Firearms - Ammunition - Accessories Estate Auction

Online Auction in Custer, South Dakota, United States

28 Wednesday
28th October, 2020

Firearms - Ammunition - Accessories Estate Auction

Online Auction in Custer South Dakota, United States

Wednesday at - 28th October , 2020



By bidding on an item in this sale you agree to the following terms. No "Buyer Premium" of any kind. "All Sales Final" EVERYTHING selling "As-Is" without warranty of any kind. No statement regarding condition, kind, value, or quality of a lot, whether made orally or in writing in our catalog or elsewhere, shall be construed to be an expressed or implied warranty or representation. Any such warranty is waived. Inspect before you bid. Bradeen Auctions reserves the right to withdraw any property before the sale and shall have no liability whatsoever for such withdrawal. Property available for inspection Thursday, Oct. 22nd, and Wednesday, Oct. 28th from 11am-2pm each day at the Bradeen Auction Facility, 14 W. Mt. Rushmore Rd., Custer, SD 57747. Online bidding opens Thursday, Oct. 22nd @ 8am MDT. Bidding will begin to close on Wednesday, Oct. 28th @ 5:00 pm MDT. Starting with lot#1, items will close at 3 lots per minute until all items have sold (approximately 3 hours). Any bidding on a lot within the final minute will extend the bidding on that lot by an additional minute until no further bidding occurs. Live catalog available starting at 4:30 pm MDT. ---PAYMENT--- We accept cash, check, or credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express) 3.75% swipe fee on credit card payments. Cash and check payments accepted on settlement day during scheduled hours. After that time, only payment by credit card will be accepted. South Dakota sales tax charged on all items. If you have a tax-exempt license, you must have a current (within the preceding 12 calendar months) South Dakota Certificate of Exemption form on file with Bradeen Auctions or sales tax will be collected. Be prepared to fill one out at checkout. If you cannot attend the settlement in person you will need to print, fill out completely, sign, & mail the following form. Click Here To View The South Dakota Certificate of Exemption Form. Mail the completed form to, Bradeen Auctions PO Box 686 Custer, SD 57730 Original signed form must be received at Bradeen Auctions office by settlement day. No refunds for tax collected if Certificate of Exemption form received after the scheduled settlement. Please plan accordingly. You must contact Bradeen Auctions by phone, email, or in person during the scheduled onsite settlement if payment is other than the credit card used for registration. You authorize Bradeen Auctions to charge your credit card if no contact has been made by the end of the scheduled settlement. Please note the buyer will also be responsible for a 3.75% credit card transaction fee, and handling/storage fees incurred by Bradeen Auctions. ---REGISTRATION--- A credit card is required for auction registration to verify the identity of our bidders and to protect the integrity of our bidder's pool. Thank you for your cooperation. If you believe you have registered but have not been asked to enter your credit card information YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED THE REGISTRATION PROCESS. The first lot you bid on will prompt you to enter your credit card information. Please bid early to ensure you are completely registered. ---SETTLEMENT & TRANSFER OF POSSESSION--- Property to be settled for and picked up Friday, Oct. 30th from 10 am to 3pm. NOTE: Payment accepted at Bradeen Auction Facility 14 W. Mt Rushmore Road, Custer, SD. Cash and check payments accepted on settlement day during scheduled hours. After that time, only payment by credit card will be accepted. Shipping Available On Firearms Only See Special Firearm Terms & Conditions. Shipping services are not available for any other items offered on this auction. No Shipping On Ammo As a successful bidder, it will be your responsibly to remove all your items. Please plan accordingly. All items must be paid in full prior to loading. You will be required to provide a copy of your paid in full receipt before you will be allowed to remove any items from the property.


You must be 21 years of age and a resident of the State of South Dakota to purchase any pistols, OR you will need to ship to and transfer through an FFL dealer in the state which you are a current resident of. PAYMENT Property to be settled for and picked up on Friday, Oct. 30th from 10:00AM to 3:00PM MDT. Payment accepted at 14 W Mt Rushmore Rd - Custer, SD. Firearms must be PAYED IN FULL before pickup. No additional fees if possession is taken during scheduled settlement. Cash and check payments accepted in person on settlement day during scheduled hours. After that time, only payment by credit card will be accepted. There is a 3.75% swipe fee on credit card payments made to Bradeen Auctions. IF YOU PURCHASE ONLINE AND ARE UNABLE TO TAKE POSSESSION OF YOUR FIREARM(S) IN PERSON BY 3:00PM MDT ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30TH, YOUR FIREARMS WILL BE TRANSPORTED TO FFL DEALER "GUN VAULT LLC" OF EDGMONT SOUTH DAKOTA AND BE SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURE: You authorize Bradeen Auctions to charge the credit card you registered with if no contact has been made by 3:00PM MDT Friday, Oct. 30th, 2020. Please note, the buyer will also be responsible for the 3.75% credit card transaction fee. Starting at 12:00 Noon Monday, November 2nd, 2020, firearms can be picked up in person with a copy of your paid in full receipt from the Gun Vault at 500 2nd Ave., Edgemont, SD during business hours posted below. Handling fees apply. SHIPPING All firearm shipping will be handled by the Gun Vault of Edgemont South Dakota. Call or email Gun Vault to arrange shipping for your firearm/s after the scheduled settlement. When you call or email, please be prepared to provide contact information for your receiving FFL dealer if shipping is required. GUN VAULT CONTACT INFORMATION: Hours: Mon - Fri 10-6 & Sat 9-1 mountain time. Location: 500 2nd Ave., Edgemont, SD. Web Site: Phone: 1 (605) 662-7468 Email: [email protected] FEES & EXPENSES
  • There is a minimum $25 dealer handling fee per buyer for first firearm plus $5 for each additional firearm up to (5) firearms. For quantities greater than (5) firearms, an additional $25 for one plus $5 each additional for the next group of five and so on. Fee to be collected by Gun Vault for all firearms that are not picked up during the scheduled settlement. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS FEE. It covers all handling and administrative expenses incurred by Gun Vault.
  • Note: Any Receiving FFL dealer fees are solely the buyer's responsibility if shipping is required.
  • Buyer responsible for all shipping & insurance expenses. Shipping & insurance is at cost through USPS and is in addition to the handling fee.
  • All shipping/insurance expenses and handling fee collected by Gun Vault. Gun Vault accepts most major credit cards with a 3% credit card transaction fee.
*ADDITIONAL NOTE* Buyer must take possession of all items no later than Friday, November 6th, 2020 unless alternate arrangements have been made. If the buyer has not taken possession of all items by this time, the property will be considered abandoned and ownership will revert back to the seller. At the discretion of Bradeen Auctions, any bidders who fail to pay in full (including additional fees), or who abandon any items may have their bidding privileges revoked. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Bradeen Auctions at (605) 673-2629 or email [email protected]


Firearms - Ammunition - Accessories ESTATE AUCTION Verdon (Burt) Kretzschmar Estate, Custer, SD ONLINE BIDDING OPENS Thurs Oct. 22 and begins to close at 5:00 pm mst, Wed. Oct. 28, 2020 - At Including: 98+ firearms, 26+ Pistols/Revolvers by Taurus, S&W, Glock, Ruger, Springfield, Jennings, Burgo, High Standard, Bersa, Walther, Berretta, others; 46+ rifles by Henry, Ruger, Winchester, Remington, Marlin, Browning, Savage, Interarms, others; 26+ Shotguns by Winchester, Remington, Marlin, Benelli, Amadeo Rossi SA, Mossberg; Browning, H&R, Montgomery Ward, Stoeger Coach Gun, Raikal and others; 5000 + rounds of Ammunition; hard & soft cases, knives & MUCH MORE! TERMS & CONDITIONS: ONLINE AUCTION ONLY. NO BUYER PREMIUM! Complete detailed photos, descriptions, inspection dates & registration at Property Inspection, Thurs. Oct. 22 & Wed. Oct. 28 from 11 am to 2:00 pm. Settlement & Pickup, Friday Oct. 30th from 10 to 3 PM at 14 W Mt Rushmore Road, Custer, SD. See complete terms posted with the online catalog. Auctioneers Note: Verdon collected firearms his entire life and has put together a great selection of firearms all selling without minimum or reserve! Certainly something here for all firearm enthusiasts! Inspect the 300+ lot online catalog. Bid online, bid early! As always, contact Bradeen Auctions if you are unable to participate online! Owner: Auctioneers: Verdon (Burt) Kretzschmar Estate Ron Bradeen & Jeff Storm Judy Kretzschmar, Custer, SD



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Auction Items For Sale

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  • Lot #: 1

    Opens 10/22, Closes 10/28

  • Lot #: 10

    (2) Small wood ammo boxes

  • Lot #: 11

    (3) Gun books

  • Lot #: 12

    (2) ALLEN gun rests & cleaning kit

  • Lot #: 13

    Head light, ear plugs, cleaning ki...

  • Lot #: 14

    Trigger locks, targets, ear muffs...

  • Lot #: 100

    (25)+/- 12 Ga. 2 3/4" & (8)+/- 12...

  • Lot #: 101

    (25)+/- 12 Ga. 1 7/8" & (15) 12 Ga...

  • Lot #: 102

    (10) 12 Ga. 3 1/2" Shotshells (NEW...

  • Lot #: 103

    (50) 20 Ga. 2 1/2" Shotshells (NEW...

  • Lot #: 104

    (46)+/- 20 Ga. 2 1/2" Shotshells

  • Lot #: 105

    (58)+/- 20 Ga. 2 3/4" Shotshells

  • Lot #: 106

    (12)+/- 16 Ga. 2 3/4" Shotshells I...

  • Lot #: 107

    (39)+/- 16 Ga. 2 3/4" Shotshells

  • Lot #: 108

    (14)+/- 20 Ga. 3" & (21) 20 Ga. 7/...

  • Lot #: 109

    (31)+/- 28 Ga. 2 3/4" Shotshells

  • Lot #: 110

    (25) 16 Ga. 2 3/4" Shotshells In V...

  • Lot #: 111

    (44)+/- 16 Ga. 2 3/4" Shotshells I...

  • Lot #: 112

    (40)+/- .410 Ga. 3" & (25) 2 1/2"...

  • Lot #: 113

    (56)+/- .410 Ga. 2 1/2" Shotshells

  • Lot #: 114

    (40)+/- .410 Ga. 3" Shotshells

  • Lot #: 115

    (47)+/- .410 Ga. 3" Shotshells

  • Lot #: 116

    (43)+/- .410 Ga. 3" Shotshells

  • Lot #: 117

    (50)+/- .410 Ga. 3" Shotshells

  • Lot #: 118

    (10) Rifle Capacity Cabinet

  • Lot #: 119

    (11) Place rifle cabinet

  • Lot #: 120

    (14) place rifle cabinet

  • Lot #: 121

    Oak Corner Rifle cabinet

  • Lot #: 125

    Marlin Mod 60 SB, .22 cal

  • Lot #: 126

    Marlin Mod. 39A, .22 cal

  • Lot #: 127

    Ruger 10/22 .22LR

  • Lot #: 128

    Marlin Mod. 60 .22 cal

  • Lot #: 129

    Ruger 10/22 .22 cal

  • Lot #: 130

    Marlin Mod. 60 .22LR

  • Lot #: 131

    Henry H001L .22 cal

  • Lot #: 132

    Remington 522 Viper .22

  • Lot #: 133

    Ruger 10/22 .22LR cal

  • Lot #: 134

    Marlin Mod. 60 .22 cal

  • Lot #: 135

    Remington Field Master .22 Cal

  • Lot #: 136

    Remington 550-1 .22 SL & LR

  • Lot #: 137

    Winchester 9422MXTR .22 mag

  • Lot #: 138

    Henry H001 .22

  • Lot #: 139

    Ruger 10/22 .22 cal

  • Lot #: 140

    Winchester Mod 190 .22 cal

  • Lot #: 141

    Browning .22 cal

  • Lot #: 142

    Winchester Mod. 290 .22 cal

  • Lot #: 143

    Interarms 22ATD .22 Cal.

  • Lot #: 144

    Remington 550-1 .22 cal

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