Job Completion & Surplus from Carson City, NV with F&M Mafco

Online Auction in Mound House, Nevada, United States

13 Tuesday
13th April, 2021

Job Completion & Surplus from Carson City, NV with F&M Mafco

Online Auction in Mound House Nevada, United States

Tuesday at - 13th April , 2021



429 - TERMS AND IMPORTANT AUCTION DETAILS SECTION - 1. AUCTION EVENT TYPE: Live Online Only 2. LOCATION ADDRESS: 67 Industrial Parkway, Mound House, NV 89706 3. AUCTION DATE: 4/13/2021 4. AUCTION PRE-BID START TIME: 3/30/2021 5. INSPECTION DATES: Monday, April 12th, 2021 8:00AM-3:00PM Pacific 6. BUYERS PREMIUM: 15% Hibid 7. SALES TAX: 7.6% 8. TAX EXEMPT BUYERS: A valid Tax Exemption Certificate MUST be presented at time of checkout. NO EXCEPTIONS - NO REFUNDS 9. TYPES OF PAYMENT: Bank Wire add +$20.00 fee Domestic or $40.00 fee International *Credit Card Transactions incur a +3% processing fee we accept: Visa | MasterCard | AMEX | Discover Check MUST be sent OVERNIGHT and received within 48 hours of invoicing. NO - Cash payment and NO payment accepted at auction site location. 10. PAYMENT & CHECKOUT TIME: Within 2 Business Days of auction, NO Payments Accepted On-Site ** If you currently do not have the funds to pay for your purchases, DO NOT BID ** 11. REMOVAL INSTRUCTIONS: No items may be removed until ALL items are PAID IN FULL. NOTE: Payment is due within 48 hours of invoicing. All items must be removed by April 20, 2021. Buyer is to bring 2 copies of Paid in Full invoice to pick up items Locations released at time of payment Item removal MUST be scheduled with the office. 800-729-6466 or email [email protected] 12. FINAL DATE OF REMOVAL - 4/20/2021 (Item Pickup Scheduling is set by APPOINTMENT ONLY, if you arrive without being scheduled there is no guarantee of being loaded) Items remaining after this date will be forfeit and resold with no refunds. 13. REMOVAL HOURS: 8:00AM -3:00PM Pacific - ** Weekend pickup is NOT available. ** There is a forklift on location to assist with loading heavy items - This site has a loading dock. ** All Transport and Pickup MUST be scheduled with the office for loading personnel to be available. ** PLEASE NOTE: Auction staff members can only provide basic assistance onsite however they cannot breakdown, load, haul, disconnect, nor do they have work or hand tools available, please come prepared with all necessary tools and/or manpower needed to facilitate loading your items. PREBIDDING: The online auction will open for prebidding. If you cannot attend live you may leave a max bid and the system will auto bid for you to that max amount. Questions? [email protected] or 800-729-6466 ONLINE BIDDING PARTICIPATION 101: Steps: 1 - Click on the Register to Bid Button - Complete the Registration 2 - Agree to the Terms of the Auction 3 - After Submitting Registration click on View Catalog to place your pre-bids 4 - All Pre-Bids will be taken to our Live Webcast Auction 5 - Live Webcast Auction will start in conjunction with auction time listed. *Enjoy bidding from the comfort of your Office, Home or on your Mobile Device* 6 - Each lot will open with the current Pre-Bid that shows in the lot 7 - If you cannot join the Live Webcast Auction leave your highest Pre-Bid and the system will bid for you. ** ALL announcements made by Auctioneer at/or during the auction will take precedence over previous printed materials, website, or any other statements or descriptions made. ** **Online Bidders - Credit Cards will be processed 2 business days after invoicing unless you contact our office to make other arrangements email: [email protected] or call 800-729-6466 AUCTION TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All Sections of the Terms and Conditions apply no matter the section title If you have any questions contact Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. [email protected] or 800-729-6466 ONLINE PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS: Valid Credit Card Authentication, accurately completed registration form and approval by Auction Company is required for bidding registration. PAYMENT ACCEPTED: Cash, Cashier's Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express - Credit Card Transactions Have a 3% Additional Fee, and Bank Wire Transfers have additional fees of ($20.00 Domestic) ($40.00 International), checks accepted only with a Bank letter of Credit with the following information included: 1) All Internet Buyers wishing to pay by check must provide a Bank Letter of Guarantee. All letters must be faxed to 423-702-6179 or emailed to [email protected] BANK LETTER REQUIREMENTS: The letter must state and represent as follows: "Mr./Mrs. (Customer Name) is a customer in good standing at our bank. We will guarantee the payment of checks on his/her account (Account Number) up to (specify amount) dollars for purchase at your auction in (Auction Location) on (Auction Date). We hereby agree that no stop payment will be issued in conjunction with this letter." PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS: All online purchases MUST be paid for within 2 Business Days unless arrangements/agreements have been made PRIOR to auction. ALL Payment MUST be received within 2 Business Days of auction regardless of scheduled pickup or transport times. Compass Auctions reserves the right to charge any additional fees associated with pursuing the collection process for any outstanding and nonpayment invoices. (A $50.00 fee shall be assessed to Buyer for all returned checks and interest may be charged at the rate of 3% of the total invoice weekly plus, any additional costs, labor or fees incurred to pursue collection). Payment is due IN FULL upon receipt of invoice. If payment is not received within 2 Business Days of the conclusion of the auction/invoice, the auction company may choose to void buyer's invoice, and all items will be forfeited. Buyer will be banned from registration and/or bidding in any and all auctions associated with Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC., its affiliates, and/or industry associates. If a credit card is listed on file, the buyer grants permission for that card to be charged over a period of time until the total fees and charges are paid in full. All legal fees, collection fees and any other charges arising from nonpayment will be paid by the Buyer. ** If you do not currently have the funds to pay for your purchases DO NOT BID. ** WIRE TRANSFER INFORMATION INTERNATIONAL & DOMESTIC: Please contact Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. for information on wire transfers. The information will be in emails sent to online winning bidders. There is a $20.00 basic wire transfer fee for domestic wires and a $40.00 for international wires. This amount must be included with the bank wire transfer otherwise the credit card on file will be charged the appropriate amount. Auction company reserves the right to hold items until final payment has been processed in its entirety. CURRENCY TYPE: USD SHIPPING/PICKUP | REMOVAL INSTRUCTIONS: Buyers are responsible for all shipping arrangements, valid sales tax requirements, exporting requirements/fees. Removal from auction location on day of auction, or within 7 business days, UNLESS otherwise stated in the information listed at the beginning of the Terms and Conditions section or a previous agreement has been reached with the auction company. Partial payment, partial removal of items is not accepted. ALL ITEMS MUST BE PAID IN FULL PRIOR TO REMOVAL OF ANY ITEMS. Storage fees may apply after 14 days. Buyers causing damage, harm, creating environmental issues, dumping, destroying or abandoning, refusal or any other act to cause monetary expense to be incurred to a consignor's/seller's property or auction site location or property of any type will be held liable for ANY AND ALL damages, cleanup, or repair and may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC., nor any consignor/seller, will be responsible for packaging, shipment or transport of any kind. All items become the property of the buyer at time sold and buyer will take full responsibility of items. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. nor consignor/seller, is responsible for damages incurred due to loading and unloading, or during shipment of items, ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD "AS IS, WHERE IS." Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. nor consignor/seller will in any way, be responsible for any damages or injuries while providing a lift, any tools, equipment and/or loading services, the lift and loading is provided as a service to the buyers where available and buyer will release and hold harmless any injuries or damages to property or person that may occur due to the use of the lift or any tool, equipment or loading service. Removal is fully at the buyer's expense and responsibility. Buyer/Rigger is responsible for all waste/oil/substance in the removal of assets, along with all spills that may occur during the removal process. Buyer assumes all responsibility for removal and may be required to present a copy of proof of insurance naming auction company and seller as additional insured. Also, certain item site locations may require a safety removal plan to be presented and approved to remove certain items. Some sites may require buyer to wear approved safety attire. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. makes every effort to provide any additional requirements that must be met for removal of items, however, unforeseen logistics, communication and/or circumstances occur, and buyer assumes all responsibility for removal. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. nor consignor/seller will in no way be liable for any damage in loading, shipping or removal of items. In the event that Bidder does not make the necessary arrangements and/or pay for shipping, or have items removed in the allotted time disclosed, Bidder shall have no claim against Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. nor consignor/seller, and buyer will forfeit the merchandise with no refunds or recourse. PACKAGING, SHIPPING, TRANSPORTATION, LOGISTICS AND/OR RIGGING AND REMOVAL ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF BUYER. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. can provide basic pallet wrapping for a charge of $75.00 per pallet. Compass will not assume any responsibility for damage from packaging or transport or for any reason. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. provides this as a service only to assist buyers. BUYER WILL ALWAYS BE FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL PACKAGING, SHIPPING, RIGGING & REMOVAL OF ITEMS. CHECKOUT DATE & TIMES: Please see information listed above the terms and conditions section. If special arrangements are needed, please contact the auction company. 800-729-6466 or [email protected] SPECIAL TERMS & CONDITIONS: -This property is being sold - "AS IS", "WHERE IS", NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES. NO CREDIT CARD CHARGE BACKS. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. Statements, conditions, descriptions, accurate weights or measures on or about items in the auction are provided in good faith and are only matters of opinion. The Auctioneer, auction company and Consignor/Seller disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied, about the merchantability of the items and their fitness for a particular purpose. Items offered may or may not be sold as described and/or photographed in item description catalog. ALL SALES ARE MADE "AS IS, WHERE IS" AND BUYER ACKNOWLEDGES HAVING INSPECTED THE PROPERTY WHETHER IN PERSON OR ONLINE AND TO BE SATISFIED WITH SAME PRIOR TO BIDDING. BUYER IS SOLELY RELYING UPON THEIR OWN EXPERTISE IN CHOOSING TO MAKE ANY PURCHASE. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. and Consignor/Seller assume no liability for any environmental issues in the assets being sold. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. and Consignor/Seller makes no warranties or guarantees of any sort regarding any environmental issues and assume no liability of any sort if any ever do exist. All counts and weights of items are approximate. All information provided by the Consignor/Seller is believed to be correct, but not guaranteed by Compass Auctions & Real Estate LLC. All announcements made by Auctioneer at/or during the auction will take precedence over previous printed materials, website, or any other statements or descriptions made. A Buyer`s Premium indicated in details section above will be added to all purchases; a 3% administrative fee will apply to ALL credit card purchases. If you do not currently have the funds to pay for your purchases DO NOT BID. Buyer/Rigger waives any and all claims it may have for any damages, including actual and punitive, whether caused by negligence, willful misconduct or otherwise, and assumes all risk related to the removal of any and all item purchases. SALES TAX WILL BE CHARGED on all purchases unless otherwise stated in the above section. Additionally, each buyer shall be responsible for payment of any city, county and/or state sales tax that may apply. By registering to bid, buyer is entering into a legally binding contract and agrees to be bound by and adheres to all terms and conditions of this auction. Term and Conditions for firearms Bidding and Purchase of firearms: All ATF and FFL laws and regulations apply. Onsite Pickup: Winning bidders of all firearms and frames will have to pass a TICS background check before the transaction can be completed. The cost of the transaction, pass or denied, is $10. If the transaction is denied, an appeal from the buyer may be filed with TICS. No straw purchases. Online/Out of State Bidders: Firearms will be shipped to your designated FFL. A copy of your FFL, or the dealer you want to have your firearms shipped to, must be provided prior to shipment of the firearms. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC uses FedEx and UPS for all shipments. ***No magazine fed semi-automatic firearm will be shipped to states that prohibit such weapons or high capacity magazines. State high-capacity magazine bans: " California - Law: PC 32310. " Colorado - Law: Sec. 18-12-301 " Connecticut - Law: Bill No. 1160 LCO No. 5428 " Hawaii - Law: Haw. Rev. Stat. § 134-8(c) " Maryland - Law: 4-301 " Massachusetts - Law: Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 140, § 121; Ch. 140, § 131M. " New Jersey - Law: N.J. Rev. Stat § 2C:39-9h. N " New York - Law: NY 265.00 23. No Firearms or Ammo will be shipped outside the 48 contiguous United States. After February 1, 2010, ammunition sold to purchasers in the state of California, can only be shipped to the purchaser's designated FFL. All firearms and ammunition must be shipped to an active FFL. ***YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO KNOW THE LAWS OF YOUR STATE, NO REFUNDS*** Feel free to contact Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. at [email protected] or 800-729-6466 with any questions about the auction or the items in the auction. ON-LINE TERMS: -The Buyer's Premium listed in the Terms Details Section above will apply -A bank wire transfer fee of $20.00 for domestic and $40.00 for international will be added to all bank wired funds. -Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. has strived to accurately prepare and describe all items in this catalog. All sections of the Auction Terms and Conditions apply to ALL bidders including online, onsite, attendees or participants of any kind regardless of the section title. All items are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS". It is solely the bidder's responsibility to determine the exact condition and approximate count of each item that he/she bids on, all counts are approximate. -It is the responsibility of the Bidder to attend the auction preview or schedule an independent preview to satisfy themselves as to the age, condition, value, count, or any other determining factors of the items. Compass Auctions has attempted to provide the correct item description and/or pictures however, any errors or omissions in any provided format, description, or picture, does not affect/or void the sale in anyway, all items are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. will NOT be responsible for any errors and/or omissions in the description, and/or pictures of the items. Bidder agrees that under no circumstances whatsoever will Compass Auctions or consignors/sellers ever be liable to any bidder for an amount greater than the purchase price of the item they purchased and only when in agreement that statement materially and intentionally was incorrect. Statements, conditions or descriptions on or about items in the auction are provided in good faith and are only matters of opinion and approximation. Any dismantling of items is prohibited on the auction site or any consignor/seller property. Under NO circumstances shall the Bidder have any claim against Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. or consignor/seller in the event of any technical issues. Bidder is bidding on item information only. Pictures of items are provided as a reference only and may not always display accurately with correct lot or context. If buyer has a question regarding lot information or images, contact our office PRIOR to bidding. If images display obvious information for lot with limited item text description and/or do not match lot described, buyer is using their expertise, knowledge and judgment to purchase the lot based on what the images reveal and the lot information provided. Even though an item may display as "sold" on the internet, no sales are final until they are certified by Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. and Bidder receives an invoice and provides good payment. This auction company has requested and been granted access to see all bids placed including any maximum pre-bids. This auction company is permitted to engage in this activity by providing this clear disclosure to you, the bidder. The bids are advanced at pre-set increments available on the bidding web page. From time to time Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. may accept items with undisclosed reserve prices. The consignor/seller and Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. reserve the right to bid on behalf of the consignor/seller on items on which there may be a reserve. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. may reject or cancel any bid for any reason. The record of the auction made by Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. shall be conclusive. This is a Public Auction and as such, all qualified bidders may bid including Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. owners, family members and employees and any consignor company, group members or employees. -Compass will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source. -By bidding on any item in the auction the registered bidder has accepted the terms and conditions of the auction and acknowledges that this is a legally binding contract. -If you win an item in the auction you will be notified by email within 24 hours. All items will be charged to the credit card on file within 2 business days after billing unless other arrangements are made PRIOR to the auction start time. The initial invoice you receive after the auction close will be used for billing, any additional fees or charges may be sent in a separate invoice and charged to the credit card on file. -All accounts will be settled at the conclusion of the auction or within 72 hours with prior approval. We accept Cash, Cashier's Checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Bank Wire Transfers (within 2 business days of auction close ) as determined by the auction payment terms listed in the Terms Detail Section above. Checks must be Pre-Approved by Compass Auctions & Real Estate. - Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in the auction as needed. All announcements made day of auction or posted as an update in the terms & conditions will take precedence over any and all written, verbal or electronic statements, Auction Company reserves the right to update terms and conditions at any time without notice. Registration: -Online bidding will be conducted with an online bidding platform-Internet Bidders are required to register with the online bidding platform and receive an Auction Registration Bidder Number. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. is providing Internet Auction bidding as a service. Compass Auctions will not be held responsible for any issues with technology, Auction or Live Bidding over the internet. - Internet bidders who desire to make certain...


F&M Mafco Job Completion & Surplus from Carson City, NV is a special event featuring a wide assortment of quality products including: Rigging Equipment Contractor Grade Power & Hand Tools Welders & Welding Accessories PPE Machining Tools Heavy Equipment & More!



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