Online Only Gun Auction

Online Auction in Kearney Nebraska, United States

24 Thursday
October 24th, 2019
Adam Marshall Auctioneers & Land Brokers LLC
Phone: 308-455-4410

Online Only Gun Auction

Online Auction in Kearney Nebraska, United States

Thursday at - 24th October , 2019


CREDIT CARD REQUIRED TO REGISTER: We want to protect against fake bidders and underage persons bidding against you. Your credit card information is used to verify identity and address. BUYER PREMIUM: 10% BP - Example $100 bid is $110PAYMENT: Cash, check, or credit card accepted. Pay at loadout on 10/25 or 10/28. All buyers picking up guns will need a current Nebraska Concealed Carry Permit or Firearm Purchase Permit. All buyers will complete a Form 4473 when required.Invoices over $1,000 will be required to pay cash, check, or wire transfer +$20 fee.You will be charged for the items you purchased, even if you do not pick them up. Nebraska & Kearney sales tax of 7% will added to your invoice.All sales are final. Absolutely no refunds.PICKUP & SHIPPING: Please read carefully. Come pay and pickup on Friday 10/25 and Monday 10/28 from 9:00AM-5:30 PM at our office. If you need your gun shipped, YOU WILL NEED TO SEND US A COPY OF FFL LICENSE to ship it to. You will be charged for actually shipping costs (shipping, box, packing) and it will be charged to your card on file. Shipping time frame is usually 7 days after the auction, but could be up to 14 days.STAGGERED CLOSING: Auction uses a soft close bidding feature to create a live auction atmosphere. Any bids placed within the last 2 minutes of an item will extend that item 2 minutes. This will continue until there are no bids placed inside the last the minute of the item.NONPAYING BIDDERS: We will charge your credit card on file if you do not pay at the scheduled pickup time. We will also block you from participating in future auctions. NO REFUNDS. IF DON'T INTEND ON FOLLOWING THROUGH WITH YOUR PURCHASE, DO NOT BID.CONDITION: All items sell in as-is condition, no warranties expressed or implied. All sales are final.CATALOG DISCREPANCIES: You are bidding on the described item not the picture. Descriptions are believed to be accurate but not guaranteed. When you are not certain of the condition or use of an item, please bid accordingly. Please let us know if there is an error. All sales are final, no refunds.TITLES: A $25.00 Title fee will be charged to the buyer for any titled item. Titles will be mailed to buyer via certified mail within 14 business days of items being paid for and picked up. NO EXCEPTIONS. GUN TERMS: All gun purchasers will need to furnish a state issued ID along with a current Firearm Arm Purchase Permit or Concealed Carry Permit.We can ship guns from our FFL to your FFL. Shipping and all transfer fees will be paid by the buyer.Auction company or seller are not responsible for accidents or injuries while picking up items at the seller's premises.1. AMA is providing internet only bidding for this auction. Bidder acknowledges and understands that this service may or may not function correctly at any time, including the auction closing time. Under no circumstances shall Bidder have any kind of claim against AMA or anyone else if the internet service fails to work correctly before or during the auction closing time. AMA will not be responsible for any missed or failed bids from any source. Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid is acknowledged should place their maximum bids at least two hours prior to the auction closing time. AMA reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in this auction. In the event of any software problem, mistake or other issue, AMA reserves the right to extend the closing times, change the extension time, stop, restart or cancel this auction at its sole discretion. Even though an item may display as "sold" on the internet, no sales are final until they are certified by AMA and Bidder receives an invoice. AMA reserves the right to cancel any or all sales and resell the items in whatever manner it chooses.All property shall be removed from the premises by the Bidder at her/his own risk and expense within the time period announced. ALL MERCHANDISE PURCHASED AT THIS AUCTION MUST BE REMOVED AT THE SCHEDULED PICKUP TIMES LISTED. NO EXCEPTIONS! 2. If a check accepted by AMA is returned for any reason, Bidder agrees that AMA may re-present it in person or electronically and collect the full amount of the check as well as a $35 charge. Any amount left unpaid shall accrue interest at the highest rate allowed under Nebraska state law. Unless exempted by law, the purchaser shall pay all applicable taxes. Bidder agrees to indemnify AMA against any claim if sales tax is not collected on Bidder's purchases. Bidder agrees to not stop payment on any check paid to AMA. Bidder further agrees that under no circumstances will he/she initiate a chargeback on his/her credit card. Title to the merchandise transfers to Bidder only when Bidder's payment is honored.3. AMA may refuse registration and bidding privileges to anyone for failure to pay previous auction invoices, failure to provide a valid credit card or any other reason. Bidder hereby agrees that AMA may share information about Bidder's non-payment of auction invoices or shipping charges with other parties and may pursue collection of balances due by any legal means. Bidder agrees to provide any identification AMA may request including but not limited to: driver's license & state ID card. Bidder agrees to comply with any stated additional terms or conditions associated with particular items.4. Any/all Purchasers will be expected to rely upon his/her personal inspection or investigation of the property being offered at the Auction, or that of an approved party to Buyer, and not upon any representation of warranty or condition by the Seller or the Auction Company. Seller or Auction Company will, in NO WAY, be held responsible for any discrepancies, damage or loss of any property of the Buyer once the Auctioneer says SOLD.5. By registering for this auction you agree to be added to AMA's email list. Each email we send has an easy unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. Please do not report our emails as spam. Photo, video and audio recording is being made at all auction exhibitions and removal events. We hope you enjoy our auction and are able to make many advantageous purchases.All sales are final.



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Auction Items For Sale

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  • Lot #: 1

    Public Preview Day - Thursday Oct....

  • Lot #: 1A

    You will need Permit to buy a gun!

  • Lot #: 1B

    Remington Woodmaster Model 81 rifl...

  • Lot #: 2

    Century Arms Romanian GP WASR-10/6...

  • Lot #: 2A

    2- 30 Round Mags for AK47

  • Lot #: 2B

    1-20 Round Mag for AK47

  • Lot #: 2C

    3 ? 30 Round Plastic Mags for AK47

  • Lot #: 2D

    Pouch & 4 -30 round for AK47

  • Lot #: 3

    Norinco SKS China semi auto rifle,...

  • Lot #: 3A

    1 ? 50 Round Mag for SKS

  • Lot #: 3B

    3 ? 30 Round Mags for SKS

  • Lot #: 3C

    2 ? 10 Round Mags for SKS

  • Lot #: 3D

    1 -5 Round Mag for SKS

  • Lot #: 4

    US Springfield 1863/1869 Trapdoor,...

  • Lot #: 5

    **Updated -US Springfield 1873 Tra...

  • Lot #: 6

    Volunteer Enterprises Commando Mar...

  • Lot #: 7

    CAI M-1 Garand, 30-06, M1P16411

  • Lot #: 8

    Hungarian M44 1953 bolt action rif...

  • Lot #: 9

    Enfield Ishapore 2A1 RFI 1967 bolt...

  • Lot #: 10

    Turkish Mauser 1945 bolt action ri...

  • Lot #: 11

    German Mauser Model 98 -1939, 8mm,

  • Lot #: 12

    Mauser OVIEDO 1922 rifle, 7mm, 495...

  • Lot #: 13

    Golden State Arms Santa Fe Jungle...

  • Lot #: 14

    Sporterized Long Branch No.4MK1 19...

  • Lot #: 14B

    Turkish Mauser 98 bolt action rifl...

  • Lot #: 15

    England - 4MK1 M47 1943, 303 Briti...

  • Lot #: 16

    Husqvarna Mauser Swiss 1941, 6.5 S...

  • Lot #: 17

    Enfield 1917 SHT LE III Sporterize...

  • Lot #: 18

    Mauser 1938 rifle, 8MM,

  • Lot #: 19

    Yugslavian 98 Mauser rifle, 8x57mm...

  • Lot #: 20

    Italian 1938 XVII bolt action rifl...

  • Lot #: 21

    CAI China M53, 7.62x54, Bayonet, 1...

  • Lot #: 22

    H&R Model 158 rifle, 357 Mag, AY59...

  • Lot #: 23

    Turkish 98 Mauser 1941 rifle, 8MM,

  • Lot #: 25

    Rossi M62 SAC carbine pump rifle,...

  • Lot #: 26

    Rossi M62 SA pump rifle, 22 SLLR,...

  • Lot #: 27

    Remington R25 AR-10 rifle, 308 Rem...

  • Lot #: 27A

    2 - 20 Round Mag for 308 REM

  • Lot #: 27B

    3- 10 Round Mags, Plastic 308 REM

  • Lot #: 28

    Remington Famage 1952 bolt action...

  • Lot #: 29

    Winchester Model 94 lever action r...

  • Lot #: 30

    Winchester Model 94 lever action r...

  • Lot #: 31

    Winchester Model 94 lever action r...

  • Lot #: 32

    Universal Firearm Model 2036 over/...

  • Lot #: 33

    Remington 11-87 Sporting Clays, 12...

  • Lot #: 34

    Benelli Nova shotgun, 12g., pump a...

  • Lot #: 35

    AMT Backup 380 pistol, .380

  • Lot #: 36

    AMT Backup semi auto pistol, 9MM,

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