Classic Car and Antique Auction

Auction in Pryor Oklahoma, United States

27 Tuesday
February 27th, 2018 9:00 AM
Chupps Auction Company
Phone: 918-630-0495/918-638-1157

Classic Car and Antique Auction

Auction in Pryor Oklahoma, United States

Tuesday at - 27th February , 2018



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Auction Items For Sale

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Directions: From Jnct Hwy 69 & Hwy 20 in Pryor, OK go E on Hwy 20 ½ mile to Elliott St. Turn L onto Elliott St. and then immediatly R onto NE 1st St./ Old Hwy 20. Go E 1 ¼ miles- Fairgrounds are on R. Watch for auction signs.

Auctioneer’s Note: This will be a very large unique classic car, vintage, antique and memorabilia auction. Lots of neon and porcelain signs along with architectural pieces. Most of the pieces listed are old and very unique. You won’t be disappointed. The auction will have 2-3 rings. COINS will sell at 11:33 am followed by CLASSIC CARS, GAS PUMPS, NEON, METAL & PORCELAIN SIGNS. Follow us on Facebook for updates.

l 1935 Ford 2 door coupe, 350 motor, auto, AC
(Will have new paint job before the auction)
runs & drives
l 1947 Chevy Fleetmaster, electric convertible top, 2 door, automatic, original, interior redone, Ford
5.0 motor/ trans & brakes, shows 3081 mi since
rebuild, runs & drives
l 1947 Chevy Stylemaster 2 door coupe, 350
motor, AC added, redone, shows 38k mi, runs & drives
l 1966 Chevy Capri, 4 door hardtop, 327 motor, auto, trans rebuilt, AC, original, shows 76k mi, runs & drives
l 1956 Chevy Bel Air, 4 door hardtop, 327 mtr, auto, AC, original, interior redone, shows 3668
mi, runs & drives
l 1951 Ford Custom sedan, 2 door, V8, all original, new interior, 3 spd, shows 42k mi runs & drives
l 1957 Buick 2 door classic coupe, runs & drives
l 1996 Buick Roadmaster Ltd, automatic, 4 door, shows 115k mi, runs & drives
l 1950s GMC front hood clip
l Several vintage car hoods
l Car emblems & gas caps
l (2) Pepsi embossed pop machines, 4’ & 7’ l 40” Coca Cola embossed pop machine
l 36” Coca Cola embossed pop machine
l Coca Cola 10¢ embossed upright pop machine
l 7 Up embossed slider pop machine
l Pepsi embossed slider pop machine
l Dbl Coca Cola embossed slider pop machine
l 36” Ideal 65 bottle 10¢ pop machine
l Pepsi Cola porch cooler
l 1980s Coca Cola pop machine
l Pepsi retro pop machine in box (NOS)
l Coca Cola clocks
l 1984 Budweiser LA beer neon sign (NOS)
l 45” x 80” Kaiser-Frazier neon sign
l 42” x 48” Hastings filters neon sign
l 36” x 48” Schlitz beer neon sign
l 18” Rattox rat poison neon sign
l 18” Old Milwaukee neon sign
l 12” x 36” Service neon sign
l 24” x 36” Pennzoil neon sign
l 14” Lite beer neon sign
l 30” Texaco neon letters
l 21” Texaco plastic letters
l 30” Bridgestone letters
l 20” Gulf neon letters
l 24” Coney Island neon letters, complete
l 18” H R O porcelain neon letters
l (2) 5’ x 7’APCO porcelain dbl side sign on pole
l 4’ x 6’ King Edward Cigars porcelain sign on 12’ pole
l 5’ Skelly diamond dbl sided porcelain sign
l (2) 10” x 84” Pleasanton, KS porcelain signs
l 12” x 60” Citco porcelain sign
l 12” x 14” Western Union porcelain dbl sided sign
l 27”x 29” Quaker State porcelain dbl sided sign
l 1954 Mobil gas porcelain sign
l 12” x 36” Old Gold cigarette porcelain sign
l 42” x 84” Admiral State Bank porcelain sign
l 33” “Dealers” porcelain sign
l Barber shop porcelain flange dbl sided sign
(NOS) – Mint
l Beauty shop porcelain flange dbl sided sign
(NOS) - Mint
l 12” x 16” Herbert J Meyer MFA member
porcelain sign
l 24” 1920s Gargoyle Mobil oil round sign on
original base, porcelain & dbl sided
l Gargoyle Mobil oil stand base
l 4’ x 8’ Kelly Miller Circus metal dbl sided sign, old
l 36” x 64” Standard service dbl sided metal sign
l 10” x 16” Pennzoil oval metal sign
l 18” x 60” Shipleys bread metal sign
l 14” x 42” Marathon Motor Oil sign
l 14” x 19” Casite motor oil metal sign
l 12” x 16” Cigarette dbl side wall hanger sign
l 12” x 60” Kendall motor oil metal sign
l 36” x 72” Kendall motor oil metal sign (NOS)
l 10” x 28” McCormick Deering metal sign
l 17” x 48” Coca Cola metal sign
l Ebbert metal sign
l Dayton Electric lighted sign
l Rexall Drug lighted sign
l Malaguti motorized bike sign
l 24” x 58” Light advertising sign
l 4’ x 4’ Brass church lighted sign
l 10’Arrow flashing lighted dbl sided sign
l 4’ Pepsi lighted menu board
l 2’ Barber shop pole, lighted
l 30” x 48” Hamms Special Brew sign
l 3’ x 10’ Massey Ferguson plastic sign
l 7’ x 11’ Dayton Tires plastic sign
l Aluminum Armored Motors Service sign
l New Home sewing machine wood sign
l GE Circulators wood sign
l Munsingwear sign
l 20+ Porcelain gas station light shades, old
l Large wall sign holder, old
l 30” Frame for porcelain sign
l 12” x 30” Cast iron private crossing sign
l Many lighted wine & beer signs
l Many metal & porcelain dbl sided signs
l Lots of cigarette memorabilia & signs, old
l Lots of Coca Cola memorabilia & signs
l Large cast iron 4 way hanging stop light, old
l Stop/Go lighted sign on stand
l Edgeworth trifold tobacco sign, vintage
l Pennzoil outboard motor oil glass bottle
& sign, old
l Seahorse plastic display sign, large
l Shoe sign leather seat & bracket, old
l Black memorabilia & folk art, pictures, old
l Second Liberty Loan of 1917 picture
l Lg saloon girl nudes, oil on canvas paintings
l 24” x 36” Russell western oil on
canvas painting
l “Yard of Puppies” & “Yard of Kittens” pictures
l Lots of pictures of various content, old
l 1800s & 1900s Advertising thermometers, calendars, pictures & posters
l Sinclair gas pump, old & original w/ repro globe
l St Louis gas pump, old
l Gilbert gas pump, old
l Wayne gas pump, old
l Gas pump globe frames

l 1975 R Felts porcelain Indian framed art, old
l (2) Oil pump jacks w/motors
l Gas Boy clock faced pump, old
l 50+ Japanese shark skin pottery, urns, wall pockets, frogs, old
l CW Parker Leavenworth KS cast iron lady, old
l Brass lady lamp, old
l 14” x 38” Cast iron architectural house vents, old
l Architectural wood & iron windows, old
l Architectural wood corbels, old
l Lots of bead board, shelving, doors, old
l Several terra cotta fireplace tops, var sizes
l 32” x 84” Wrought iron fencing
l Wrought iron fencing, various pieces
l 8’ x 12’ Cemetery plot fencing, old
l Several cast iron street light poles, old
l Several cast iron pole, bases, wall corners, old
l (3) Metal & wood porch columns, old
l (4) 4’ x 4’ Snowflake windows, old
l (2) Barn doors, old
l 36” x 65” wood seed bin, old
l 36” x 65” wood counter, old
l 45” x 80” Wooden display roll top door w/ louvers
l Lg wood liquor cabinet, old
l (3) Wooden telephone booths, old
l 5’ x 8’ Steel jail cell w/door, old
l Fry’s Chocolate ice cream case, old
l 8’ x 9’ Wood showcase, old
l 5’ Wood & glass showcase
l 6’ x 8’ Wood display case
l 5’ Cigar humidor wood case, old
l 6’ x 6’ Cigar humidor, sliding doors
l 5’ x 5’ 55 drawer file/bolt wood cabinet, old
l 55 Drawer wood candy case, old
l Several decorative screen doors, old
l Cary Safe walk thru vault door safe, old
l 6’ x 6’Alemite gas station cabinet, old
l 5’ x 6’ Lubri-Loy Gear-Loy oil can display, old & unique
l 2001 Dr Pepper Champagne bottle/glass set 399/700
l Airport battery operated pack mule
l Airport propane operated flatbed cart
l Jensen straight lift jack, old
l Gargoyle Mobil iron wheel lubester, old
l Texaco lubester, old
l Balcrank lubester, old
l Oil lubester, old
l Goshen Sweeper carpet sweeper display, old
l Steel sign poles
l 7 Up clock, vintage
l Iron wheels, old
l 4’ Round wood water catch
l 4 tier rotating bolt bin, large, old
l Fire hydrant, old l Car door, old
l 1964 Mueller fire hydrant, old
l Fuller Johnson poppin’ Johnny motor
l Pedal grinding stone w/implement seat, old
l Belt driven grinder
l (2) Harley Davidson metal coat stands
l Neptune Model 432 auto stop register meter
l Cast iron post w/2 sign brackets, old
l Several architectural wall sign brackets, old
l Several leaded stained glass windows, old
l 30+ Blade fans, some brass & on pedestals, old
l Lots of blade fan parts
l Funeral parlor blade fans, old
l 60 Gal crock w/ tap, old
l Quick Meal porcelain dbl burner stove, old
l Great Western porcelain & nickel plated parlor
stove, old
l The Hoffman No 45 cast iron water heater, old
l Peoria No 19 wood stove w/ ceramic cameos, old
l Several architectural cast iron radiators, old
l Pace Mfg Aristo penny floor scale, old, black porcelain
l Peerless penny floor scale, porcelain, old
l Penny floor scale, old
l Howe platform scale, old
l Tabletop white porcelain scale, old
l Wards air pump
l Large hog oiler, old
l Lots of wood collector & ammo boxes, old
l Canedy Otto blacksmith blower, old
l Medical stand w/2 burners, porcelain top, old
l Medical metal & glass cabinet, old
l (2) 1880s cast iron horse hitching posts, old
l Cast iron water fountain
l Gamewell cast iron fire alarm box, old
l Carta Blanca porcelain 30” table top, old
l Milk glass chandelier w/3 globes, old
l Bells Amusement Park camel arcade game piece
l (2) Coin-op kids rides, Snoopy & Garfield, vintage
l Germanow Simon watch crystal press, old
l Ludwig Glockenspiel w/mallets & stand
l Tidewater motor oil box & oil cans, old
l Metal 1 qt oil can display holder, old
l Continental 1 qt oil display holder, old
l Rowe Imperial cigarette machine, old
l Ben Bey cigar boxes, old
l 50+ Wood cigar boxes & tobacco tins, old
l Agate cigarette ashtray & base stand, old
l 1927 US Mail mailbox
l 1942 US Mail mailbox, restored
l Metal wall mailbox & newspaper holder
l Post office money order top cage door, old
l 1940s Boyemaco curtain rod display box, old
l 1892 Stick & ball picture easels, large, old
l 1892 Stick & ball music storage stand, old
l Metal loveseat glider, old
l Wagon seat, old
l Foot powered treadle for dental drill, old
l White sewing machine bottom stand, old
l Lionel Lines Union Pacific 4 pc train set, old
l Vintage metal toys
l Vintage toys & trucks, some metalcraft
l 24” Motorized carousels, old
l Barn hay trolley, old
l Lg oil can, old
l Lightening rod holders, old
l Cast iron bathtub, old
l ExRay cigarette 1¢ gum ball machine, old
l Gum ball machine, small
l 1940s “Sweetheart” soap mechanical baby in
cradle, old
l Amish buggy 2’ x 3’, old
l Childs riding stuffed horse on rolling board, old
l 24” Wooden stage coach
l Jardiniere and pedestal
l 21” x 26” Leaded stained glass menu boards, old
l Dietz & Wells Fargo railroad lanterns, old
l Railroad wooden bunk ladders, old
l (2) Library ladders on wheels, old
l Buy Hudsons Soap cast iron doggy dish, old
l Hand cardboard fans, old & rare
l (2) Childs saddles (1 brass horn)
l Ice cream memorabilia scoops, signs
l Lots of medicine, whiskey, pop & snuff bottles
l Indian bag, moccasins, ceremony stick, basket
l Candy store glass jars, various shapes
l 50 States collectible spoons on display easel
l 1972 Mancos Blue Jays wood statue, vintage
l Roys Chicken cast steel advertisement, old
l Hello Santa Tonakai slot machine by Taiyo
l Lots of golf clubs l Bowling pins
l Sav-way flyer wagon, old
l Roll around rod & reel stand, old
l Several rod & reels, old
l Wood fishing chairs w/ rod holders, old
l 1950s Schwinn ladies bicycle, old
l (2) J C Higgins bicycles
l Apprx 50 small nut crackers
l Colonel 7 portable speaker
l Auction ticket sorter
l Large gavel collection
l Wireless headset
l Horse shoes & stakes, lots
l Tire ashtray collection
l Pine derby cars, lots
l Snow shoes, old
l Carhop coin dispenser, old
l Life magazines
l 1950s-70s Chevy car manuals, all kinds
l Frankoma pottery
l TWA airlines ashtray
l 14” Dinner bell w/yoke, old
l (2) Maytag 1 cyl motors, old
l Table top small loom, old
l Bird cage stand
l Mechanics creeper
l Brass twin bed
l Pulsar watch
l Lots of marbles & shooters, old
l (4) Cameras, vintage
l Gillette razor, vintage
l Metal lazy susan cabinet
l Accordion style foldup casket carrier, old
l Lots of display cases, various sizes
l Lots of new single hung & double hung
windows, various sizes
l (2) Pella French doors, new
l Sterling 32” fiberglass bathtub, new
l Metal ridge cap
l Box of GP vinyl siding D4DL, new
l (2) Sets of 15 boxes of laminate floor, diff styles, new