Wall Art/Mirrors, Furniture, Household, Books, Pottery, Jewelry

Auction in 8350 Industrial Parkway Suite 1&2, Plain City Ohio, United States

15 Thursday
February 15th, 2018 8:15 PM
Auction Ohio
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Wall Art/Mirrors, Furniture, Household, Books, Pottery, Jewelry

Auction in 8350 Industrial Parkway Suite 1&2, Plain City Ohio, United States

Thursday at - 15th February , 2018


Please bring your own packing supplies.  Thank you.

Alternate pickup is Monday, February 19, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM



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Auction Items For Sale

Lots of variety make up this auction:  Antique side chair, fabric side chair, wall art, mirrors, dolls, pottery pieces, books, glassware, NASCAR collections, Jewelry and more.

Lot#: 1 - Stangl Dishes Set

Stangle dishes - cups, saucers, dinner plates - Fruit Pattern. Also includes teapot, sugar, creamer set. This set is Terra Rose. Please note that some items may have chipping.

Lot#: 2 - Hall & Hull Covered Pots

Brown Hull covered pottery pot/casserole dish. Marked Oven Proof Hull, U.S.A. Hall brown covered bean pot. Nice heavy baking dishes.

Lot#: 3 - Pottery Drink Dispenser

Larger pottery drink dispenser with lid and spout. Browns and blues. Artist signature on bottom of piece.

Lot#: 4 - Pyrex Covered Casserole Dish

Orange/Red round covered PYREX casserole dish/bowl. 2 QT. Very nice condition. Pine cone motif.

Lot#: 5 - Purple Pitcher & Glasses

Cute little purple glass serving set! Includes pitcher and 5 smaller glasses. Lovely purple color.

Lot#: 6 - White Pink Blue Serving Dishes

Catalina Pottery blue sculpted bowl, white serving dish/platter, pink/white shallow bowl.

Lot#: 7 - Colorful Collection of Dishes

Colorful collection of assorted dish/pottery items. 3 small pitchers (glass), Edwin Knowles shallow bowls, colorful dinner/salad plates.

Lot#: 8 - Vtg. Metal Card Shuffler

Ely Culbertson Card Shuffler. What a neat older item! Metal, green color, wood handle on crank. Turns/working condition.

Lot#: 9 - Robinson Ransbottom Pottery

Robinson Ransbottom Roseville, OH pottery pieces. High Jar 1 qt. Low Jar 1 qt. Pitcher 1 qt. High Jar 2 qt. 4 pieces, spongeware design. Nice collection of pottery pieces.

Lot#: 10 - Regina P.C.P. Co. Bowls & More

Regina P.C.P. Co. shallow bowls- cream/ivory base with floral trim/accents. Also included is a large shallow decorative bowl.

Lot#: 11 - McCoy Floral Vase

Nice cream colored floral design McCoy Vase. Marked on bottom McCoy 593.

Lot#: 12 - Red & Blue Plates

Blue and White Staffordshire smaller platter, 2 smaller/saucer plates by J & G Meakin Sterling Vine. Large collector plate by The Spode Archive Collection Traditions Series "Aesop's Fables". Haddon Hall Derbyshire Red plate.

Lot#: 13 - Assorted Pottery Collection

Assorted pottery items - pitcher, lidded container, small mugs. Some pieces are signed by artist on bottom.

Lot#: 14 - Clear Glass Stemware

Clear glass stemware. 7 items. Need cleaned.

Lot#: 15 - Pair of Cobalt Blue Stemware

Pair of cobalt blue glass stemware items. Bright, beautiful blue on top and base, clear stem.

Lot#: 16 - Spode Stafford Flowers Dish

Spode Stafford Flowers shallow dish/bowl

Lot#: 17 - Clear Glass Serving Dishes

Clear glass serving dishes/divided plates, bowl. Peanuts and mints serving pieces for your guests!

Lot#: 18 - Bowl and Pitcher

Cream colored pottery pieces. Bowl from Roseville, OH. Has blue band around center. Pitcher.

Lot#: 19 - Collection of Coffee Cups

Lovely collection of coffee cups - floral designs - Dunoon Fine Bone China - Made in England. Royal Kendal Fine Bone China - Made in England. Villeroy & Bock porcelain. Disney Classic Pooh.

Lot#: 20 - Nesting Bowls

Group of cream/off white nesting bowls. the two middle sized bowls are the same. No maker's markings.

Lot#: 21 - White Glass Vase/Pitcher

White glass items - vase and pitcher style vase.

Lot#: 22 - Large Aqua/Teal Swan Planter

Vtg. larger aqua/teal colored swan planter. Eye catching piece! Item does have small knick in tail but overall a unique piece. Item is larger/heavier.

Lot#: 23 - Decorative Plate Grouping

Decorative plates - fruit, H & C, and others. Some do have chipping.

Lot#: 24 - Small Teapots Creamer Sugar

3 smaller teapots, creamer/sugar set The Botanic Garden Portmeirio - made in England. Additional white, lidded server set.

Lot#: 25 - Popcorn Enamelware Bowls

2 large popcorn bowls - metal - white with black accents. Also included large "mug" and metal mug.

Lot#: 26 - Duck & Frog Pottery Figurines

Duck figurine and frog planter figurine. Nice addition to home decor.

Lot#: 27 - Asst'd Pottery Pieces

An assortment of pottery pieces: pie plate - maker's mark on bottom, green leaf serving dish (has chips/crack/missing), tall bamboo style vase, green pottery piece with side handles.

Lot#: 28 - Vtg. Kitchen Items

Older metal liquid measuring pitcher, Checkered Marble Cake Pan Set (Original box), flatware and silverplate items.

Lot#: 29 - 2 Glass Baskets

Nice white ruffled edge basket and clear/pink basket. White basket handle has been repaired.

Lot#: 30 - Vtg. Hat & Case

Round, black hat case - By Daisy. White ladies' hat - netting outer.

Lot#: 31 - Wooden Bowls & Lids

Large wooden bowl - Salad serving bowl, and smaller bowl has black exterior. 2 wooden lids with apple knobs.

Lot#: 32 - 2 Large Green Planter Pots

2 large older pottery pots - One is marked McCoy. Hairline cracks and chips. Aqua/Teal.

Lot#: 33 - R.R.P. Co. Pottery Pieces

2 R.R.P. Co. smaller crock pieces with colored center bands. Also is brown pottery mold piece.

Lot#: 34 - Retro Green Drinking Glasses

Retro green drinking glasses. Assorted sizes - 9 small, 6 medium, 9 large. Some do have some chips/scuffing.

Lot#: 35 - Clear Glass Assortment

Clear glass assortment -platter, cake stand/pedestal. glasses/mugs and other plates/serving items. Need cleaning.

Lot#: 36 - Collector Decor Plates

Group of collector/decor plates - Royal Gorge Colorado collector plate, Northwest Territory Anniversary, Hand Painted in Greece pair, and more. Note there are some with chips.

Lot#: 37 - Grouping of Smaller Plates

Grouping of smaller plates - Ducal Crown Ware Wilmslow hand coloured underglaze. Royal Doulton "Spring" plate. 8 Georgian Homer Laughlin eggshell plates.

Lot#: 38 - Iva Lure Dessert Fruit Plates

Collection of Iva Lure by Crooksville fruit/dessert plates. 8 items.

Lot#: 39 - Assorted Figurines Home Decor

An assortment of figurines and small decor items - pig, cats, children, pitchers, mug, and more.

Lot#: 40 - Home Decor Items

Lamp, stainless steel trays, clear block glass bank, Couroc inlaid bowl with owl, bird trivet display and more.

Lot#: 41 - Grouping of Dishes

Hotoven Harker pottery dish/bowl - flower design. Oval tray with insert - floral design. Large serving platter with hot peppers, small matching side hot pepper dish.

Lot#: 42 - Collector Decor Plates

Knowles decorative collector plates. Norman Rockwell. Assorted. Boxes/packing included.

Lot#: 43 - 45 LP Record Collection

Nice selection of mostly country music artists. A few pop artist thrown in to make it interesting.

Lot#: 44 - Metal and Glass Housewares

Interesting group of items. Includes a vintage silver coffee urn, pedestal embossed amber glass candy dish, vintage mechanical compasses, brass bells, Irish brown glass mug, Elvis Presley Christmas ornament, metal box camera. Lot also includes some various sheet music.

Lot#: 45 - Enesco Lady Figurine

Unique figurine of a lady with flowers and a poem scripted on the back side. Enesco item created by Karen Hahn as part of the Blooming Wild collection. Dated 2003.

Lot#: 46 - Hull Pedestal Planter

Vibrant glazed pedestal planter in various shades of green. Marked Hull USA F25.

Lot#: 47 - 1992 Box of Football Cards

Box of NFL Pro Set football cards. Appear to be from the 1992 season. See picture for estimate on number of cards.

Lot#: 48 - Collection of Books

Genres in lot include religious, motivational (Zig Ziglar), cookbooks and some history

Lot#: 49 - NIB Photo Frames

Lot of 12 5x7 black plastic photo frames in original packaging. Designed to be either wall mounted or use built in easel back.

Lot#: 50 - Tony Stewart NASCAR Collection

Collection includes Mariah Vision 3 1996 1:24 Scale Stock Car, Action Collectables 1:24 Scale Stock Car, Poster, Magazine, MO Mechanix Wear Licensed Team Gloves, and license plate.

Lot#: 51 - Vtg. Browns Wall Clock Plaque

Vintage Browns fans clock on wood plaque. Clock hands/clock need replaced.

Lot#: 52 - Nascar Cars

#20 Home Depot Nascar car - Winner's Circle. #5 Tony The Tiger. Small #9 car. Nice collection of cars.

Lot#: 53 - Soft Good Assortment

Lot includes room darkening window curtain (63" length), brown curtain panel, NIP Menards tshirt and a Menards cap with tag.

Lot#: 54 - NIB Photo Frames

NIB Photo frames - 5 x 7. Black plastic frames. 12 items.

Lot#: 55 - Gray & Red Felt Hats

Charcoal gray bowler style hat with black ribbon band and a red felt hat with feather accessory. Red hat labeled Doeskin. Both 100% wool. Red hat has some detached feathers and inner support lining is broken.

Lot#: 56 - Winter Themed Home Decor

A nice collection of home decorations with a winter theme. Includes all shapes and sizes of snowmen and few fuzzy bears. Items show some wear but mostly in nice shape.

Lot#: 57 - Olympus Camera/Accessories

Olympus camera - item has been used and is taped on bottom. Also included zoom lense and case. Items are untested.

Lot#: 58 - Home Decor Items

Decorative pillows, Seashells in glass displays, woven blue heart wastebasket, hanging pottery piece and more.

Lot#: 59 - Black Bowler Style Hat

Black hat with blacked corded band and brush accessory. Labeled Esccello 100% wool on hat and Adolofo II on a sewn in label. Comes with plastic and cardboard case.

Lot#: 60 - Assorted Books

Assortment of reading material - books - religious themed.

Lot#: 61 - Miscellaneous Toy Collection

Fun lot which includes NIP Star War figures, Halloween toys and decor, stuffed animals, small lamp, fashion accessories and other items.

Lot#: 62 - Collectible Scale Stock Cars

Collectible scale cars: Arvin #20, Action Nascar #8, Action Nascar #8. Original boxes and packing.

Lot#: 63 - Pottery Decor

Pink vase with golden accents, tall vase, candlestick, compote fruit bowl, and more. Nick in vase, repair work on green candle holder.

Lot#: 64 - Costume/Fashion Jewelry

Costume/fashion jewelry pieces. Lots to choose from!

Lot#: 65 - Department 56 Collection

Collection of Department 56 figurines - The Original Snow Village: "Bringing Home The Tree", "Wreaths For Sale", "A Ride On The Reindeer Lines", "Pick-Up and Delivery". All items appear to be in good condition - original boxes and packing.

Lot#: 66 - Fur and Felt Hat

Pair of vintage hats. The fur hat with dark brown corded tassel (with round hat box) is labeled Vincent and Bill Montaldo's. The tan felt hat has a feather band which has detached Band labeled Hong Kong. The hat is labeled Lancaster 100% wool. Tan hat shows some wear.

Lot#: 67 - Grouping of Books

Grouping of books and other reading materials. Mostly religious themed.

Lot#: 68 - Large Table / Gaylord Box Lot

Large table lot, gaylord (a large cardboard box) of items. Partial list of items: antique chair, dog cage (has some rusting), collection of bells, snow globe, home decor, happy meal toys, small end table, table lamp, cabinet handles and more. Some items may be chipped/partial. Please note items are put in a very large box that measures 3'9"H x 3'11"W x 3'3"D. You will have a large quantity of items.

Lot#: 69 - Jewelry Sunglasses & More

A few jewelry pieces, large shell, sunglasses and more.

Lot#: 70 - Vintage Teal Blue Felt Hat

Teal blue dress hat with feather band . Hat is labeled Doeskin 100% wool. Includes cardboard box. Inner support band has broken but does affect the look of the hat.

Lot#: 71 - New Picture Frames

12 NIP picture frames. 5 x 7. Black plastic frame.

Lot#: 72 - Assorted Jewelry Items

Assorted jewelry - costume/fashion style of items. Earrings, necklaces and more.

Lot#: 73 - Whirlpool Dorm Refrigerator

Dorm size white Whirlpool refrigerator. In working condition.

Lot#: 74 - Stangl Pottery

Stangle pottery pieces - "A Wild Rose" - cups, saucers (some chipping on plates). Holly Hobbie cup/glass.

Lot#: 75 - Clear Blue Glass Plates

Clear blue glass plates - 11 items. Smaller dessert/salad plates.

Lot#: 76 - Group of Home Decor Items

Group of assorted home decor items - "woodsy" owl, wooden bowls, smaller decor and more.

Lot#: 77 - Decorative Pieces

Home decor items -clown figurine, older doll, glassware and additional items.

Lot#: 78 - NWT Cactus Stemware Glasses

NWT glass cactus stemware glasses. 11 items.

Lot#: 79 - Glassware Assortment

Coffee mugs, glass stemware, pottery piece.

Lot#: 80 - Heavy White Glass Decor Piece

Lovely glass piece - ashtray? Decor piece. Has a small rough edge on side. Heavy item.

Lot#: 81 - Silverware Set and Case

Gold tone silverware/flatware items. Additional flatware kitchen utensils included.

Lot#: 82 - Assorted Home Decor

Decorative bell with flower, Lenox covered egg trinket box, metal ring holder, clear glass milk bottle.

Lot#: 83 - Loaded Home Decor Lot

Vases, pink planter plays Rock-A-Bye Baby. Napcoware, figurines - owl, birds, children. Candles and more. Some chipping.

Lot#: 84 - Assorted Glassware Decor

Vases, plates, jars, mug, and more. Items need cleaning. Small hairline crack in blue vase.

Lot#: 85 - Canning Jars Fruit Jars

Group of canning jars and fruit jars - additional glassware items included.

Lot#: 86 - Grouping of Collectibles

Older sheet music, Ballou's Monthly Magazine, black and white photographs, matchbook collection, old wooden box, pipe and more. Nice collectible lot!

Lot#: 87 - Collector Decor Plates

Knowles decorative collector plates. Norman Rockwell. Assorted. Boxes/packing included.

Lot#: 88 - Yellow Mixing/Fruit Bowl

Large yellow bowl. Hall's Superior Quality Kitchenware. Made in U.S.A. Has a bit of golden trim accents.

Lot#: 89 - Collection of Glass Vases

Collection of glass vases. Assorted sizes and styles.

Lot#: 90 - Assorted Home Decor

Assorted home decor, seasonal plaques, votive candle holders, and more.

Lot#: 91 - Assorted Home Decor

Assorted home decor, seasonal plaques, votive candle holders, and more.

Lot#: 92 - NASCAR Collectibles

Assortment of NASCAR collectible items: NIP Winner's Circle car - #20 - The Home Depot. Teddy Bear. Peanuts cars (NIP), Stocking, magazines, Christmas bulbs/decor, Ohio State Eddie George Russian Style Nesting Doll set - NIP.

Lot#: 93 - Pottery Pitcher

Pottery pitcher, "rust orange" color. Marked Robinson Ransbottom. Roseville, OH.

Lot#: 94 - Clear Glasbak Bowls

Clear Glasbake bowls -lidded casserole dish. Some chipping on lid.

Lot#: 95 - Group of Clear Glass

Group of clear glass items: mostly bowls. Items will need cleaned.

Lot#: 96 - White McCoy Pitcher

Smaller, white, McCoy pitcher.

Lot#: 97 - Grouping of Jewelry

Grouping of costume/fashion style jewelry - necklaces, earrings and more.

Lot#: 98 - Loaded Jewelry Lot

Costume/Fashion jewelry pieces. Lots to choose from! Necklaces, earrings and more.

Lot#: 99 - Brass Decor

Group of brass home decor items - candle holders and more.

Lot#: 100 - Colorful Stemmed Glasses

Leaded glass - multiple colors - greens, purple, blue, red, gold/amber. Each piece is accented on rim and base rim with a gold touch. Owner stated they were from Germany in the mid 1980's. Very colorful collection.

Lot#: 101 - Antique Side Chair

Great older item! Antique side chair. High, rounded back, with exterior wood trim carving. On wheels. Nice accent piece.

Lot#: 102 - P. Buckley Moss Framed Art

Nice wooden frame for this unique art piece. "Dear Lord! Please make the bad people good and the good people easy to live with". Signed, numbered.

P. Buckley Moss.

Lot#: 103 - Collection of Dolls

Little Red Riding Hood doll with stand. China doll, looks like a handmade dress she is wearing. A couple of older dolls - "cupie" doll - has some cracking, fading dress. Smaller, older baby doll - has some chipping on limbs and head, some cracking as well. All had been purchased from an antique store.

Lot#: 104 - Scroll Black White Home Decor

Group of scrolling black metal home decor items. Wall plaque, picture, vase, square metal wall art, small rug.

Lot#: 105 - Antique Sewing Cabinet

Very cute dark toned wooden sewing cabinet with two drawers (brass pulls). Top drawer has inset piece for holding sewing supplies. Nicely accented in corners and top is framed. Piece has finish wear and scratches throughout but is very solid.

Lot#: 106 - Large Framed Oval Mirror

Older oval framed mirror. Frame has been painted, detailed.

Lot#: 107 - 2 Framed Pieces of Art

2 nicely framed pictures. Bridge over a garden area. Signed piece by Sandy Lynam Clough.

Lot#: 108 - Annie Porcelain Doll

Annie Genuine porcelain doll with box. Has original price tag from Lazarus. Very good condition on this collector item.

Lot#: 109 - German Cuckoo Clock

Cute German chalet cuckoo clock with hanging weight, singing bird, and hanging pendulum. Item is believed to work but is untested. Made in Germany

Lot#: 110 - Group of Toss Pillows

Grouping of toss pillows. Assorted sizes, styles, colors, patterns.

Lot#: 111 - Leaded Glasses Germany

5 leaded glasses from Germany. Beautiful stemware, heavy, birds, yellow/golden center. Nice collection.

Lot#: 112 - Decorative Fabric

Good grouping of fabric pieces - very decorative. Square stitched linen piece. Textured piece/scrap of brown fabric. Heavy striped brown and black fabric. Fringed, beaded accents on fabric piece. Maroon velvet like tassel fabric piece.

Lot#: 113 - 3 Tall Clear Glass Vases

3 taller clear glass vases. Unique rectangle shapes and short/compote stemmed style. Chip on tallest item.

Lot#: 114 - Vtg. Clown Dolls

Vintage clown dolls from East Germany were received by their previous owner in 1986.

Lot#: 115 - Colorful Home Decor

Vibrant collection of colorful items. Includes a completely blinged out green piggy bank, multi-color weave designed trinket box and frame. Also a yellow candle holder and Victorian style mirror picture frame.

Lot#: 116 - Large Collector Doll

Larger doll. Previous owner stated it was carried on an airplane from Munich Germany in the 1980's as it had been purchased in an antique shop there. She does have some damage to her, (right hand), but overall a neat addition for any doll collector.

Lot#: 117 - Group of Wall Art Pieces

Group of 3 different framed wall art pieces. Black and white.

Lot#: 118 - Metal and Canvas Art

Metal wall art piece. Unique one piece unit of various circles. Canvas art pieces seems to match well with metal piece.

Lot#: 119 - Decorative Painted Cabinet

Decorative painted cabinet. Cute look to this piece! Doors open to 3 shelves.

Lot#: 120 - Mikasa Platter & Crystal Dish

Celebrations platter in original box by Mikasa. Also included Fifth Avenue Crystal 12" cracker dish.

Lot#: 121 - Cuckoo Clock

Nicely painted wind up cuckoo clock with bouncing lady accessory.

Lot#: 122 - Metal and Glass Home Decor

Large and heavy black metal and glass vase, a large pineapple inspired candle holder . Both of these are heavy and solid. Lot also includes a red patterned glass vase.

Lot#: 123 - Christmas Decor

A Christmas and winter collection of decor. Wood and ceramic snowman, sparkly Christmas fruit wreath and a handsome St. Nicholas figure with detailed coat and accessories. Arm broken on one snowman.

Lot#: 124 - Raggedy Andy Doll

Vintage Raggedy Andy Doll. He had been purchase back in 1988 from an antique store locally owned. Item does have some staining/discoloration to face.

Lot#: 125 - Grouping of Dolls

Grouping of several different dolls. China doll has on a red satin dress with cream underdress. She measures about 17"H. Baby in long gown. A doll stand is also included in this lot. Porcelain head, soft body. Does have some markings on face. Larger doll from Germany. Lovely doll from her carefully braided hair down to her boots!

Lot#: 126 - Handmade Wheat Doll

Handmade wheat doll from mid 80's. Nice craft piece.

Lot#: 127 - Grouping of Toss Pillows

Grouping of toss pillows. Assorted sizes, styles, colors, patterns.

Lot#: 128 - Framed Beveled Mirror

Nice large framed mirror. Beveled.

Lot#: 129 - Fabric Sitting Side Chair

Nice fabric side chair. Maroon/burgundy fabric. Wood legs.

Lot#: 130 - Pair of Table Lamps

Pair of matching table lamps with shades. Base has a "hammered copper" look.

Lot#: 131 - Lamp and Lamp Shades

Table lamp - silver base. Group of 6 smaller brown, decorative lampshades.

Lot#: 132 - Decorative Hand Towels

Assorted decorative hand towels. Embellished with beaded trims, fringe.

Lot#: 133 - Round Mirror

Round mirror, no frame, brackets hold item.

Lot#: 134 - 2 Collectible Dolls

Elegant Bride Doll dressed in a lovely ivory gown, has her own stand. Baby doll has a soft body.

Lot#: 135 - 2 Printers

2 printers. HP Officejet 4630 Scan/Print. Epson Stylus NX 420 Scan/Print. Both items untested.

Lot#: 136 - Gold Home Decor

This golden toned lot includes a exotic palm leaf metal candle holder, large brass candle holder, a Baldwin Brass trivet, a crackle glass candle holder and more. Some items show finish wear.

Lot#: 137 - Picture Frames

Large picture frame (only -no glass). 11 x 14 frame - New. Minor scuffing.

Lot#: 138 - Pink Braided Area Rug

Pink braided area rug.

Lot#: 139 - Black & White Clown Dolls

Black and white clown dolls. Previous owner stated they were acquired from Germany during the mid 1980's.

Lot#: 140 - NIB Kitchenaid Salad Spinner

NIB Kitchenaid salad and fruit spinner.

Lot#: 141 - Woven Basket Lazy Susan

Woven basket, round, Lazy Susan style. Signed on bottom.

Lot#: 142 - Group of Crafted Dolls

Group of crafted dolls - mostly wooden. Each is its own character.

Lot#: 143 - Gaming Chair

Brown gaming chair. Soft material. Rocks.

Lot#: 144 - Cornice Window Valance

Cornice Window Valance. Nice fabric. Great accent piece for your window.

Lot#: 145 - Large Box of Miscellaneous

Large box of miscellaneous items - card table, games, mixer, record albums, glassware, household items, mirror, sea shells, some new items and more! Lots of Stuff!

Lot#: 146 - Toro Snow Blower

Just in time for Ohio winter! Toro snow blower. Item is untested.