. If you have an emergency on pick-up date, or there is inclement weather prohibiting pick-up, please call as soon as you are able to make arrangements for pick-up. If you do not call, we will hold your items for 5 days; after 5 days, the items will be considered abandoned and available for resale-we will not be able to refund your money. We make our very best effort to accurately label the levels of products as listed below; despite this effort, we may make a mistake or miss something. Any stock or factory photos we use are for representation only, and may not be exact. If you find we have missed something, please call Blake at (816) 878-9559; we will do our best to make it right. 4 Levels of Product Factory Sealed: New in box, never used, original product, in original box. We stand behind the listing as described. Because we strive to inspect all items, if we open a box and the contents appear factory sealed, we will label it as such. Being “new”, we have not checked for function/internal damage. You may inspect/test before you leave; otherwise, there is a 48-hour return policy (see below). Appears New:Item appears to be in new condition, not used. They may, or may not be in the original box. They should work as expected. We inspect for the following: Does not appear to have been pre-owned Box may be damaged, however, major components/pieces are intact and functional You may test your item before you leave, if it does not work, you may return it for full refund; otherwise, there is a 48-hour return policy (see below). Open box: Open Box represents several conditions, such as incomplete, pre-owned, new but not verified for condition, untested, could be fully functioning, or DOA, we have not tested. Please use inspection time to preview and test before you bid. Open Box items have a 48-hour return policy (see below). We highly suggest you preview open box items during our preview hours. Call if you have questions. Damaged: These items have known damage. We will do our best to describe / picture the damage. We don’t test for functionality. These could be items never used / owned, such as a grill that had shipping damage to the lid, but never put together or used. Could be scratch and dent, or could be totally broken. We encourage you to preview damaged items during our preview hours. Call if you have questions Damaged items can not be returned; they are sold as is. Partial or Incomplete: These items represent merchandise that is shipped in multiple boxes. For example, a bed may ship in 3 separate boxes. Box 1 may contain the headboard, box 2 may contain the side rails, and box 3 may contain the footboard and slats. In order for the bed to have all its parts and be complete, it needs all three boxes. Sometimes we only receive Box 1, or maybe only Box 3, or even Box 1 & 3; when this happens, we will categorize the item as Partial or Incomplete. If we know how many boxes it takes to complete the item, we will also put Box ___ of ___. In this example, it will look like: Partial: Box 1 of 2. Additionally, under “Additional Details” we will categorize the condition of the contents in that box. Partial or Incomplete cannot be returned; they are sold as is. -Bid with Confidence- We offer a 48 HOUR GUARANTEE! Have you ever wondered does this item work? Will it power up and run? Don’t worry, we are now offering a 48-hour guarantee on all items (unless item is listed as damaged, partial, or incomplete). Due to the massive amount of volume, we sell, we try to visually inspect items for any obvious damage, but may miss something. Additionally, we cannot plug everything in and test for functionality. The products we sell are online returns, overstock items, surplus inventory, in-store returns, delivery refusals, bulk volume sales, and sometimes things appear to be fine, but then don’t work. . . therefore We are offering the 48 Hour Guarantee on all items in this sale (unless listed as damaged, partial or incomplete) What is the 48-hour guarantee? We are guaranteeing that major components/pieces are intact and in good condition, NOT color, size, inconspicuous cosmetic scratches/dents; nor that all hardware (i.e. screws, bolts, washers, caps, etc.) are in the box. As always, we will continue to do our best to describe what we see! Buyer must contact us with in 48 hours of pick up time to make claim. (after 48 hours, no refund) After claim is filed, Item needs to be returned to seller in 5 business days. After 5 business days, guarantee is null and void, no refunds will be given. We encourages bidders to inspect and/or test each item prior to leaving the location to minimize any inconvenience that may occur Bid with confidence! This is NOT a site wide policy. Please note other affiliates may or may not adopt the same policies as we do.


- Find Your Amazing Deals - Plenty of Beautiful Items For Your Home: Christmas Trees Beautiful Dining Chairs From Madison Park, Poly & Bark, Gray Barn & Furniture of America Tufted Dining & Bar Height, Set of 4 Velvet & Gold Counter Stools, Chairs, Velvet Ottoman Benches, Peacock Linen Accent Chair, Crockett Glider Recliner, Child Craft Glider Rocker & Ottoman, 4 Sets of 16 Piece Dinnerware, Christopher Knight Outdoor Perla Chaise Lounges & Accent Table, Lighting & So Much More!


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