Auction in Azle Texas, United States

12 Saturday
May 12th, 2018 9:00 AM
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Auction in Azle Texas, United States

Saturday at - 12th May , 2018



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SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2018 9:00 AM
Sale Site: 2111 Church Road – Azle, TX 76020
Directions from Interstate 20 – take Exit 420, go north on State Hwy 3325
eight miles. Watch for Auction Signs!
For pickups, trucks and trailers please park at the Silver Creek Methodist
Church at 2200 Church Rd.
Auctioneer’s Comment: Mr. Burgoyne has been collecting and restoring rare gas engines
for several years and takes enormous pride in his collection. John is very knowledgeable on all
the engines such as the history and why they were used. By restoring them he can answer
all your questions on how well they run. For all engine collectors this is an auction you
don’t want to miss. MAKE PLANS NOW TO ATTEND!
Motel located in Azle – located eight miles north of auction site.
Econo Lodge 624 Boyd Rd (St Hwy 730) #817-270-4207
Motels located in Lake Worth – located ten miles SE of auction site.
Comfort Suites at Lake Worth 5825 Quebec St #817-717-5700
Holiday Inn Exp Lake Worth 3541 NW Loop 820 #817-744-7755
BW Plus Lake Worth Inn & Suites 3920 Boat Club Rd #817-238-1199
Most of the engines are rare and in good running condition.
A-1 Power Pump Co, Milwaukee, WI, 3.5 Bore, 2 cylinder, #A5409, conventional wisdom
says that this is a compressor, John thinks it is more likely a vacuum pump
for milking machines
Bernard, 2 HP, Type WO, #340948, made in France, engine is free and complete, water
cooled, completely self contained
Brownwall Engine & Pulley Co, Holland, MI, 2 HP?, 1914?, highly unusual engine, it has a
vaporizing mixer to allow kerosene to be used, unrestored, free & complete,
17” x 2 5/8 flywheels
Caldwell Howell, 7 HP, running
Cushman Binder engine, 4 HP, on original restored Banjo truck #17360, 90% restored
Cushman Banjo Truck, original not a repro, refinished, new axles
Cushman parts engines, (2) 4 HP (1) 8 HP, one of the 4 HP has a rare HT magneto,
mount bracket
Cushman 8 HP, Twin, short shaft without clutch, tank cooled, #2015
Delco 32V Light Plant, complete with rare transfer switch & 32 V electric drill,
Unit appears to be new/unused, electric control panel is perfect
Detroit Engine Works, 2 cycle tank cooled, approx. 1908, generally used to drive
generators, perfect condition
Domestic Engine and Pump Co, 2 HP, #24466, all original condition, most of the
original pin striping still visible, has an unusual extra pump on back of
main pump, probably used to inject fertilizer or insecticide into outgoing
water supply, excellent runner
Excelsior 5 HP, #D 09387, has unusual fuel pump set up, made by consolidated Gas &
Gasoline Engine Co, New York, excellent runner
Fairbanks Morse Z, 6 HP, nice runner
Fairbanks Morse 2 cylinder marine, 7 HP, #C11452, made in Canada, excellent condition
Fairmont Railway Motors Inc, engine disassembled for inspection, complete & in
good condition
Foos, 7 HP, 1905, #23398, all original, on original wood cart, only needs fuel tank,
has “wipe” spark low tension ignition, has drawbar for 2 mules,
this engine was on display in the Pawnee, Oklahoma exhibition building for
30 years
Fuller & Johnson, 4 HP, #11195, all original, battery/ignitor/low tension mag,
has rare AEC Type R low tension mag, 15” wooden belt pulley, good runner
Fuller & Johnson, 4 HP, #9583, battery low tension ignitor, nicely restored, good runner
Fuller & Johnson Pump Jack Engine, incomplete
Gade 1.5 HP, Type C, complete and operational
Galloway, 5 HP, #6108, all original, ignitor with Webster, excellent runner
Gilson, 2 HP?, buzz coil/battery ignition, original condition, runs well
Gray-Dupree Marine engine, 2.5 HP, 1908, unrestored, good running condition
Hardie High Pressure Pump, 1 9/16 plunger dia, unrestored, complete
Hardie Pump with Sears/Stover Engine, 2 HP, on custom cart, very attractive display,
attracts a lot of attention when running
Hercules, 7 HP, 1917, throttle governed, #123977, Webster Tripolar mag, restored
IHC Titan, 1 HP, 1911-1917, excellent runner, battery ignitor
Ingersoll Rand Radial Engine, air compressor, Model R-30, #R3-409, with documentation,
excellent runner
Ingersoll Rand Radial Engine, air compressor, Model 3R-3C, #3R3451, fuel tank primed &
creamed, never run by present owner
Jacobson Mfg Co, Racine, WI, #HM-3-492-15, unusual twin flywheel, 2 cycle engine,
fully restored
Jaeger Cement mixer, restorable, all castings good
Jaeger (Hercules) 3.5 HP, #302746, unrestored but free and complete, good engine
Jaeger/Hercules, 3.5 HP, #32586, in perfect original condition
John Deere 3 HP, on correct trucks, restored
John Deere 1.5 HP, on correct trucks, restored
Kootz & Stroehman oil field “drag line” engine, well head gas, converted to propane,
hot tube ignition, unique pendulum governor
Leo Water Pump, RARE, recently rebuilt, has fast and loose pulley, made in England
Lister 7 HP, Type L, #75333, Sept 28 1928, on skids magneto ignition, made in England
Magneto is an M-L type CK1, counterclock rotation or Lucas N type
Lister D, hopper cooled, 2 HP, made from 1926-1964, #126305, made in England
Lockwood Ash Marine Engine, 2 cycle, missing water pump
Mar-tan, unusual and rare single cylinder air cooled, engine manufactured in Milwaukee,
Wisconsin, made by a foundry that has close ties with early Harley Davidson
motorcycle engine
Massey Harris, 3 HP, #P1802, made in Canada
Maytag Model 94
Maytag Model 72 DA
Monitor Pump Jack Engine, Type VJ, 1.25 HP, #37074, fully restored
Nelson Bros Jumbo, 5 HP, running
New Way, 3.5 HP, Model A, #864, thought to be one of the earliest ones made, excellent runner
Northwestern Steel & Iron Works, 3.5 HP, #15525, VERY RARE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has rare
Berling HT Flipper magneto, runs like a swiss watch
Novo 3 HP, #93714, all original, runs well, buzz coil battery
Petter WIV/O, 3 HP, 1945, tank cooled, RARE – was used for testing oil, made in England
Petter M, 1.5 HP, 1923, 2 cycle, hopper cooled, #7646, also known as acorn or pear top,
made in England
Petter Victory, 5 HP, 2 cycle, tank cooled, 1928, #447960, first batch of engines made by
Petter at conclusion of World War I, Victory is cast in cylinder head, made in England
Primus 702, kerosene blowlamp, NOS, never used, made in Sweden, typical blowlamp used
for heating hot bulb on many English oil engines
Reeves Pulley Co, Columbus, IN, 4 HP, #G118, ignitor, excellent runner
Reid, 15 HP, Hot tube, converted to LP, #5735, has 60 gal LP tank full, Big Tex tandem
axle trailer with clear Texas title, has rare Reid plunger water pump, starts
very easily
Ruston Hornsby PR, 2.5 HP, 1922, hopper cooled, #129750, very rare, gasoline/kerosene
vaporizing engine similar to Fairbanks Morse Z type, this is a special air
compressor version primary useage – providing compressed air to start
larger engines, made in England
Ruston Hornsby, Type 6PB, 1.5 HP, #215197, 1941-1947, excellent runner, all original,
made in England
Ruston Hornsby, 11 HP, Model 1ZHR, #435061, open crank, dsl engine, first produced
in 1929, this engine was special made and shipped as a complete dynamometer
to an engineering college in Canada in 1963. Recently restored to perfect
running order
Rider Erickson Sterling hot air engine, 6”, #18112, complete with all original pressure
domes, has a very rare original oil burner in perfect condition
Sharples Separator Co, 6 HP, 1916, 16” clutch pulley, ignitor with Webster Tri Polar Mag,
#60959, fully restored to show condition
Silent Alamo Light Plant, disassembled and crated, under restoration, unique engine, used
a rotating sleeve valve, 
Stewart Little Wonder, Sheep Shearing Engine, manufactured by Chicago Flexible Shaft Co,
some accessories available, excellent runner
Stover K, 1.5 HP, #KE183184, WICO EK Mag, excellent runner
Teledyne 4 cyl Military Engine, Model 4A032-4, #GCWF 00874, 32 cu inch, appears to be
new in original crate
Termaat & Monaham Co, 1.5 HP, 1912, spark plug/buzz coil ignition, unrestored,
free and complete
The Westman Gasoline Engine, made by Enterprise Machine Co, Minneapolis, MN
3 HP, #4, Est 1900, this engine has an interesting history, it came out of the
Westman Summer home on a lake in Minnesota, was used to pump water,
Universal Motor Co, Oshkosh, WI, #D5395, 4 cylinder generator engine (no generator)
1915 or later, free/complete/condition “As-Is”
Vaughn Dragsaw, water cooled, 2 cycle, older restoration
Wallace-Glasgow single sleeve valve engine, 3 HP, #E396, made by Wallace (Glasgow) LTD
Glasgow Scotland, manufactured around 1924-1925, lots of documentation
Wolseley WD-2, 1.5 HP, 1945, #9819, excellent runner, on custom cart, made in
Birmingham, England
Worthington, 1.5 HP, disassembled and partially restored
Worthington, 1.5 HP, #42425, has Webster Tri polar ignition, original, excellent runner,
machining marks still in bore
Yunnan Jinma Diesel Engine, 12 HP, single cylinder, #16108, NEW 0 hours, toolbox with
new spares, fuel tank needs repair, age unknown probably 1980’s
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auctioneers. NO EXCEPTIONS!
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