UNRESERVED ONLINE AUCTION Unused Storage Buildings Tools Tires and More

Online Auction in PO Box 3081, Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

15 Thursday
February 15th, 2018 12:00 PM
McDougall Auctioneers Ltd
Phone: 1-800-263-4193

UNRESERVED ONLINE AUCTION Unused Storage Buildings Tools Tires and More

Online Auction in PO Box 3081, Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Thursday at - 15th February , 2018


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Auction Items For Sale

Unused 10ft Skid Steer Snow Plow AttachmentUNRESERVED; Unused 84" x 5.5" Pallet Fork ExtensionsUNRESERVED(2); Unused Heavy Duty 48" Skid Steer Forks (Not Assembled)UNRESERVED; Unused Skid Steer Hydraulic 48" ForksUNRESERVED

Computers / Electronics / Photocopiers / Office Equipment
Unused Black & Red Gaming ChairUNRESERVED(2); Unused Black High Back Office ChairUNRESERVED(4)

General Merchandise
Unused .5HP Stainless Steel Trash PumpUNRESERVED(2); Unused 185W 9 Cree Flood Light UNRESERVED(2); Unused 18W LED Mount Pods Flush UNRESERVED(5); Unused 2 in 1 Cross Trainer Elliptical/BikeUNRESERVED; Unused 20 x 30 x 12 Storage BuildingUNRESERVED; Unused 20 x 42 x 12 Storage BuildingUNRESERVED; Unused 20W Dusk Til Dawn Wall LightUNRESERVED(2); Unused 300W Curved 50" Light BarUNRESERVED(8); Unused 300W Yard Street LED lightUNRESERVED; Unused 30W LED Security Motion Sensor LightUNRESERVED(4); Unused 4 Sided Part Tent (24 x 40)UNRESERVED; Unused 4' x 4' Wireless Floor ScaleUNRESERVED; Unused 7pcs Outdoor Furniture SetUNRESERVED; Unused Deviant 26" Mountain BikeUNRESERVED(2); Unused Folding TreadmillUNRESERVED; Unused Industrial RackingUNRESERVED; Unused Oval Neon "OPEN" signUNRESERVED(2); Unused Portable 30 GPM Gas CaddyUNRESERVED; Unused Rechargeable HeadlampUNRESERVED(5)

Household / Renovations / Hardwood / Granite
Unused Steam & Bath Corner Steam Shower UNRESERVED(2); Unused Steam & Bath Double Steam Shower UNRESERVED

Livestock Equipment
Unused 4ft Heavy Duty Field Fence UNRESERVED(2); Unused Automatic Milking MachineUNRESERVED

Restaurant Equipment
Unused 8oz Popcorn MachineUNRESERVED(2)

Shop Tools
Unused 10 000Lbs Crane ScaleUNRESERVED(2); Unused 11000lbs 2 Post Car LiftUNRESERVED; Unused 2 Stage 80 Ton Hydraulic JackUNRESERVED; Unused 2.5 Ton Portable Electric Jack KitUNRESERVED; Unused 20 Ton Bottle JackUNRESERVED(3); Unused 2200lbs Low Profile Transmission JackUNRESERVED; Unused 33" Farm JackUNRESERVED(2); Unused 48" Farm JackUNRESERVED(2); Unused 5 to 1 Oil Pump Kit w/ ReelUNRESERVED; Unused 50 Ton Bottle JackUNRESERVED(2); Unused 50 Ton Hydraulic Shop PressUNRESERVED; Unused 60" Farm JackUNRESERVED(2); Unused 8ft 24 Drawer Stainless Steel Tool BenchUNRESERVED(2); Unused Heavy Duty Victor Style Torch Welding KitUNRESERVED(2); Unused Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table CartUNRESERVED; Unused Metric Impact Socket SetUNRESERVED

Vehicle Accessories
Suretec LT 265/70R17 121/118Q Mudding Tires UNRESERVED; Unused 12V LED Trailer Lighting KitUNRESERVED(2); Unused 12V Magnetic Trailer Towing KitUNRESERVED(2); Unused 14Ply 225 70R19.5 Tires UNRESERVED; Unused 14Ply 225 70R19.5 Trailer Tires UNRESERVED; Unused 16Ply 11R24.5 Semi Tires UNRESERVED(2); Unused 16Ply 11R24.5 Trailer Tires UNRESERVED(2); Unused Skid Tires (12x16.5) UNRESERVED; Unused Skid Tires w/ Rims (10x16.5) UNRESERVED; Unused Skid Tires w/ Rims (12x16.5) UNRESERVED;