Horse Sale

Livestock Auction in Candiac, Saskatchewan, Canada

07 Saturday
07th November, 2020 1:00 PM

Horse Sale

Livestock Auction in Candiac Saskatchewan, Canada

Saturday at - 07th November , 2020


Please Pre-Book your Cattle prior to sale date to help us serve you better!

The Staff at Candiac Auction Mart look forward to serving our livestock producers!



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Auction Items For Sale

Located 1 hour Southeast of Regina, SK on Highway 48.

 Please call the Auction Mart for More Info.    Donnie - Manager - 306.457.8055 or 306.224.2134  

  • Horses will be accepted 1-8 pm Day Prior and up to 12 pm Sale Day.

    • EID Forms Required

NOTE:  All horses must have the EID (Equine Information Document) and Manifest â€‹Completed prior to drop off of horses.

Click Here for the EID (Equine Information Document)which needs to be completed in BLUE INK, Red Ink for markings. 
One EID form for each Animal no exceptions. If your form is not completely and accurately filled out, we will not accept your horse.
Cash or Debit Payments Only!