Fall Classic Car/Sign Auction Friday, Sept. 21, 2018

Auction in Wautoma Wisconsin, United States

21 Friday
September 21st, 2018
W. Yoder Auction
Phone: 920-787-5549

Fall Classic Car/Sign Auction Friday, Sept. 21, 2018

Auction in Wautoma Wisconsin, United States

Friday at - 21st September , 2018


Thank you for attending today's auction. We accept Cash, Good Check, and Credit Card. There is a 4% convenience fee for using a credit card onsite. We also accept wire transfers for an aditional $10 processing fee. ALL BUYERS OUT OF THE US BUYING CARS - WIRE TRANSFER ONLY. There is 5.5% sales tax. 10% buyer's fee in house. (15% buyer's fee online NO CREDIT FEE FOR ONLINE.)IN HOUSE BUYERS: PAYMENT IS REQUIRED DAY OF AUCTION! IF BUYING A VEHICLE: A minimum of 10% down payment is required day of auction - NO EXCEPTIONS!ONLINE BUYERS: Any purchases over $5,000 will require a wire transfer (add $10 bank processing fee). This wire transfer must be done within 48 hours. If no transfer is made within that time, your registered credit card will be charged 10% of the remaining invoice balance until it is paid in full.Any checks returned or credit cards charged back will be subject to all fees for collection and banking. All disputes will be settled in Waushara County Court in Wautoma, WI. All items sold as is no Warranty!FOR MEMORABILIA***If you see a lot marked as "age unknown," that means we do not know how old it is, but in our opinion it may not be old.*** "Authentic/Original" means we believe it to be all original. Everything marked "authentic/original" will be guaranteed.*** "Not Old" means our opinion is the item is not very old*** "Fantasy Art / Yard Art / Garage Art" means an original was never made .If you are the successful bidder on an item and you fail to pay for it, you will still owe 20% to W Yoder Auction, LLC for commission fees. You are authorizing W Yoder Auction, LLC to charge your credit card a minimum of 20% of the gross of your item(s).Bid increments are for prebidding only. Once the auction goes live, increments are subject to change at the auctioneer's discretion at any time. This is a LIVE auction. The Auctioneeer shall designate the Buyer after each item is auctioned and the auctioneer's designation of a Buyer shall be final NO EXCEPTIONS.Example of how online vs live bidding works::: Your max bid is $100 (assuming bid increments is at $5). At first there is a bid online at 90 (and now you put in the max at $100), which then moves you to 95, and then we went to the live auction, and a floor bidder then bid 100, putting him in the lead. We cannot see that your max bid was 100 at this time, and the computer automatically bids for you, putting your bid at 95 NOT 100. we are as if the online is here sitting in the crowd and it is like a back and forth bidding between 2 or more bidders, both online and in house. Again, I want to remind you, this is not our rules, it is how every online bidding system works, and we've used them all, and see the same results when both online and in house are going simultaneously.SHIPPING NOTICE: We use FedEx and CANNOT send to a PO Box. We will only ship items that can fit into a box! We will NOT ship any other way, even upon your request, unless you have your own account through a shipper. If you have your own account through a shipper, please tell us via email immediately after you recieve your emailed invoice! All shipments will require a signature-no exceptions! W Yoder Auction, LLC is NOT responsible for lost, stolen, broken, or damaged items. For packaging and shipping, we go by a set amount seen below:SUPPLIES TAXABLE Price to Charge 12x9x6 box 3.00 20x20x6 box 5.00 20x20x12 box 6.00 24x14x14 box 6.00 30x17x16 box 10.00Larger Items on Case by Case Basis**WE USE VARIOUS SIZE BOXES. THIS TABLE IS JUST TO SHOW APPROXIMATES ON OTHER BOXES**LABOR TAXABLE10 minutes or less 6.00 15 minutes or less 8.00 20 minutes or less 10.00 25 minutes or less 12.00 30 minutes or less 14.00 35 minutes or less 16.00 40 minutes or less 18.00 45 minutes or less 20.00 50 minutes or less 22.00 55 minutes or less 24.00 1 hour 26.00 labor includes Shipping and Office StaffFED X CHARGE NON TAXABLEActual Cost - NO Markup*** Any oversized items that FedEx ground cannot ship, will be shipped via Freight! You will be charged for any labor, wood for crating, pallets, straps, (etc) and the freight charge itself! If you are able to set up your own pick up for larger items, we strongly urge you to do so!****All items will be packaged and shipped within 14 days of cleared payment. you will see a second charge on your credit card used to register for shipping. All Wisconsin Residents have to pay tax, title, & license fees, unless you are a dealer. No Exception. Out of state buyers are required to pay sales tax in their state on titled automobiles.BY REGISTERING ONLINE YOU WILL PERIODICALLY RECEIVE EMAILS OF UPCOMING AUCTIONS.



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Auction Items For Sale

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  • Lot #: 400


  • Lot #: 500
    Tin embossed Sun drop thermometer

    Tin embossed Sun Drop thermometer

  • Lot #: 501
    Miller clock

    Miller clock

  • Lot #: 502
    Advertising pens and pencils in display case

    Advertising pens & pencils in disp...

  • Lot #: 503
    Advertising pens and pencils in display case

    Advertising pens & pencils in disp...

  • Lot #: 504
    10 gas advertising maps

    10 Gas Road maps

  • Lot #: 505
    10 gas advertising maps

    10 Gas road maps

  • Lot #: 506
    12 watch fobs in display case

    12 Watch fobs in display case

  • Lot #: 507
    10 gas advertising maps

    10 Gas road maps

  • Lot #: 508
    10 gas advertising maps

    10 Gas road maps

  • Lot #: 509
    20 watch fobs in display case

    20 Watch fobs in display case

  • Lot #: 510
    3 Mobil Pegasus'

    3 Mobil Pegasus (2 Patches/1 Tin)

  • Lot #: 511
    Approx 100 pieces of misc auto memorabilia

    Approx 100 pieces of misc auto mem...

  • Lot #: 512
    Chauffeur hat style coin purse

    Chauffeur's hat style coin purse

  • Lot #: 513
    35 advertising matchbooks in display case

    35 Advertising matchbooks in displ...

  • Lot #: 514
    vintage car manuals

    8 Vintage car manuals

  • Lot #: 515
    chauffeurs coin purse

    Chauffeur's hat shaped coin purse

  • Lot #: 516
    Automobile advertising

    8 Automobile advertising pieces

  • Lot #: 517
    36 Vintage matchbooks

    36 Vintage matchbooks

  • Lot #: 518
    Vintage road map

    10 Vintage road maps

  • Lot #: 519
    Vintage Stroh's Beer hanging Lantern

    Vintage Stroh's Beer hanging lante...

  • Lot #: 520
    Double sided light up standard roadside sign

    Double sided lighted Standard road...

  • Lot #: 521
    Metal sign post

    Metal sign post

  • Lot #: 522
    Metal light / sign pole

    Metal light/sign pole

  • Lot #: 523
    Metal light/sign pole

    Metal light/sign post

  • Lot #: 524
    Coors beer light up sign

    Coors Beer lighted sign

  • Lot #: 525
    Group of auto related memorabilia in display case

    Auto related memorabilia in displa...

  • Lot #: 526
    Group of misc auto memorabilia in display case

    Misc auto memorabilia in display c...

  • Lot #: 527
    Doepke Fire Truck

    Doepke Fire Truck

  • Lot #: 528
    Structo car hauler

    Structo car hauler

  • Lot #: 529
    Structo redi-mix toy truck

    Structo Redi-Mix Concrete Mixer To...

  • Lot #: 530
    Doepke road grater toy truck

    Doepke road grader toy truck

  • Lot #: 531
    Smith miller toy dump truck

    Smith Miller toy dump truck

  • Lot #: 532
    1962 Texaco firetruck with original box

    1962 Texaco fire truck with origin...

  • Lot #: 533
    Texaco airport re-fueler toy truck

    Texaco Airport refueler toy truck

  • Lot #: 534
    DSP Forte X Ray films sign

    DSP Forte X Ray Films sign

  • Lot #: 535
    SST embossed Marlboro cowboy and horse sign

    SST Embossed Marlboro Man sign

  • Lot #: 536
    SST embossed Bireleys orange soda sign

    SST Embossed Bireley's Orange Soda...

  • Lot #: 537
    Pioneer brand seeds clock

    Pioneer Brand Seeds clock

  • Lot #: 538
    DSP Agfa-Gevaert dealer sign

    DSP Agfa-Gevaert dealer sign

  • Lot #: 539
    SSP motor oil sale sign

    SSP Motor Oil sign

  • Lot #: 540
    Sears 2gal premium motor oil can

    Sears 2 gal Premium Motor Oil can

  • Lot #: 541
    Royal Gold 2gal motor oil can

    Royal Gold 2 gal motor oil can

  • Lot #: 542
    2 one quart motor oil cans

    2-One quart motor oil cans

  • Lot #: 543
    2 one quart harley davidson motor oil cans

    2-One quart Harley Davidson motor...

  • Lot #: 544
    Auto king 2gal motor oil can

    Auto King 2 gal motor oil can

  • Lot #: 545
    Frigidaire 1gal oil can

    Frigidaire 1 gal oil can

  • Lot #: 546
    Watch fobs in display case

    Watch fobs in display case

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