Riverview Farm Inc. Auction

Farm Auction in 6215 Highway 1804 Hazelton, ND 58544, Hazelton, North Dakota, United States

01 Thursday
01st July, 2021

Riverview Farm Inc. Auction

Farm Auction in 6215 Highway 1804 Hazelton, ND 58544, Hazelton North Dakota, United States

Thursday at - 01st July , 2021



For information contact Steffes Group, Ben Hochgraber 605.305.2818 or 605.789.5677.


LOCATION: 6215 Highway 1804, Hazelton, ND 58544, From Hazelton, ND, 4 mi. west on 64th St., 1 mile north, 8 mi. west on 63rd St., 1 mile north, on left. From Bismarck, ND, 31 miles south on Highway 1804.

PREVIEW: By Appointment
LOADOUT: By Appointment

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Major equipment begins selling at 10:00 AM.  Live online bidding available on major equipment. Please note, separate Timed Online Auction closing at 4PM, July 1st for small/pallet items.



1998 New Holland 9882, 4WD, 12 spd. standard, 4 hyd., John Deere GreenStar ready, John Deere AutoTrac 200 steering wheel, decelerator pedal, radar, 850/60R38 duals, 5,456 hrs., S/ND106849






2003 John Deere 8220, MFWD, 16/4 spd. powershift, 4 hyd., 42.5 gpm hyd. pump, 3 pt., quick hitch, rear 3 pt. control, shiftable 540/1000 PTO, diff lock, GreenStar ready, John Deere AutoTrac 200 steering wheel, block heater, front fenders, 380/85R34 fronts, 380/90R50 rear duals, 2,659 hrs., S/NRW8220P014216


1990 Case-IH 7140, MFWD, 18/4 powershift, 4 hyd., 3 pt., quick hitch, big 1000 PTO, diff lock, (12) front weights, 380/85R30 fronts, 14.9R46 rear duals, 7,749 hrs., S/NJJA0029550


1989 Case-IH 7130, MFWD, MFWD, 18/2 powershift,  4 hyd., 3 pt., quick hitch, big 1000 PTO, diff lock, radar, 380/85R30 fronts, 14.9R46 rear duals, 6,856 hrs., S/NJJA0010593






(2) John Deere 2600 GPS displays, SF1


(2) John Deere StarFire ITC GPS receivers, SF1






2003 John Deere 9750 STS, Level Land, deluxe header controls, AHH, AHC, DAS, John Deere GS1 brown box, variable spd. feeder house, rock trap, GreenStar Ready, reverser, fine cut chopper/chaff spreader, large round concaves, single pt. hookup, hopper extensions, 800/70R38 fronts, 18.4-26 rears,  4,179 sep hrs., 2,908 engine hrs., S/NH09750S700873


2007 John Deere 630F HydraFlex flex head, 30', finger reel, Lankota dividers, hyd. fore/aft, single knife drive, stubble lights, single pt. hookup, low dam, S/NH00630F720924


1996 John Deere 893 corn head, 8x30", hyd. deck plates, poly snouts, single pt. hookup, S/NH00893X665898


1993 John Deere 930 sunflower head, 30', SeedEater sunflower pans, multi-pt. hookup, stubble lights, single knife drive, expanded iron back, S/NH00930R651526


Bergen BHT single axle header trailer, 30', pin hitch, 9.5L-15 tires, S/N14588






Ficklin CA14000 single axle grain cart, scale, 18" hyd. fold auger, cleanout door, front & rear sight gauges, roll tarp, 1000 PTO, Weigh-Tronix Model 715 scale monitor, 30.5-32 tires


Gravity wagon, 250 bu., LH discharge, roll tarp, extendable pin hitch, 8-bolt running gear, S/N106427


Cenex gravity wagon, 250 bu., LH discharge, roll tarp, extendable pin hitch, John Deere 720 6-bolt running gear, S/NH00720X004263






2009 John Deere 1770NT CCS planter, 16x30", 2 pt., hyd. markers, Yetter trash whippers, Tru-Vee openers, ProDrive w/RowCommand, heavy duty spring down pressure, hyd. variable rate, 450 gal. liquid fertilizer tank, Redball liquid fertilizer monitors, John Blue ground drive liquid fertilizer pump, rear hitch, rear liquid fertilizer fill, Yetter No-TIll coulters, soybean plates, shows 12,356 acres, S/NA01770P730694


Milton 3 pt. planter, 8 hpi row units, 4" gauge wheels, spring down pressure, onion plates, pallet of misc. parts






2010 John Deere 1895 air drill, 36', single shoot, 10" spacing, floating hitch, 4" gauge wheels, seed firmers, steel packers, Yetter trash whippers on seed, all-run blockage monitors seed, mid row banders, Raven NH3 Super Cooler w/2 section control, weight kit, John Deere 1910 tow-behind 3-compartment cart, 340 bu. (120/70/150), hyd. variable rate, single fan, double shoot capable, includes 12" loading conveyor for parts, rear winch hitch, green & yellow meters, cart S/NA01910H735476, shows 10,075 acres




Brillion Sure Stand ground drive broadcast seeder, 12', dual seed boxes, spike steel front packers, spike steel rear roller, 7.60-15 tires






Rite-Way PCR4245 land roller, 45', 42"x1/2" drum, 37,951 acres, S/NPCR01-215


White 425 mulch finisher, 20', 20" disks, 12" disk spacing, hyd. raise angled mulching disks, 12" spacing, 2" points, 3-bar harrow, walking tandems, 15" tires, S/N101213


Kongskilde 3500 field cultivator, 26', 19" front blades, 8" blade spacing,  S-tines, 5" spacing, 2" points, manual hitch adj., 11" diameter dual rear rolling baskets, walking tandems on main, 9.5L-15 tires, S/N302039


John Deere 1600 cultivator, 24', 6' spacing, 7" sweeps, 3-bar harrow, 9.5L-15 tires


Kongskilde 2800 Vibro-Till field cultivator, 22', 5" spacing, 3" points, manual hitch adj., dual rear rolling baskets, full walking tandems, 9.5L-15 tires, S/N601232068


Case-IH 496 disc, 32', 21" discs, 9" spacing, manual hitch adj., Summers 3-bar harrow, full tandems, 9.5L-14 tires, missing wing wheel, S/NJAG0164388


MacFarlane front-fold heavy harrow, 40', 16-bar steel harrow sections, walking tandems on main, 11L-15 tires


Melroe harrow, harrow, 35', 5-bar, 7.50-14 tires, S/N406057


Melroe 420 multiweeder, 40', 3-bar S-tines, 5-bar harrow, 450 gal. poly tank, John Blue ground drive pump


Oliver 7 bottom plow, steel packer, 8" spacing, 2" steel packer wheels, 5-bar steel harrow


DMI Hydra-Wide 6 bottom plow, semi-mount hitch, missing landing wheel, missing several coulters






Lockwood potato windrower, 2-row, LH discharge, 1000 PTO, 11.25-24 tires


1995 Milestone MSC48 - potato seed cutter, double deck, 8'x30" elevating conveyor, 48" progressive table, wired for 240v, 5 hp. 3 phase motor for cutter, 2 hp. 3 phase motor for elevating conveyor S/N951656


Mayo 3118-25-3000 potato stacker, 25'x18" paddle conveyor, manual raise, electric driven, 2 hp., 3 phase electric motor, S/N313696


Mayo potato stacker, 18" paddle conveyor, 18"x10' rotating conveyor, electric driven, single phase junction box, hand operated hyd. pump to raise discharge conveyor


Potato dammer/diker 3 pt., 7 wheel, 7 spike w/24" sweep, (2) front gauge






Elmers Mfg BC830 front-mount edible bean knifer, S/N1732


Lilliston/Bush Hog 6200 Hi-Cap pull-type edible bean combine, 1000 CV PTO, Pickett PL66F pickup w/(2) gauge wheels, 12.4-24 tires, S/N12-00028






John Deere ER014 cultivator, 8x30", 3 pt., front gauge wheels, 4" on-row rubber gauge wheels, spiked wheel shields, (2) coulters, S/N031258N


Harriston potato hiller, 6x30", 3 pt., 5" pneumatic on-row gauge wheels, ridging disks, 2-bar harrow , front gauge wheels, end row coulters, pallet of misc. parts






Alloway stalk chopper, 18', 3 pt., big 1000 PTO, manual leveling, 9.5L-15 tires


John Deere stalk chopper, 14', 1000 PTO, hyd. rear lift, 15" tires






2013 Apache AS720 sprayer, 100' booms, 3-way nozzles, 20" spacing, 10-section boom control, manual tread adjust, 750 gal. poly tank, 100 gal. rinse tank, Raven Envizio Pro monitor, Apache section control bar, Raven Phoenix reciever, Raven 3 sensor AutoBoom, boom gauge wheels, 380/80R38 fronts, 380/90R46 rears, 1,258 hrs., S/N9130397


Blumhardt 3 pt. sprayer, 160 gal. poly tank, Hypro hyd. pump


Fimco ATV sprayer, 65 gal. poly tank, 2.2 gpm pump, 2-nozzle spray bar


EnduraPlas ATV sprayer, 60 gal. poly tank, 5.0 gpm electric pump, 5' boom w/(4) nozzles






2011 America Welding & Tank NH3 nurse tank, 1,450 gal., Duo-Lift running gear, extendable pin hitch, 14L-16.1 tires, S/N6NU002231


Snyder Industries 400 gal. front-mount liquid fertilizer tank


300 gal. front mount liquid fertilizer tank, Hypro hyd. pump






1977 Ford A66 wheel loader, 2 spd., 80" bucket, rear weights, shop-built boom attachment, 20.5-25 tires, shows 601 hrs.






2006 Freightliner Columbia CL120 tandem axle day cab, 60 Series 12.7L Detroit, 455 hp., Eaton Fuller 10 spd., diff lock, air dump, air slide 5th wheel, 12,000 lb. fronts, 34,000 lb. rears, 168" WB, air ride susp., 11R22.5 tires on steel rims, 778,202 miles


1989 Volvo/GMC tandem axle day cab, 60 Series 12.7L Detroit, 425 hp., Eaton Fuller 9 spd., engine brake, diff lock, wet kit, 12,000 lb. fronts, 34,000 lb. rears, 158" WB, manual sliding 5th wheel, spring susp., 11R22.5 tires on steel rims, 748,732 miles






1979 Ford LN9000 tandem axle, Cummins Big Cam 400, Fuller Road Ranger 9 spd., engine brake, diff lock, 12,000 lb. front, 35,240 lb. rear, Chelsea PTO, Double L Mfg 801 20' potato box, 30" discharge conveyor, hyd. endgate w/rear controls, Baldor 5 hp. electric motor w/box controls, roll tarp, 212" WB, air ride susp., 11R22.5 tires on steel rims, 187,317 miles


1979 Ford LN9000 tandem axle, Cummins Big Cam 400, Fuller Road Ranger 9 spd., engine brake, diff lock, 12,000 lb. front, 34,000 lb. rear, Chelsea PTO, Double L Mfg 801 20' potato box, 30" discharge conveyor, hyd. endgate w/rear controls, Baldor 5 hp. electric motor w/box controls, roll tarp, 212" WB, air ride susp., 11R22.5 tires on steel rims, 557,569  miles


1968 International 4000 tandem axle cabover, 36" sleeper, Cummins, Fuller Road Ranger 9 spd., power divider, 12,000 lb. fronts, 34,000 lb. rears, Chelsea PTO w/twin post hoist, Omaha 20'x94"x52" steel box, 3 pc. end gate, roll tarp, 212" WB, spring susp., 10.00-20 tires on steel rims, 8,264 engine hrs., 721,975 miles






1979 GMC 7000 Sierra Grande tandem axle dump truck, V8 gas, automatic, diff lock, 9,000 lb. front, 34,000 lb. rear, Morse PTO w/double post hoist, 198" WB, spring over beam susp., 15' steel box w/high lift end gate, 10.00-20 tires on steel rims, 33,021 miles


1969 Chevrolet 60 single axle boom truck, V8 gas, 5&2 spd., Pitman 58HL mid-mount hyd. extendable 2-section boom, (2) outriggers, 16'x8' flatbed, rear pintle hitch, gooseneck ball, spring susp., 190" WB, 19,500 lb. GVW, 8.25-20 tires on steel, shows 9,150 miles, boom S/N8076, starts and runs, No brakes






2013 Maurer tandem axle hopper bottom, 40'x96"x60", ag hoppers, RH sight gauges, roll tarp, single spd. traps, air ride susp., 275/80R24.5 tires on aluminum rims


2004 SPC tandem axle hopper bottom, 40'x96"x66", roll tarp, single speed traps, spring susp., 11R24.5 tires on steel rims






1979 Vulcan FTL-65 tandem axle step deck, 45'x96", spring susp., 9R17.5 tires on steel rims


1980 Shop-Built tandem axle end dump trailer, 28', round bottom, single post hoist, spring susp., 10.00-20 tires on steel rims






1987 Road King tandem axle gooseneck car trailer 18'x7', spring susp., 225/75R15 tires


1992 Road King tandem axle car trailer, 18', 2" ball, spring susp., 15" tires, Honda GX120 w/ Powermate 2" pump, 1,000 gal. horizontal poly tank, missing lid, cracked mixing cone


Tandem axle bumper hitch car trailer, 16'x7', 2" ball, spring susp., 225/75R15 tires, No title, non-roadable


Shop-built tandem axle combine trailer, pintle hitch, spring susp., 7.50R16 tires, no brakes, no title, bill of sale only

Donahue tandem axle trailer, 30'


Single axle pickup box trailer, tool boxes, 2" ball, spring susp, 16" tires, No title, bill of sale only






2003 Ford F250 XL Super Duty, regular cab, 6.0L Powerstroke, automatic, 4WD, 5,200 lb. front, 6,084 lb. rear, 8' flatbed, 200 gal. slip tank w/Fill-Rite FR4210D pump & 3/4" discharge hose, Montezuma tool box w/asst. hand tools, Industrial Air 155 PSI air compressor w/Honda GX270 w/electric start & hose reel, torch kit, 285/70R17 tires, 167,793 miles


1997 Ford F250 XLT HD, regular cab, 7.3L Powerstroke, automatic, 4WD, 46,000 lb front, 6,084 lb. rear, 8' bed, tool box, 265/65R16 tires, 320,708 miles


1996 Ford Ranger XLT, ext. cab, 4.0L gas, automatic, 2WD, 2,625 lb front, 2,750 lb. rear, tool box, 215/75R14 tires, 175,653 miles


1994 Ford Taurus SHO 4 door sedan, 3.2L, automatic, 215/50R16 tires, 218,861 miles






Walinga 6614 grain vac, 1000 PTO, cleanup kit, 6" & 7" steel hose, S/NMT661499037987


2008 Brandt 1080XL auger, 80'x10", 540 PTO, hyd. raise, Backsaver electric hopper jogger, low pro hopper w/electric raise, S/N86045


2003 Westfield MK100-71 auger, 71'x10", 540 PTO, hyd. raise, low pro hopper w/manual raise, S/N150066


Brandt 835 auger, 35'x8", Kohler Magnum 16 hp., manual raise, does not run


(2) 2013 Westfield takeout augers, 26'x7", electric driven, (motor missing tag), S/N149335W, S/N149337W


Highline 8510 Accelerator XTRA conveyor, 85'x10", 540 PTO, hyd. hitch, hyd. raise


Harvest International FC1545 conveyor, 45'x15", Kohler Command Pro 26.5 hp w/electric start, hyd. raise, hyd. mover


Cayco hyd. conveyor, 25'x12"


Top Air conveyor, 25'x12", electric drive, manual raise


Tri-Steel conveyor, 25'x12", 5 hp. electric motor, manual raise, 3 hp., 3 phase electric motor


Convey-All UBGN1014 - conveyor, 14'x10", Leeson Electric 1 hp. 3 phase electric motor
Serial Number: 179992003


(6) Sukup bin fans, 460v, 3 phase



Land plane, pin hitch, 10' blade, rear swing frame


Bale grapple side squeeze, to fit New Holland bi-directional






1,500 gal. poly tank


(3) 3,000 gal. poly tanks


(2) 3,000 gal. black poly tanks


1,800 gal. horizontal poly tank


(2) 950 gal. horizontal poly tanks


2,200 gal. horizontal poly tank






1,000 gal. horizontal steel fuel tank w/hand pump


500 gal. horizontal steel fuel tank


300 gal. horizontal steel fuel tank on stand





(20) John Deere suitcase weights, 47 kg


(90) New Holland suitcase weights, 67 lbs.



Sharon Schiermeister

For information contact Steffes Group, Ben Hochgraber
605.305.2818 or 605.789.5677



TERMS & CONDITIONS All items sold AS IS WHERE IS. Payment (Cash or Check) must be made sale day before removal of items. Announcements made sale day take precedence over all previous advertising. Titles (if any) will be mailed to buyers within two weeks of auction date. A document fee of $35 applies to all titled vehicles.

International buyers please check your importing regulations prior to bidding. Real Estate terms and conditions will vary per auction.    

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